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I have two job interview offers! They are both all morning on the exact same day, YAY. /o\ I'm gonna have to pick one to definitely go to and email the other like "... Help?" I don't expect much from them, because last time I interviewed there it was a disaster (you know how most places use the interview to essentially ask you what was in the application form and see how you do under pressure? This place asked five questions and I was ready for none of them. ... Actually, no, fuck, I accepted the one I got yesterday because I didn't know that there would be another acceptance, and I picked the one with worse hours. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck.

[ETA: Sent the email, the lady's not actually answering emails today according to her out of office, but we'll see what she says.]

I also need to make decisions, ugh.
  • My library's assistant in charge has gone down to part time hours, right? Which means that the other half of her hours have gone up for grabs, and I need to decide if I want to apply for them. I don't... If it was just "Do the paperwork and boring data entry of running a library," then sure! Fine! If it's the admin side of things then I am well up for that! But it's not, it's the "deal with angry customers and the shit geyser that went off in the public bathroom" side of things as well and I'm not necessarily ready for that? And it would still only be a temporary contract, because the council doesn't believe in permanent hours.

    But it's also the only career development IN public libraries at the moment. And doing it as a job share might be the best way to learn.

    ... The other thing is that I worry I might do it for spite? I think I mentioned on here that the only person who's keen on the job is someone who I wouldn't necessarily want as a line manager? But also she chatted to me about it the other day and there was this weird edge to how she was saying it, like she really wanted me to know that this was her last chance for a career change before she retired and she was really hopeful about it? I don't know if that's my anxiety, but I seriously feel like she was trying to put me off. (Honestly, I feel like NEITHER of us should get this job, because I think we'd both be shit at it, but the women I'd WANT to take the job either have two jobs already or are leaving our authority entirely, so it's like... Fuck. FUCK.)

  • [twitter.com profile] illusclaire is looking for people to write about single issues of comics a couple of times a month for Women Write About Comics, and I am... Honestly tempted!

  • I definitely don't have time to volunteer as a first reader at Strange Horizons but I want, I want. I absolutely do NOT have eight hours a week to drop on something else though, do not let me try to convince myself that I do. Which is what I'm trying to do.


... Also I got my activation code for my tax thing, forgot my password to log-in, and can't reset it because I've not received my Unique Tazpayer's Reference yet, even though I was supposed to get that first. Auuuuugh.
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I'm now doing the thing where I am judging what work I want to do on a day by whether I want to take my laptop with me to my dayjob. I think that on Monday I DON'T? Which means that I will either not be working on transcription or will be seeing if I can do the editing on my tablet, and I'll be roughing out my Lesbrary review on paper. That's... Doable in theory?

(Also I need to read two volumes of manga while I'm on the busses to get them back to a DIFFERENT library after work, orz orz orz. I knew I didn't have time to read Tokyo Mew Mew when I took it out and then I did it anyway like a chump.)

And then... Tuesday sign language class starts again, so I'll find out if I've autofailed like a fuckmuppet and won't have time to work; Wednesday I'm doing a short shift (That library closes at 14:00 so they literally can't keep me longer!) so I'll have time to work at the library between getting out of work and going to see King Arthur; Thursday I'm working till 19:00 and I won't have the brain to do anything, Friday... I don't actually know? I think Friday the people I usually hang out with might be gaming so I will be free to type in a corner. And Saturday I'm at work till 16:00 again, which means that Sunday I will be asleep.

GOOD. GOT IT. Now I know what I'm up to and when I go "I can totally do X on such a day" I can come back here and remind myself that no, we've been over this.

(I have made the executive decision that my diary doesn't cover enough time because it stops at 20:00, which is about where my day really gets going in terms of "things I want in my diary" so I am bodging a super quick and dirty 20:00-01:00 segment to go in my diary as well. It's working so far, but I'm giving it a week to see how I like it.)


ETA: Q: Susan, in retrospect, isn't this entire post about how you're trying to fit your extra-curricular activities around your six-day work week?
A: Yes, I did realise as soon as I hit post that the biting has already happened and it's far too late, don't worry.
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I interviewed for an assistant-in-charge job at Library 3 (L3), and I completely blew it! I just didn't know enough about the role (I spoke to a couple of assistants in charge about what they did, but I didn't ask the right questions, obviously), and I didn't give detailed enough answers, and ugggggh. I am embarrassed.

I thought I was faking confidence well enough, but one of the ladies at work who saw me before I went in was like "You were shaking like a leaf when you went in!" and one of the interviewers specifically checked on me after my interview, because I was working a shift at L3 after my interview. *lies on floor* Apparently she just wanted to pat my hands during the interview and tell me it would be okay! orz

THE UPSIDE OF ALL OF THIS is that apparently very few library assistants ever make it to interview for assistant in charge roles (either because they don't apply for them or they don't get short listed) so I can take a lot of pride in getting as far as I did. ;_______________;

But yes, some of the questions were really... Specific? I'm used to kinda generic plug-and-play interviews, but this one had specific questions about L3. Like "We have a lot of older established team members who've been here for decades and some newer members of staff, how would you encourage them to work together" and I'm there like "Mate, this is about the fact that you have fucking factions in this library, isn't it? Because you totally fucking have factions in this library who HATE EACH OTHER and one of them will gossip very loudly and angrily in front of the customers and protip the first thing I would do is nip that shit in the bud." But I was really bad at treating this as a hypothetical and they could apparently see me trying to be circumspect about the backbiting and infighting I'd seen here, so they had to specifically go "It's okay, Susan, everything you say here is confidential" before I could relax and actually answer the question.

Actually, no, ON THE UPSIDE: the backbiting and infighting is not my problem! FUCKING MARVELLOUS! \o/
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  • I didn't get the job I interviewed for on Monday, WHICH IS FINE. I can always apply for other things! It will be fine! It was good interview experience! I have another one on Thursday for the job I'm not sure I want (managing a bunch of backbiters SUPER FAR AWAY, but also the shift pattern is SO GOOD), so we'll see how that goes. Either way, I'm probably going to have to actually officially start job hunting come the new year, because I spoke to my manager and a) she doesn't know if contracts are going to be renewed next year, and b) even they are, they're only being renewed till June to see who wins the election and how that affects our budgets. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I was SO GOOD and didn't pointedly mention to the two confirmed Brexit voters (one of whom was the manager in question) that if they hadn't voted Brexit maybe we'd all be more likely to keep our fucking jobs. (... Mainly because I think I'm the only one at the library who has NO permanent hours so I'm the main one this affects. Or at least I'm the only one with "(Temp)" after my name on the timetable.)

  • I got my ears pierced yesterday! I meant to do it on Monday after my job interview, but the place I was going to go is apparently closed on Mondays. Ended up going to a place in town that [twitter.com profile] captainraz likes, but when I told her that they used a piercing gun not needles (IDK) she was really disappointed in them. IT IS FINE, I was in for maybe five minutes, and now I have bits of metal in my ear that I keep wanting to poke! And I have to clean them with a saline solution twice a day instead of doing that, gaaaaaaah. But, on the plus side, I have dived FACE FIRST into Etsy and there are so many cute things. Current plans:
    1. Acquire an N7 hoodie and a pair of earrings with the Paragon and Renegade symbols on, become the Commander Shepard I want to see in the world.

    2. Acquire enough earrings that I can wear a different pair every day for a month with no hesitation or repetition. #earringpocalypse (Thank you [twitter.com profile] splend!)

    3. Avengers Academy is on a break from events and this is SO GREAT, I am actually enjoying playing it for the first time since... Halloween? Maybe? And I have finally got a chance to get the Hulk! (... But seriously, where did all of this "Every male character except Union Jack wants to date either Black Widow or Wasp, no exceptions" thing come from and can it go back into its hole now?)

    4. I'm sure there was something I wanted to chat about but I can't remember what it is. I have an exam on Tuesday that I've not practiced for enough? ... Did I tell you all that I'm studying sign language? Um, if not... Hi! I'm studying sign language! I'm really bad at it because I can't take notes! I have an exam tomorrow and it's LITERALLY a two minute conversation, but I am TERRIFIED. I will hopefully be fine! Maybe! I am confident in my ability to make most of the signs I need, but I am not as confident in my ability to read all the signs I need, if that makes sense? Like how I can fingerspell fine, but reading fingerspelling is my greatest fucking weakness.
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    I don't know if I mentioned this, but I have a job interview tomorrow for an academic library, and I am a goddamn nervous wreck. I really want this job, I think this'll be a good use of my skills and it looks like it will probably fit in with my schedule at my OTHER job! But also I haven't had a job interview in over a year and I am an anxious disorganised wreck.

    I am trying to remember that IT IS FINE and even if I don't get it, I've not LOST anything, but I'm pretty sure that this job interview I've got the week after for the job I'm not sure I want is giving me anxiety reverbs about THIS job interview.

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    Semi-regular customer comes in wearing a big fuzzy grey hat with a cat face on it.
    Me: I like your hat!
    Him: Don't call him a hat, he doesn't like it!
    Me: *laughs*
    Him: He's not a hat, he's an alien brain parasite called Wilbert Grim.
    spindizzy: I feel like I spent the whole day fighting guys in rubber suits! D: (I feel like I've fought fake aliens)
    1. RIGHT, OKAY, I AM HERE. It feels like I haven't been because it's been a while since, y'know, posted content worth a damn? But here I am! For some reason, everything has felt off-kilter since like the start of February? But I've not been able to put a finger on why. POSSIBLY my anxiety has decided that shutting my brain down when deadlines happen has gone back to being a solid play? I dunno, I'm just... Trying to fix it.

      (I've been describing the plan to fix it as "Operation: Get out of the tree" in my head, because of a description Rachael Aaron gave of the three-act structure.)

      Act one: put your characters in a tree.
      Act two: light the tree on fire.
      Act three: get your characters out of the tree.

    2. Step one of trying to trying to fix it is going to be "going to bed by 1am. You laugh but it's true! MAYBE a little more sleep will help with concentration problems! Even if it doesn't, it will meant that the insomniac in my household stops casting shade at me for how little I sleep!

    3. I don't have a step two yet. Step two might be "try to eat at regular intervals" (which is difficult with shift work but not impossible), or it might be "hang out with people in a more focused way," or it might just be "post more about your ~feelings~ rather than shitposting on twitter!" Am going to attempt all of the above? I have star stickers and am not above giving myself stickers for being a functional adult. ... Shut up that does too make sense.

    4. Am considering going back to handwriting a ton of stuff before I post it, which is time-consuming but gives me a chance to think and makes it quicker when I'm actually at the computer? I dunno though.

    5. I WAS A GODDAMN ADULT ON SATURDAY! There was a spider in the shower and I glassed that fucker to the outside like a MOTHERFUCKING BOSS! I am so proud of myself, that was a fucking VICTORY OVER MY CRIPPLING ARACHNOPHOBIA, ALL HAIL TO ME.

      ... I also decided to maybe cut "self-harm" from my list of coping strategies, but that? That's harder to explain being proud of. CW: Self-harm )

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    Discovered that after Demoulding Day and five full days of work this week, I'm also working six days next week. Fucking excellent. January's paycheque is going to be pretty decent.

    ... *bursts into tears*
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    But one lady LITERALLY just came to bring her foetus to the bounce & rhyme/storytime thing today. She was pregnant and had no other kids, just... Brought the bump.

    BY THE WAY, last night while I was cleaning I found a list of songs for a bounce & rhyme session (it's a session parents can bring there kids to, where they get to sing songs together; at the library I'm at they merge it with storytime) I got into work today and one of my colleagues told me that she really really didn't want to do story time today (she likes to read stories to kids rather than sing, which she feels is scuppered by the fact that most of the kids are less than a year old) and she was pretty sure that we could just swap jobs this afternoon and it'd be fiiiiiiine! And I'm like "Well, thanks for the zero notice but I guess it's better to rip the plaster off and get it over with????"

    And then I spent most of the day fretting and I THINK it went okay, but I am SO GLAD that I had 100,000+ word Losers fanfic to take my mind off it. Even if the rest of the fic I rest after that was... Not to my taste. (I'm not 100% sure that the 100k fic I read was to my taste either, but I couldn't put it down. Ugh.)

    ... Then I was irrationally upset because I wanted one specific type of soup and Lex got me a different type of soup and there's nothing I can really say about it that isn't "Thank you for buying it but I don't like that type of soup" that doesn't make my sound crazy and irrational, even though that's how I feel. I think the problem was just that I hadn't eaten, so my feelings were/are out of whack, but me and food are on weird enough terms that I would rather not eat than have food I don't like. But also I'm at the stage where whatever food I look at I sort of go "No I don't want that" and I don't know if I'm going to have time for lunch tomorrow because TWO SHIFTS IN DIFFERENT LIBRARIES FUCKING YAY, so I'm going to have to have SOMETHING. Ugh.

    TL;DR today I read sang songs with toddlers and at least one actual foetus (inside its mother) and was distressed over soup, fuck today.
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    26629 / 50000 (53.26%)

    I didn't make it to 50,000 words, but that is still the most words I've written on anything since I was fourteen. (When I was fourteen, I wrote like 38,000 words of a Yu-Gi-Oh AU. One day I will post that to AO3 as proof, but AO3 doesn't have an importer for FFN due to FFN's permission setting or something so I'd have to do it manually. :\)

    On the plus side, it's December now! I get to do fun things like open my advent calendars full of stationery (Q: Susan did you really? A: OF COURSE I DID, HAVE YOU MET ME.) and write LUDICROUS AMOUNTS OF TERRIBLE FICTION and SEE MY FAMILY and WORK MY ASS OFF because week two of my schedule continues to be bullshit. And I have a morning at one library on Wednesday, and then an afternoon at a different library entirely! But the buses look... Doable... So I might be okay.

    And yesterday I discovered that the bookcase/tv stand in my room where I kept my comics/sourcebooks/lesbian fiction/xbox was MOULDY AS FUCK so I spent today dousing everything that was on it in white vinegar, disassembling the bookcase, and occasionally checking the internet for a sanity break.



    But I got cuddles! And Lex is going to try to sort us out some new furniture at the weekend while I'm at work! (And then we're going to hang out with his mum, right after I get out of work. Whoop whoop.) And my office is... Actually more accessible than it has been for a while, ngl, because all of the boxes of shite that were making it hard to move my chair are where the bookcase used to be. I'm planning to scrub the walls down with vinegar next time I get a chance, just to try to stave off this problem again, and Lex is gonna pick us up a dehumidifier, maybe.

    So, that's how my day's been. How're all y'all?
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    • See, the worst part of Hamilton is that Non-Stop isn't my favourite song (it's GOOD, but not my FAVOURITE), but I've had "How do you write like you're running out of time?" written on my wrist for like three days, and I can't deal when I listen to that section of the song.
      • (HAMILTON IS REALLY GOOD. Here is a playlist with all of the songs in the right order! Here are the annotated lyrics! It is so good!)

      • Never underestimate the pleasure in saying "So I'm listening to a hip-hop/R&B Broadway musical about the founding fathers of America!" and seeing what people's faces do while they process that.

      • It's such a visual performance, even though I'm just listening to the soundtrack. I get such a clear picture of the characters' expressions, even if I don't automatically fill in the dance-moves.

      • I've been trying to work my way through it, but I've been listening to it all week and I'm only just daring to listen to act two. I DON'T WANT EVERYTHING TO GO TERRIBLY, OKAY, AND THERE IS NO WAY IT CAN'T.

    • SO THERE WAS A FAIR ON OUTSIDE WORK. Which is fine, because rides and food carts and things, woo, I didn't care about the rides, but cool. EXCEPT. The roads around the library were closed for about four blocks, as was all-but one car park. So work's been dead this week! Auuuuuugh. And I went out to check out the ride right outside our door, looked up at it and went "Huh, that's tall," then I leaned back and went "Oh shit it keeps going!" and it turns out that it was like 100 feet tall. WHAT.

    • I HAVE BEEN TRAINED ON THE LOCAL STUDIES DESK! SORTA! ISH! I know where things are, but I'm still working out how to do everything. Apparently we have a WWII-era map of every bomb site in town, and I MUST FIND THIS. I'm excited and kinda terrified, because this means that I'm going to be dealing with more in-depth enquiries, and... I could count the number of times I'd been into this part of the library on my fingers before this week. Oops?

    • I am slowly getting to the bottom of this pit of The Losers fic that I fell into. There is SO MUCH fix-it fic, jesus.
      • What's wierding me out is that I can do the side-by-side comparison of where I am with a fic writer and where other people in the fandom were when they were writing for it (For some reason it's harder in a fandom when I'm not binge reading EVERYTHING.), and just... Ugh. I AM NOT WHERE I WANT TO BE. Apparently it's easier to work this out when I'm looking at people who write similar things to me? I don't know?

    • Oh hey, this icon applies to every fandom I've mentioned here!
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    I'm over here having feelings about Library Wars volume one and Iku Kasahara as a flawed human being if you're into that sort of thing.

    (Was this terrifying? ABSOLUTELY. Everything else will hopefully be less terrifying after this. Especially because I've got a fortnight coming up when I'm scheduled to work 9-5 or 9-7 five and six days a week and will not have TIME for terror.)
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    I used to work at one of the top ten busiest libraries IN THE UK (Top ten for book issues, top five for footfall, thank you all of the people who came into the library to chat/fight/do drugs, we couldn't have done it without you!), and I swear to god the library I'm at now feels twice as busy.

    Objectively, I know that's because the library's smaller - we have fewer people coming in, but it's a smaller space and there's five staff instead of twenty to deal with them. And whereas my job at $oldlibrary was to be a filter (customers with enquiries got passed off to other desks, we just do the issues/returns), at $newlibrary we actually have to do everything, so I'm doing a lot more in-depth enquiries. It's just... Pheeeeeeeeew that felt like a lot of people.

    (I have my first school-visit-into-the-library this week! I AM NOT READY FOR A SMALL ARMY OF YEAR THREES.)
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    Me on the way to work: Man, playing Tragedy Looper has really made me want to write something about a pair of girls who can travel a limited distance back in time and use this power to prevent murders and other tragedies, and maybe they kiss?
    Me: ... I don't know what I was expecting.
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    Was working at new!library today (the one I'm going to when my new hours start, as opposed to current!library.), and IT WAS GREAT.

    • There was like a three-week period where every time this one library manager phoned to talk to someone else, it was always "Oh, Susan, while I've got you on the line - you've been short listed for a job interview!" Pretty great, as you can imagine, and I was happy with this. Today, she's in the library, zooming past on her way to talk to someone else - and then she stops and goes "Oh, Susan, while you're here - we got your last reference in yesterday, and we're proceeding to the next stage with your application. We'll contact your line manager about a start date." YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

      • SO EXCITED.

      • SO.

      • EXCITED.

    • Today, some guy came in to get a new library card, which was going as normal until he went "I'm really sorry, but the only proof of address I have on me is my bail paperwork..."


    • I am so excited about so many things while I'm working! Like, I can ASK QUESTIONS and GET ANSWERS, because it's a smaller team so people are more likely to know the answer! Or I'm allowed to look things up and find the answer myself!
      • Q: Oh my god this is so frustrating, why do all of the Polish books show up as [RENTAL BOOK] instead of an actual title or author?
        A: Because we don't actually have a permanent stock of Polish books, we rent them from a third party and just recycle the barcode numbers. Here's where to find the current list of titles we have available if anyone asks.

      • Q: Do you think anyone would show me how to work the microfilm reader if I asked?
        A: Sure, if it's quiet next time you're in then I'll show you.

      • Q (from customer): Okay, my kid is at Reading Level 2 in the Oxford Reading Tree scheme, do you have anything equivalent?
        A (found by me): Yes, because Essex is amazing and has a chart for that.

      • Q: Can kids with a visual impairment take part in the Summer Reading Challenge?
        A: Yes! We have to go through through Living Paintings, but we can get special books in for them, and they get a free 3D painting for taking part, which is REALLY COOL.

    • One of the ladies at new!library is really impressed and taken aback with my... Well, she calls it enthusiasm? Like, I'm always really excited about finding out NEW THINGS that help me to DO MY JOB BETTER! And we were quiet at work, so I started shelf-tidying because I couldn't think of anything better to do! And she was just like "I am so old and jaded and you keep making me want to not be. Can we skip to the point where you're jaded and don't care either?" and "Just be careful, people might try to take advantage because you're so enthusiastic, and you need to know that you don't have to do everything!" and it's really sweet that she's concerned!

    • "Where's Susan gone?" "I'm down here! *waves from floor where I'm sitting to better shelf-tidy like a bastard*

    • PROTIP: the graphic novel section at my library WAS a disgrace and then I sorted it out so that it's better. And had a kid in a Spiderman costume explain to me how Batman vs the Joker ended in New 52. It was kinda cute.

    • Picked up a copy The Authority volume one from the library today, partly because I remember enjoying it, and partly because I was trying to make a point about something and was like "And the firs thing they did once Warren Ellis left The Authority was have one of the gay characters raped because WHAT THE FUCK GUYS... Actually, do I have my sequence of events the right way round?" and now I'm checking.

    • (The point I was trying to make was that in my experience, the more canonical gay characters in a canon there are that haven't been raped or sexually abused, the more likely fandom is to be like WE CAN FIX THAT and have lots of rape/sexual assault/childhood trauma as an excuse for comfort sex. NO FANDOM, FUCKING STOP THAT. And then "Oh, no, wait, I've seen that happen in canon as well after a writer switch-over.")

    • Q: Susan, did you manage to get from OH MY GOD NEW JOB! to OH MY GOD FANDOM NO! in the space of one entry?
      A: Don't I always?
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    But somehow, all of the words are muddling up. I know what I want to say! I know how it is supposed to sound! And it is just. Not happening. Might try long-handing it instead, just because that way I can't just throw my hands up and delete absolutely everything.

    In recent news:

    • Last Monday was seven years since my dad's death. Still not sure how to feel. Made it through most of the day feeling... Okay? Not happy, obviously, but okay? I gentled myself around and Lex looked after me really well. Then douchebag ex-housemate was a douche and I ended up sobbing my heart out all over Lex when he was trying to sleep.
      • (Douchebag ex-housemate, funnily enough, is SUPER BLOCKED NOW on any form of social media I think he has access to, because seeing his name pisses me off.)

    • My volunteer gig had to let me go, because with my new job I would only be able to show up one week in three and that's really not enough. I got a really sweet card though! And chocolate! And I've encouraged one of the volunteers there to apply for the same library that I went for on the grounds of "Hey, we can keep our unofficial queer as fuck book/lunch club going! There's a Wetherspoons literally round the corner from the library!
      • I have no idea if offering a character reference would count for or against her. She is genuinely a good worker (at least at the place we volunteered), has management experience, and really knows her shit! I'm just not sure of the etiquette of mentioning that and if it could adversely affect the hiring process.

    • Bitch Planet is fucking awesome and seriously knows its target audience. Will post screengrabs and flail at... Some point. I swear to fuck that Things Mean A Lot had a review of it, but I can't find it to save me life. One of the Book Smugglers was smart about it, I'm sure you can believe them until I can words again.

    • You do not understand how much I need to words about Transistor. I have - I have thoughts, okay. And I want fic. And I just had to take a break from writing this post to write notes to myself about my Transistor feels, so clearly something is working!
      • "Apparently my voice acting preferences are 'men who sound like they need blowjobs and a nice cup of tea to make their day better'" - actual thing I said while playing Transistor. Because the male lead sounds like he needs to be put to bed with blowjobs and tea. ... As does Kaiden Alenko, but that is a long-standing problem.
        • [profile] heyheyrenay is probably giving me the side-eye as that is not how Shepard/Garrus works. ... I have nothing I can really say to that. Except I may have this problem with Steve in ME3 too.

    • Getting your period AGAIN after only two weeks is fucking bullshit and I would like to complain to the management.

    • I don't know if I've mentioned this, but as part of my switching jobs phase I've got to do as many of my hours at both libraries as I can manage, which is DOUBLY fun as the job I'm leaving keeps fucking up my extra hours - in that I end up scheduled for them and not told, or scheduled for days when I'm working somewhere else - and oh Jesus I'm tired. But on the plus side, I've done some maths and if I don't get fucked around again, I'm working 123 hours this month! That's almost like REAL PERSON hours! Presumably with corresponding amounts of pay! ... Not bad for a fourteen-hour-a-week contract.

    • I have so many SECRET THINGS to work on, it's hard to choose where to start.

    • I've spent the weekend comfort-reading terrible fanfic, so if you want me to read something NOW MIGHT BE THE TIME. Like, I might be on a bit of an upswing? In that I'm now able to go "This is OOC and I now care enough to stop reading" whereas yesterday I was like "This is OOC but there's a heist and kissing so I don't care." (From Eroica With Love fic: sometimes there is mission/heist fic where they kiss and no one has a secret rapist in their backstory or gets sexually assaulted for the purposes of comfort sex! Finding the correct filters for that is an absolute bastard.) (... I also got linked to some The Iron Bull/Dorian Pavus fic, and it's like "All I know about these characters is that Iron Bull is awesome and Dorian has such a mixed reaction, but I'm okay with this fic?") (Iron Vega and Krem Shep ride agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain! And that is all I know about Iron Bull is one sentence.)

    • Is late and I should sleep. Good night darlings. *mwah*
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    So it turns out that when you don't spend minimum thirteen hours out of the house - leaving the house at 7:15 to get to work for 8:30, working 9:00-19:00, getting back around 20:15, optional gaming/socialising after that - on any given day, you actually have enough brain and energy to do things!

    Who'd'a fucking thunk?
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    So, last week I had an interview for a job in a library near me! It went pretty well - I'd worked with one of the ladies before, and the two other interviewers had interviewed me for a different job a couple of weeks ago, so I knew them all and was able to give some decent answers, I think? Get my chatter on, sparkle the correct amount, etc. (My exit line may or may not have been "Same time next week then?" as I was interviewing again today with two of the people in that room!)

    Didn't get the job, which I was fine with, and then one of the interviewers phoned me up and was like "Don't tell the others that I told you this because they'll kill me, but I think that part of the reason that you didn't get the job was that the other two really want to give you the job that you're interviewing for next week."

    ... Yeah, I had an interview today! With two-thirds the same interview panel as my last two interviews! And in a move shocking to absolutely everyone, especially me - it turns out that they really DID want to give me the job!

    I HAVE A NEW JOB, GUYS! Same sort of role, but with more opportunities for training and getting involved with activities and the community; a few more guaranteed hours; and best of all: ONLY ABOUT HALF AN HOUR AWAY FROM MY HOUSE. I CAN HAVE A LIFE AGAIN. I CAN WRITE LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER BECAUSE I WILL HAVE ACTUAL TIME TO MYSELF. \o/ I AM SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW!

    ... I swear they just gave me the job so that they'd not need to interview me again.
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    Interviewing for a job on the mobile libraries. Not 100% sure that I'll be a good fit for it, because I'd be going from one of the ten biggest/busiest public libraries in the country to a tiny room on wheels, which will be quite a jump, but I dream of working a defined schedule in a library within an hour and a half of my house, so this is the best chance that I've got. Will report back and let you know how it goes. <3
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    It's been something that I've been meaning to do all year - set a budget, sort my life out, all that good stuff - and just never got around to, but someone cloning my card put the wind up me, so I actually set to it this week.

    (The card has been stopped and the money refunded, just so people know! :) )

    But... Okay, so my bills come to about £300. Getting to work every day is about £245. This month, my paycheque came to £530 and change. ... This is not fucking sustainable. This was the first month since September 2013 that I could afford to pay my rent and my bills, and even then I'm going to be living out of my overdraft until next payday.

    I knew that I needed to look for a new job, I just didn't realise how bad it was.


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