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This is the kid that my brother decided made me a "real auntie" because they have a penis, my brother is kinda like that. But the baby's called Anthony! He is nibling number nine or eleven depending on how you count them, he weighs... Numbers... And I'm very grateful that the family took the "Please do not give me a nephew for my birthday" thing seriously and waited a couple of days!
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But I am aware of the explosions in Manchester, I've texted me mam and she says that none of my family are in town tonight so they should all be safe. I've seen a few of the older ones knocking around on FB, so it looks like we're all okay. We're okay.

(I've actually been in that concert arena, and the tram line they've had to shut down is my only route home. This is deeply deeply strange to see.)
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  • Today I learned that it is possible for Betty to betray me! Apparently she has the ability to shut off my wifi as a power-saving tactic, which I didn't know but am retroactively horrified by, especially as wrangling that has been what I was doing for the last... Half hour? Forty-five minutes? I wanted to sleep, Betty, why don't you love me!

  • I got my first sets of earrings and they are hella fucking cute!

  • I have been working? I have my posts for this week mostly done (I need to wrangle the images for the one on Thursday but apart from that it's done), I have the skeletons of my other posts this month, I have learned an important lesson about signing up to bit a pinch hitter for a fandom exchange without checking what the minimum word count for pinch hits is, and... I'm doing okay. I'm trying to work through everything one at a time in chronological order of due date, which is fucking me up a bit, because that's not how I work, but... I'm getting there. Slowly. I am trying to keep looking at what I've achieved (LOOK AT WHERE YOU ARE! LOOK AT WHERE YOU STARTED!) but every time I do, I go "Yes, but all of the rest of this" and need to lie down again. orz

  • Have downloaded Zombies Run, where apparently your reward for walking around (what I am using it for) or running fucking 10ks like an absolute madwoman (what [twitter.com profile] fkth uses it for because she is amazing) is that you get to unlock chunks of story AND build a town. If people had told me this, I would have got on this ride way sooner. What I am learning is that while I LIKE Pokémon Go and games that involve a degree of mindless repetitive gameplay... I need it to be interrupted by tiny chunks of story, just to keep me motivated.

  • Related: UK people! The people who do Zombies Run want a writing trainee, it might be worth looking into.

  • I need to crochet Jill some jellyfish.

  • It's eleven days into the start of the year and my brain is going "YOU HAVE ONLY READ FIVE BOOKS!" Brain, we have a whole year. Find your chill.

  • I have shiny new doc martens! There was a sale, and our David gave me twenty quid with explicit instructions to buy shoes not frivolous things, so... I bought myself some nice, sturdy nylon docs in the half-price sale? I was tempted to get some of the LUDICROUSLY CHEAP and colourful ones, but let's settle for ones that I can wear to work first, yeah?

  • My second-oldest sister can't have biological children, so she is starting the adoption process! I am really proud of and happy for her, although wrapping my head around there being niblings in this family that were definitely chosen and 100000% wanted is really weird for me, mainly because I'm not 100% sure ANY of the kids in this family were wanted, self included. ... I nearly tagged this post as "You can't pick your family" and literally the mention of my family is about someone picking their family, fuck's sake.

  • I got nothing. I just want to write my words and have a sleep and not go to work in the morning but HAHA jokes on me for that one.
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It is absolutely not because I periodically forget the word Christmas when under pressure, and who in my social group celebrates Christmas or a different thing around this time. NOT EVEN SLIGHTLY.

This is the first Christmas day that I haven't spent even partially with [twitter.com profile] jilliferium. Like, we kinda did Christmas at the start of the week – me and Lex went to Liverpool to visit her, and we spent a lot of time yelling about Star Wars (she has finally seen some of them! I think she's seen the prequel trilogy and The Force Awakens? She has VERY STRONG OPINIONS on Anakin Skywalker, ngl.) and trying to be Responsible Adults Who Are Good At Presents (we failed.). It was like Proper Christmas in that there was much yelling and chattering and an immense amount of meat because we went to Viva Brasil, which is an all-you-can-eat Brazilian meat place. *_*

(UK people: if Tropiero closing has left a hole in your stomach, Viva Brasil is pretty much the exact same thing, except that they stamp a sheet of paper at your table to say what types of meat you've had. There was, like, cap of beef or something? And it was legit the best piece of meat I have had ALL YEAR.)

We didn't get to spend much time together, but I think we had fun? A lot of what we did was go round shops while I went "Fuck, me and Lex haven't got you a Christmas present yet, what do you want?" and Jill going "IDK, stuff??????" (We BOTH passed will saves vs Pokemon Sun and Final Fantasy XV and I can't help but feel like this was a terrible mistake that I need to rectify. Plus I kinda want to get Final Fantasy Explorers so that we have a game to yell at each other through, because god knows we don't have any of those.)


Wednesday I don't remember what I did. I know I played D&D in the evening, and I think I spent most of the day leading up to that AGGRESSIVELY AVOIDING statting characters because I hate statting characters? And maybe Lex and Christ played the X-Wing minis game? IDK.

Thursday and Friday I would like to say that I DIDN'T spend in a haze of watching and screaming about Yuri On Ice but that would be a lie, that is literally what I did. There may have been breaks for things like buying food and going to the pub to socialise like a real adult, but.

And then yesterday we came to Manchester! Gossip about current state of my family, NO ONE CARES SUSAN )

Lex had an amazing haul of spaceships for the Star Wars video game, which he is very happy about! He also got one of the books in Jim Butcher's newest series, and more socks than you can shake a stick at. (Holy crap, he has ACTUAL PAIRS! This is going to last to the first time they go into the wash and I am going to enjoy this reprieve while I have it. Ma got books and SO MUCH CHOCOLATE I think people are attempting to fatten her up. I don't know what Jill's getting off her people, but I have basically stuffed notebooks and filofax inserts and so many bathbombs into her arms and run away.

I got the Chocobo card game, which looks REALLY CUTE and I CAN'T PLAY IT YET because it's three player minimum and I think Lex is the only person who'll play it with me. And I also got socks (I have THE CUTEST PENGUIN SOCKS), and a contribution to my new shoe fund, and so much chocolate, and one of the One Piece omnibi (YES!), and all eight X-Men movies in one boxset (don't you judge me), and some CDs (Halsey and Imagine Dragons), and a GINGERBREAD HOUSE to decorate! I'm sure there was something else, but I can't remember what it is and I can't see it. A+, would add to my dragon horde again. ♥

It has been a good Christmas with good food and I haven't had to fight anyone yet, so I'm calling it a win!
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Jill is cleaning the house and I am SUPER BANNED FROM HELPING (because everyone who isn't Jill is super banned from helping, not just me.), so hi! How y'all doing? I am VISITING MY WONDERFUL PERFECT BABY SISTER AND I AM SUPER STOKED. :D :D :D

First up: sountrack!

SECOND of all: HI! Shenanigans behind the cut! )
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GUYS I DON'T KNOW HOW LONG IT HAS BEEN SINCE I ACTUALLY UPDATED YOU ON MY LIFE. HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN? (I have been tweeting like an absolute BASTARD, constantly, oh god, so many tweets, so since I have most of y'all on twitter I forget that I should maybe long-form my feelings for the record.



  • Did I ever post about the Hugos or did I just tweet furiously and yell on [community profile] ladybusiness? We didn't win! But part of Nay's explaining that we'd been nominated was "Well File 770's obviously going to win so we can just enjoy being Hugo nominees!" so I'm going "Yep, they deserved it and I'm glad the people we wanted/expected to win actually did!"

  • MY FAMILY IS STILL A GODDAMN BIN FIRE. Last trip home involved phoning the police to be like "Hi, my niece has admitted she is lying about the details of the fraud case to get a guy into more trouble" so, y'know, that SURE WAS A THING. Also I had to explain to the same niece that if she called anyone a faggot in my presence again I was leaving (She wanted me to help her UCAS application so that actually worked! Although she did go "They don't check if you lie on your UCAS application right?" and I'm there like "You're applying for LAW, the second most popular course in the country, are you HIGH?!"), and to my mum that she couldn't refer to her (apparently very nice! That she likes!) supervisor as "coloured." I went back to Notts early, drank gin, and am not going back for my birthday.

  • I survived September! I had like... Three weeks where I was working every day but Sunday? And some of those were open-close shifts? And some of them were at different libraries to my usual? EVERYTHING IS FINE AND I AM NOT A ZOMBIE. MUCH.

  • It was Lex's birthday yesterday so we went to Lincoln for some time off and to see the city! Here is the thread of photos; the tours we went on of the cathedral and the castle were fun, and I gotta say guys, guys when a city labels a street "Steep Hill" TRUST THAT NAME.
    • Family folklore has it that one of Lex's ancestors was a bishop at Lincoln Cathedral, which is pretty cool? I took a photo of his marker, just in case.

    • I forgot how much I LOVE HISTORY and people TELLING ME ABOUT HISTORY. I am still taking recommendations for history podcasts if y'all have any that you like!

    • I WANT TO BE IN THE CATHEDRAL DURING A SERVICE WHERE EVERYONE SINGS. I bet the acoustics are amazing and according to the tour guide it could hold 1,500 people sitting down (it would have held more in the olden days because they didn't put seats in), so you could really get the walls shaking if you worked at it.

    • A lot of the castle defences were "They never tested this but it would work" and also "VICTORIANS, AMIRITE" (yes, Victorians were The Worst and like to rebuild things how they thought they should look) with a side order of "POLICE CORRUPTION" according to the tour guide, I am so intrigued. Apparently the castle USED to be a prison in the Victorian era, and now it's where the crown courts are!

    • "If you liked us, please rate [Lincoln Castle] on Tripadvisor! If you didn't, it was lovely to see you and thank you for visiting Warwick Castle."

  • (I got Lex cool things like token dice for Magic: The Gathering and a Lex Luthor mug, but I also didn't argue him when he tried to complement me and it was REALLY WEIRD. :\ I also didn't object to puns and this was A Mistake.)

  • On a similar note, he has been watching Star Wars: Rebels and I've been catching bits and pieces. I was yelling on twitter about how Ponytail Jedi had better get out of this show alive and completely unharmed, and then [personal profile] kaytaylorrea said "I would def read your all-caps recaps of star wars shows in which you only know half the characters names & are just really angry" and I am considering it. I AM SO ANGRY ABOUT EZRA, YOU GUYS, I DON'T KNOW HOW HE SURVIVED TWO SERIES. Also I'm not sure if Ponytail Jedi a) had a thing with Rex during the war and/or b) is currently having a thing with Hera, but I am here for it. Can we have more of the competent adults being competent, please?

  • I am still going my posting-every-day thing! Just with variable levels of filtering because I've been doing it on my phone due to a) time and b) my computer is currently being a pain in my arse (I am buying a new external harddrive and rolling it down to Windows 7, guys, just you wait) and I don't want to inflict the poorly coded nonsense on more people than I need to. It's been a year! Time to reflect and change up my goals, I think, I'll report back. *cracks knuckles*

  • Windows 10 stopped my disk drive working. Things I have tried to fix this:
    1. Updating drivers
    2. Uninstalling and reinstalling drivers
    3. Updating Windows 10 to the newest version (DON'T DO IT GUYS IT REMOVES THE OPTION TO TURN OFF CORTANA, NEVER DO THAT.)
    4. Uninstalling all of the programs that Toshiba reckons will clash with Windows 10
    5. Attempting to update what's left of the Toshiba default programs, realising that they all can't upgrade to Windows 10, uninstalling literally all of them.
    6. Uninstalling and reinstalling VLC.

    I AM OUT OF IDEAS, GUYS, AND IF ONE MORE PERSON TELLS ME TO UPDATE THE DRIVERS LIKE THAT WASN'T THE FIRST THING I FUCKING TRIED I'M GOING TO SLAP SOMEONE. But yes, I have rolled back to before the Anniversary update to Windows 10, and I'm gonna try to get back down to Windows 7 which is THEORETICALLY doable. Wish me luck? If this doesn't work, it's a hardware problem and that is ironically MORE fixable because some poor soul has to do that for me for free because it's in warranty.

  • One of my friends who only has FB as social media is apparently creeping on my social media politely because I told him I felt weird about talking about books he recommended on a platform he couldn't see. HI CHRIS, HOW YOU DOING.

  • Despite the title of this post, I haven't watched WWE in FOREVER. [twitter.com profile] sithe's not got it working on his PS4 yet and accidentally smashed his tablet when he dropped it, so I've just straight up missed a load. My love for Nia Jax and Asuka is true and pure though. .____.

  • (SPEAKING OF TRUE AND PURE LOVE, whatever your opinions on Westerns and reboots and The Magnificent Seven Reboot in particular, Byung-Hun Lee with a beard is unreasonably attractive.)

  • I am drowning in books to read, I have enough lesbian fiction to read that I could build a fort and I will never be done and this is the BEST PROBLEM TO HAVE.

  • I found out that my mum knows where the red light district in Manchester is because it's on the way to the train station, but it's still a bit like "Mum, you're sixty-three, are you sure you're allowed to know those exist?"

  • It's my birthday on Sunday! I don't know how to feel or what to do with myself if I'm not at home for it, this is weird. I think I need to see if I can convince someone else to make me a cake though, because baking your own birthday cake is really sad and it makes me cry.

  • I HAVE SO MUCH WRITING TO DO because it is A DAY ENDING IN Y and what are my life choices. Guess I'd better get on with it then!
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Her name is Summer, she was born this morning at like 7:45, I am SUPER STOKED because yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
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I am tired. It has been A WEEK (I have worked open-close seven out of nine days, and one of the other days I was working the late shift; I AM LE TIRED) and Lex has fucked off down south to hang out with $douchebagexhousemate. OH WELL. I can live with him being gone. It's not like when we were living apart before. And if I have to keep texting him about stuff I want to show him when he gets back to keep my lizard brain quiet, then that's what I'll do.

(Q: "Susan, how grumpy are you that Lex took more time off to hang out with $douchebagexhousemate than he did to hang out with you round your birthdays?"
A: "Mostly not! Because I know he was going to see his ma and that fell through! But if I don't get to hang out with him after he comes back I am calling bullshit on this whole fucking week.")

... I miss my husband and I need a hug and FUCK EVERYTHING.
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Okay, in order of least-to-most appalling, here are a small selection of things my family did this week while I was visiting my mum:

  • My brother flipped a wagon over. Not, as people apparently assumed when I told them this, a hand-wagon. An actual, honest-to-god flatbed truck.

    Picture behind the cut. )

    Please note, this is the LEAST appalling thing that happened this week.

  • My 22-year-old niece Davina tries to convince me that UKIP aren't racist, and that they have the right idea with trying to remove immigrants so there are more jobs for English people. I legit nearly kicked her out of the car.

  • My oldest sister, Elaine, asks us if we remember when she used to leave love bites on her daughters thighs ("They were just so chubby, like the Michelin Man's! I just wanted to suck the fat out!") like it's the most hilarious thing she's ever done. No! I just remember you BITING YOUR TODDLER because you're a weirdo, I didn't know you'd turned it up to fucking eleven!

  • My SEVEN YEAR OLD NIECE (who is Muslim) turns round to me and Jill and says "I don't like Jews and my dad doesn't like Jews and my Mum doesn't like Jews, because Jews kill Muslims." SHE IS SEVEN. SHE IS FUCKING. SEVEN. I didn't even know where to start with that beyond "NO Rihanna, NO," because all roads end with me phoning her mother and screaming "WHY ARE YOU TEACHING A FUCKING SEVEN YEAR OLD TO BE ANTI-SEMITIC YOU FUCKING RACIST COW?!" down the phone at her.

Usually I'm really sad to leave my Mum's, because I love seeing her and the family, but all of that happened on Thursday! And I was SO READY TO LEAVE.
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So, Lex had an interview Friday, and HE GOT THE JOB! He's coming back to Nottingham! This is excellent and terrifying and kyaaaaaaaaah!
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  • Lex and I are engaged! FLSDGEODIFGHDLFGKHL!!!LSLH;G;SDG;!!!!!!!!

  • Went to a friend's funeral. (I hope he gets Doctor Who in whatever afterlife he's gone to.)
  • Lex got a new job!

  • I found out I'd got to the interview stage of getting a job as a library assistant - the week after we found out we were moving to Manchester. (*facepalm*)

  • I quite my soul crushing office job.

  • We moved to a nice house in Manchester for a month (basically housesitting for a month, but paying for the privelege.).

  • Our geekery? Reduced to playing Magic. A lot. And going to the official Friday Night Magic events at our Friendly Local Gaming Store which was both friendly and KINDA WIN.)

  • Jobhuntingjobhuntingjobhuntingjobhunting-

  • I started volunteering at a local community centre/library and ended up accidentally reshelving... All of it. Literally. I'm not even joking.

  • Our
  • We moved into a house share for two months with a passive-aggressive controlling bitch of a landlady who kept snooping around our rooms.
  • Jobhuntingjobhuntingjobhuntingjobhunting-

  • Did a month-long training course in Customer Service, in a vain attempt to get a job!

  • Jobhuntingjobhuntingjobhuntingjobhunting-

  • (I'd like it noted, I have had job interviews! It's just no one ever wants to hire me after they've... Actually spoken to me. I'm trying not to take that personally.)

  • We moved in with my family! It was nice, I got to hang out with Lex AND my sister AND my Mum AND my nieces, it was kinda fun.

  • I went back to university part-time - I've started a Masters in Librarianship at the University of Sheffield, which is... Hm. I think it's GOING to be interesting, but the teachers we've had have been... Not that interesting? :\

  • Lex finished his training course and has been sent out to work in Birmingham... So we moved to Nottingham as an acceptable mid-point between Sheffield and Birmingham! (Getting between Sheffield and Birmingham is a pain. I've tried.)
  • Jobhuntingjobhuntingjobhuntingjobhunting-

  • Jobhuntingjobhuntingjobhuntingjobhunting-

  • Jobhuntingjobhuntingjobhuntingjobhunting-

  • Jobhuntingjobhuntingjobhuntingjobhunting-

(This post has been sitting in the draft function of DW for since March. I. I don't even. I'm so sorry.)
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  • Something people who follow me on twitter have heard about in great length: My oldest sister threw herself off a cliff a few weeks back! Yes, it was a suicide attempt, yes she's perfectrly fine (well, physically) now. She phoned us from the hospital and ended up telling me about how she got rescued by an RAF helicopter and we made each other cry. She's in a hospital on this side of the country now (she was in Yorkshire), and I don't know. I can't tell if she's getting better! I've been to see her twice, once a week ago and once today and all I can get is I love you dearly, Laines, but I don't like you. I think she's kinda screwing with her youngest daughter's head and both of her daughters like pissing people and screwing them over because it's funny and auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh.

    Also ranted about in connection to this: There is a crisis team for mental health emergencies who're supposed to go out and talk to people in EMERGENCIES like BEING SUICIDAL and help them, find them support, that sort of thing. My sister was hospitalised at four in the morning - the CRISIS TEAM who are supposed to respond TO EMERGENCIES didn't turn up till midnight! I fumed ridiculously.

    Also ranted about in connection to both of these: ROBIN HOBB IS A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT who propagates BULLSHIT and harmful attitudes and artistis temperament is not the same as manic depression and the next person I hear expressing that gets their fucking face ripped off augh augh augh. I. Just. Used up all the civility I could give to this, and ALL I CAN SAY ABOUT IT ANYMORE is fury and curses.

  • I have been going around universities with Jill! I am worried because she doesn't want to go paying any attention to the actual course - she looks at the buildings, but not the course or anything. I get that she can take most of the information from the prospectus, but - I dunno, I always think it makes more sense to see the people who're going to be lecturing you, see how they sell it/what they're offering. Jill doesn't want to though, so is fair enough! I still worry though.

  • Expo was fun! SO MANY BOOKS and the cast of Merlin were occupying one big corner of the place and MORE BOOKS and a shinigami made me breakfast (by which I mean my boyfriend is hot awesome win.) and MORE BOOKS and it was fun! VERY HOT, but fun! May go through with going as Marjory Daw on the principle of holy fuck, her skirt is short so at least my legs'll be cool!

  • My job is AWESOME, no lie. £6.25 an hour! Answering phones (which is nervewracking to all hell, but when I get it right then there is a feeling of AWESOME) or proof-reading stuff, or copy-pasteing things a lot/transcribing flash files. IT MAKES ME HAPPY.

  • Lex also continues to make me happy because he's wonderful. ♥ ♥ ♥

  • I'm taking part in [community profile] megaflare_ff! I'm currently in the process of writing an outline and slotting in snippets and fun things - I've about a third of the way through the outline and half way through the snippets I know about, and I've got 3690 words. I can't tell if this is a good sign or a sign of DOOM! Plus I kinda wanna write original stuff for various competitions and other things, but I don't know! (I may accidentally be writing a space-western monster story. I'M NOT SURE, YOU KNOW.)
  • spindizzy: I feel like I spent the whole day fighting guys in rubber suits! D: (I feel like I've fought fake aliens)
    if it wasn't for the fact that I'm pining for my boyfriend (I DON'T KNOW WHY!) and getting steadily more upset about it being my dad's birthday tomorrow and, you know, August 3rd a week on Monday.

    I want a hug from Lex and I can't have and it's mildly depressing. I INVOKE THE CHINESE ZOOKEEPER ON THIS BULLSHIT. I shall prune my tabs to a sensible number (under 150 as opposed to FUCKLOADS) and hug my mum a lot and then play on Sims.

    (And also get my niece to even out my new haircut. THAT IS ALSO IMPORTANT!)

    See you later loves!


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