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I had a craving to write ridiculous stupid melodrama, why am I this person.

Pandora Hearts //
G | 323 words | Gilbert | Spoilers for volume one | He can't remember what Oz looks like.

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TRUE STORY this happened in my game while I was in the thicket looking for giant toads. Will probably noodle it around into a proper fic later.

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I Have Finished My First Story Of The Year And It's This Shit, What Is My Life: A routine choreographed by me.

Yuri!!! On Ice // Fidgeting
G | 636 words | Yuri Plisetsky, Victor Nikiforov | Set post episode twelve, some spoilers | Yurio's hair is annoying him. That's it, that's the show.

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THIS IS NOT A HAPPY FIC EVEN SLIGHTLY, I AM SORRY. I think this originally started off as me trying to reconcile Revolution!Homura with Regular!Homura and also Baby!Homura with EternalSoldier!Homura and the result is... Um. Something that I am probably going to look at in the morning like ?!?!?!?!?!?

Madoka Magica // Sacrifice Play
T (Violence) | 433 words | Homura, Sayaka, Madoka; Kyoko and Mami mentioned | Spoilers for episode ten, unrelated major character death. | Sayaka does it herself without any prompting from Homura.

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I was out without my laptop so ended up writing on paper like a FUCKING SAVAGE and photobucket's mobile interface is, if possible, even worse than its regular interface, so... Posted it on twitter! Ineffective, but the chain remains unbroken!

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SO [personal profile] thebaconfat left me a prompt just saying "Goodnight/Billy as ladies!!" and I am a little obsessed?

... I may come back later and write this again with more facepunching.

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Pooch walked past the door to their temporary sickbay (the only office that had enough space for a bed and people to get around it), then doubled back. He leaned against the door frame for a minute, arms folded, just watching, then said "Jay, you know I love you like a brother, right?"

Jensen looked up, his smile manic despite the big black circles under his eyes. "Aw, Pooch! You know the feeling's mutual!"

Pooch nodded. "And you know if I ever needed anyone who could annoy a guy out of unconciousness, you would be the first person I called, right?"

"Makes sense, sure. Where are you going with this?"

"All I'm saying is when Cougar wakes up and tries to shoot you in the head, I'm not gonna stop him, okay?"

I'm genuinely torn betweeen Jensen putting Cougar's hair in cute braids or just pretty using Cougar's bed (with Cougar in it) as a desk while he does his mission work, because I could believe both.
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Bayonetta // Climbing Up The Walls
G | 100 words | Luka | It takes him a while to notice the footprints.

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So [personal profile] seventhe has made a Final Fantasy Fanworks group on Imzy (If anyone wants invites, HIT ME UP because I have them! I am there under the usual name) and there are PROMPTS. Do I remember how to write FFX-2? DO I BOLLOCKS. But I had fun! Maybe!

Final Fantasy X-2 // The Morning Sun In Your Eyes
G | 400 words (4 x 100 words) | Baralai, Nooj, Gippal, Paine | Minor spoilers through chapter three | Morning brings its own trials.

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I'm not saying that I stayed up till 2am listening to a woman with insomnia talk about not being able to sleep, but hi.

The Black Tapes //
G | 100 words | Alex Reagan, Richard Strand | Spoilers for episode... 204 I think? | She doesn't ask when was the last time you slept.

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Pet Shop of Horrors // Distance
G | 100 words | Leon Orcot | Set post-series, spoilers | There's only so far D could run.

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I'm still not sure how I feel about the last third (Grace, no, why), but up until that point I was really enjoying it!

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Uncharted // Let's Start Living Dangerously
G | 816 words | Victor Sullivan, Nathan Drake | OKAY, technically no spoilers! Set pre-franchise, but using canon established in Uncharted 3? | Nate can look after himself. He's better at look after himself than Sully is, anyway.

Six months in and he still wasn't willing to take the chance that Sully was gonna go out on a job and forget to come back )
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The game taunted me with Hawkeye during the British Invasion event, now I want it. Also I read the first volume of Hawkeye and I love Clint Barton the Human Disaster. He's great. So have a drabble of Hawkeye the Human Disaster during the Spiderman event.

(GUYS I think I should maybe make a macro fic to collect my Avengers Academy drabbles in, what's a good title?)

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X-Men //
G | 914 words | Charles Xavier, Erik Lennsher, Raven Darkholme | Set half-way through X-Men: First Class | But why can't Raven go on the road trip?

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What can I say? [personal profile] squeemu gives good ideas. (Ms [personal profile] vieralynn: I haven't forgotten you! I just need to find Let's Plays of the right bit of the game for what I want to write!)

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(I COULD have gone full Icarus with this but it didn't occur to me until like 1:51 in the morning so NO, NO MYTHOLOGICAL ALLUSIONS FOR YOU, I WILL SAVE THAT TITLE FOR ANOTHER DAY, because I feel like "Some live like Icarus" could be a good Tony Stark story if I was any good at Tony fucking Stark.)

So, anyway, [personal profile] renay left me a comment saying "YOU COULD WRITE THEM WATCHING A SUNSET IN SILENCE AND I'D PROBABLY LIKE IT" about that Steve/Tony fic I wrote for her yesterday and it was like 7:00am so I was like "OH REALLY?!" and, well. What do we have here.



Avengers Academy // As I Fall I Feel
G | 480 words | Tony Stark, Steve Rogers | No spoilers, set during the early days of the academy? | Nothing makes you appreciate a beautiful evening like destroying Hydra.

It was probably the most beautiful sunset he'd ever seen. )
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The file name for this was "Tony flirts badly with Steve" and I feel like that is a pretty accurate summary of what is going on here. But I promised [personal profile] renay Steve/Tony fic (even though not my ship and hahahahahahahaha when was the last time I wrote kissing fic?) AND BY GOD THERE WILL BE KISSING FIC. REGARDLESS OF QUALITY.

Avengers Academy // I Wanna Wear You Like a Suit
G | 953 words | Steve Rogers/Tony Stark | Super vague spoilers for a couple of missions in the Civil War event | Pulling pigtails was old back when Steve was a kid.

Steve was supposed to be catching up on recent history, Fury's orders. )


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