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Having a week where words feel like pulling teeth but I DID IT ANYWAY.

Bioshock Infinite | An Attempted Murder
G | Booker, Elizabeth | 100 words | No spoilers | Written for the [community profile] drabble_zone prompt "Murder." | Once she was looking, she could see them; birds sat on branches and statues, unnaturally still.

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Wow, I really went back to my fannish roots for this one.

Pet Shop of Horrors| Disregard
G | 100 words | Count D, Leon Orcot | Set-post series | Written for the [community profile] drabble_zone challenge "Elephant" | D refused to acknowledge he was there.

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Bioshock Infinite | What Goes Up
G | 100 words | Elizabeth, Booker | Written for the [community profile] drabble_zone | It was pure instinct: the explosion threw Booker off the rooftop, and Elizabeth leapt after him.

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Resident Evil (movies) | Iteration
G | 100 words | Alice | Only makes sense if you've seen Resident Evil: Extinction (the third one), written for [community profile] drabble_zone prompt "slinky" | Some thing were always the same.

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I swear to you Squeem made me an Ignis icon and I cannot find it anywhere, where did I put it?

Final Fantasy XV | Now I See Through You
G | 200 words | Ignis, Gladio | Set post-Episode Ignis: Extra Verse, implied spoilers | Written for the [community profile] drabble_zone prompt "Glass", title from Shattered Hopes (Warning: song contains sudden screaming). | "Am I so transparent?"

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Another one where I'm not too sure I stuck the landing, but I tried! And the trying is the important part! Can't get my eye back in if I don't try!

Resident Evil (Movies)// Last Smoke at the End of the World
G | 200 words | Alice, Chris, Claire | Set post-RE6, although there's no spoilers. | Written for the prompt "Fireworks" | He'd been saving them for a special occasion.

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I didn't even LIKE Beyond Two Souls, why am I drabbling for it?

Beyond Two Souls // Remember, Remember
G | 100 words | Jodie, Aiden | Mild spoilers for the mid-game | "Remember when everyone thought you were just my imaginary friend?" | Written for [community profile] drabble_zone's "imaginary friend" prompt.

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I'm not really feeling this one as much as I'd like, but eh! It's written! And it's done! The practice is the important thing and all that!

(PS I know nothing about the games except that you steal people's clothes.)

... Also I was gonna call this "Count bodies like sheep" but I think I need to save that for the stuff I started where it was 100% Katia and 47 either sleeping or having insomnia. Y'know. Once I find the files for those.

Hitman: Agent 47 // What's the count
G | 100 words| Agent 47, Katia | Implied spoilers for the movie | Written for [community profile] drabble_zone's prompt "More." | How many Agents are there?

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Bioshock Infinite // No one left behind
G | 200 words | Booker, Elizabeth | Technically spoilers for the mid-game | Written for the [community profile] drabble_zone prompt "What are you doing?" | Booker wasn't walking out of this one.

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Uncharted // Too dumb to die
G | 200 words | Sully, Nate | Set pre-series but draws on events from Uncharted 3 | Written for the [community profile] drabble_zone prompt "silver" | If Nate wasn't sixteen and stupid, he wouldn't spend as much time nearly getting shot.

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I am SO RUSTY but look! Look! I wrote words! Words of fiction that I am actually showing to people instead of leaving in a file on 4tw and never looking at again! PROGRESS!

Castlevania // A Cold and Frozen Home
G | 200 words | Alucard, Trevor Belmont, Sypha mentioned | Spoilers for the series, written for the [community profile] drabble_zone prompt "Cold."

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Me: I will just ease my way back into writing fic with drabbles! That will be fine!
Also me: I forgot that drabbles are actually an exercise in word choice and mood and that they're actually bloody difficult.

By which I mean: hello! I am rusty! Have an FFXV drabble courtesy of [personal profile] thebaconfat sending me the FFXV prologue and the [community profile] drabble_zone prompt "Laying the Blame". (Literally, I cut double the length of this drabble from it, I am SO RUSTY.)

Final Fantasy XV // Recovery
G | 100 words | Ignis, Noctis | Set before the game | Noctis: I hated being stuck in here. [...] Ignis: Which is why I had no choice but to accompany you whenever you left this room.

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It's only been what, ten months since I started this fic and six months since I finished any fic? ... Or anything else? That's fine, right? I think I started this before I finished Six of Crows, so it disregards the ending a bit? I dunno, I've been staring at this trying to put an ending on it for LITERALLY AN HOUR (and possibly ten months) so I can't even tell anymore. *shoos it out the door*

Six of Crows | Talent Drain
G | words | Inej, Nina, Kaz, Jesper | No warnings; spoilers for Six of Crows | Inej starts to put a crew together.

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I had a craving to write ridiculous stupid melodrama, why am I this person.

Pandora Hearts // Faded Faces
G | 323 words | Gilbert | Spoilers for volume one | He can't remember what Oz looks like.

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IT'S DONE, it's pretty bad, but here it is! (SFW, caution for violence and the mildest of all possible body-horror?) The person I wrote it for left a nice comment and I literally DON'T EVEN CARE that it's probably a courtesy comment, that was straight up the nicest thing she could have said. ;___________;
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I Have Finished My First Story Of The Year And It's This Shit, What Is My Life: A routine choreographed by me.

Yuri!!! On Ice // Fidgeting
G | 636 words | Yuri Plisetsky, Victor Nikiforov | Set post episode twelve, some spoilers | Yurio's hair is annoying him. That's it, that's the show.

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THIS IS NOT A HAPPY FIC EVEN SLIGHTLY, I AM SORRY. I think this originally started off as me trying to reconcile Revolution!Homura with Regular!Homura and also Baby!Homura with EternalSoldier!Homura and the result is... Um. Something that I am probably going to look at in the morning like ?!?!?!?!?!?

Madoka Magica // Sacrifice Play
T (Violence) | 433 words | Homura, Sayaka, Madoka; Kyoko and Mami mentioned | Spoilers for episode ten, unrelated major character death. | Sayaka does it herself without any prompting from Homura.

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I was out without my laptop so ended up writing on paper like a FUCKING SAVAGE and photobucket's mobile interface is, if possible, even worse than its regular interface, so... Posted it on twitter! Ineffective, but the chain remains unbroken!

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SO [personal profile] thebaconfat left me a prompt just saying "Goodnight/Billy as ladies!!" and I am a little obsessed?

... I may come back later and write this again with more facepunching.

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Pooch walked past the door to their temporary sickbay (the only office that had enough space for a bed and people to get around it), then doubled back. He leaned against the door frame for a minute, arms folded, just watching, then said "Jay, you know I love you like a brother, right?"

Jensen looked up, his smile manic despite the big black circles under his eyes. "Aw, Pooch! You know the feeling's mutual!"

Pooch nodded. "And you know if I ever needed anyone who could annoy a guy out of unconciousness, you would be the first person I called, right?"

"Makes sense, sure. Where are you going with this?"

"All I'm saying is when Cougar wakes up and tries to shoot you in the head, I'm not gonna stop him, okay?"

I'm genuinely torn betweeen Jensen putting Cougar's hair in cute braids or just pretty using Cougar's bed (with Cougar in it) as a desk while he does his mission work, because I could believe both.


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