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Right, here's the explanation for Fate/Prototype as I understand it: once upon a time, Type Moon took the original notes and setting they had for the Fate franchise and animated a tiny part of it! This was back when the anime apparently had a female protagonist (I AM SULKING THAT THEY CHANGED THIS) and Saber was a guy! I am confusion at the idea, but also very here for the idea of replacing Shirou with a goth girl who understands the plot and would rather not.

(Obviously the romances with Rin/Saber/Sakura would have to remain unchanged, gimme.)

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 We're back! I continue to have feelings about Today's Menu for the Emiya Family! Today: ILLYA GETS TO BE ADORABLE AND LOVED AND THIS IS GREAT FOR ME AND MY HEART.

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TODAY'S MENU FOR THE EMIYA FAMILY CONTINUES TO BE REALLY CUTE, YOU GUYS. And in this episode, my TOTALLY NOTE FAVOURITE FATE CHARACTER EVER shows up! Yay! (I don't know who IS my favourite character in Fate, for the record, but Lancer is one of the like THREE PEOPLE who treats Rin with the respect she deserves so I loooooove hiiiiiim.)

... I'm not saying that this reaction shot is literally just endless variations of LANCER I LOVE YOU but I'm not NOT saying that.

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Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya should really be my thing. I like to imagine that it got made because someone in the office accidentally sent in their Fate/Card Captor Sakura fusion AU instead of their work, and management went "!!!!!" It should be my thing! I like magical girls capturing cards! I like the Fate mash-up of mythologies and Pokémon battles! I like yelling at my ships and the steady inexorable knowledge that this is basically a slasher movie in terms of survival odds! I should be the target audience for this show!

... Except that someone went "Fuck, how can we get straight dudes to watch this show?" and the answer was "I dunno, ramp up the male gaze and put in a ludicrous amount of fanservice, that should get 'em."


(I actually asked Lex "Was it really that bad? I know it was bad enough that I stopped watching like three episodes in, but was it that bad?" And even Lex was like "Oh yeah." And my tolerance for fanservice was a lot higher back when Lex was watching Kaleid Liner. Apparently it got better after I stopped watching, but it also got a hell of a lot worse.)

ANYWAY, yes, it has Illya as an adorable happy magical girl trying to catch the cards of heroic spirits that Rin and her rival let loose; Illya's rival/best friend is a magical girl called Miyu who is VERY SERIOUS. Like, full-on "There is an entire episode revolving around how she can't use magic to fly because she understands too much physics to suspend her disbelief." That part is REALLY CUTE. And they made a movie that's entirely just Miyu's backstory and pretty much no fanservice! EXCELLENT.

Disclaimer: there are spoilers for both the show, the main Fate universe (Mainly Zero, Stay/Night and Unlimited Bladeworks), and the movie here! I'm not sure how much of Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya you need to have seen for the movie to make sense – I've only seen three episodes, but also Lex has seen all of it so whenever I was like "Wait, no, what was that about?" Lex was there to explain what the hell. So... Fair warning, I guess! The important thing to know is that this branch of the Fate multiverse revolves around the heroic spirits being embodied through cards.

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Guys... Did we have an episode that made sense?

(I would like it noted that I asked Lex when new episodes of "the bad show" came out and he knew EXACTLY what I meant. He SAYS it's because it's the only show we're watching together, but you and I know the truth.)

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So, a new Fate series started last week (Susan, you haven't finished talking about the last one — I KNOW I KNOW, I'M WORKING ON IT), and Lex and I (After a lovely date where we ate pie and bitched intensely about fanservice in the Fate franchise) finally got around to it.

I'm not saying that half-way through the internal monologue of "What the FUCK?!" became an external monologue, but seriously: what the fuck?

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  • I took a day off yesterday! A proper day off, where I didn't go into the dayjobs , didn't write, didn't transcribe. IT WAS REALLY WEIRD. I found and reread my copy of Flutter by Momoko Tenzen and knitted half-an-inch of sock while playing boardgames with everything. I think the closest I got to doing work was attempting to recover all of the tabs that Firefox ate when it decided "Nope, enough of this, this is far too silly."

  • [personal profile] extrapenguin made A WHOLE BUNCH OF NIRVANA IN FIRE icons because they are amazing and I need to use all of them. Somehow.

  • I am getting the impression that maybe I don't know what a sensible amount of stuff to fit into one day, because when I make jokes about how much of a lazy slug I am everyone is just like "... Wait, what?" APPARENTLY stuff still counts even if you have to tag "But I only" on the end. I could! Do more! My to-do list is huge! But apparently you're supposed to count what you DID get done, not what you DIDN'T, and my Lying Traitor Brain is continuing to both lie and be a traitor.

  • Youtube has learned that I will follow its recommendations if it brings me 18 different versions of "Emiya" from all the Fate soundtracks. This is UNFAIR AND ACCURATE.

  • I felt like me again on Friday! I didn't even know I didn't feel like me until then! I mean, I'm a little sad that I felt like me on a day where I'd gone to bed late, caffeinated myself, and did no exercise, but I'm UNSURPRISED.

  • We also had an evacuation at work on Friday, which probably helped because it made my shift feel that much shorter! Not a drill, but not a proper fire either? We think some of the workmen set it off accidentally. Either way we managed to get 300+ people out of the building in like 15-20 minutes, which is pretty good for a six-storey building! ... I am CONCERNED about the students who KEEP WORKING THROUGH THE FIRE ALARM and also the ones who stopped directly in front of the exits like "This is far enough to evacuate, right?" (No. No it wasn't. I ended up repeating "That's the fire alarm, you need to leave," a lot. On the plus side, I didn't have anyone going "I can't hear you, the fire alarm's going off" so it's better than my LAST fire drill.)

  • I feel very fond of the regulars that I'm meeting, which is probably not going to last. Please go home and rest occasionally you guys! You're all very nice, but you'll end up a trashfire like me if you don't sleep!

  • Nottingham Station caught fire! Not sure what happened there, but it's out and I don't think anyone was harmed? I told our Jill not to come visit me by train and she said she wasn't going to come and visit me anyway. :( :( :(

  • Did I tell you about the enquiry I had? Dude knew the journal he wanted, and the year, and the page numbers for the article he needed... But not the title or author. ... Wut.

Yeah, I got nothing. How is everyone! What've you been up to since I saw you last?
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  • I do not know why I have been feeling so sad the last few days! It's really weird! [twitter.com profile] faintdreams was correct that at least some of it was dehydration, so I am pouring water into my face and seeing if that helps.

  • (I mentioned on twitter that I am pretty much having a drink of water whenever my brain tried to tell me that I was sad, so either I am going to be SUPER HYDRATED or I am going to drown the fucker into being happy. WE SHALL SEE.)

  • Fate/Apocrypha is on Netflix now if anyone wants to get in on that with me! Lex and I rewatched the first six episodes, and it was very strange to look back at who/what we thought was going to be important, and see some more of the problems coming in advance!

  • I have ordered myself some cute sock knitting needles off Etsy, which I really want to arrive soon! I have got some wooden ones and some metal ones to see what I get on with better – I prefer my hooks and needles to not be metal because I am a delicate flower, but this is quite small, so... Maybe it'll help?

  • I am getting antsy for a new notebook. I've GOT notebooks, I have enough notebooks that I could straight up hand-draft everything I write until doomsday and never run out, but also I want. (I am allowing myself to entertain the idea of a pastel clipbook for putting all of my crochet/knitting patterns in, but I should not be allowed to do that because it will only end badly.)

  • I currently have a post-it stuck to the ruler/bookmark in my diary with all of my goals on it, just to make sure that I don't... Get distracted and forget that it's a thing that I want to do? Seems to be working okay! I am definitely crossing things off already.

  • I had a customer come in asking for a specific article from a journal. He knew the journal, he knew the year, he knew the page numbers... But not the title. Orz

  • I am still mad about photobucket taking the icon making community out at the knees, but I'm gonna hunt for/make Nirvana in Fire and Fate icons, and I GUESS I need something for when I'm being boring about health/exercise so people know what to skip??? I asked on the Nirvana in Fire discord if anyone knew of any icon makers and someone slid me a bunch of screencaps so I know what my plans are.

  • I am never going to stop being confused that the experience most emotionally similar to the LJ communities of old... Is a mass chatroom...

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So... We survived the first week of 2018! How is everyone doing? What you up to?
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RIGHT, let's get back to this because Lex and I are TOTALLY going to watch the latest two episodes. TOTALLY.

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Okay, I absolutely need to get this done and queued today (Monday) because Lex and I are going to watch the newest episode at some point today or tomorrow and I NEED TO BE READY. It's a lot harder to keep episodes separate in my head for Fate than it is for Princess Principal, because Princess Principal is discrete non-linear blocks, and Fate/Apocrypha is one mostly-linear narrative, but I'm doing my best. Even though Fate/Apocrypha is doing some things. *drags hands down face*

Episode Ten )

Episode Eleven )
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And of course, now I've REMEMBERED that I can make masterlists, because I am an adult and I do what I want, I am TOTALLY going to remember to make them for all of the things that I have been yelling about. TOTALLY.

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THE BATTLE CONTINUES and everything is... Slightly less Not Okay than last week? Although caution warning for this episode because that sure was on-screen abuse right there, and also apparently I'm still mad about one of the characters from the main timeline so caution warning for yelling about rapists.

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It turns out that Lex and I missed an episode of Fate/Apocrypha, so enjoy this twofer, I guess! (Also I'm gonna TRY to separate it out into the right episodes, but uh... That might not work so well...)

Episode Seven )

Episode eight )
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I promised that I’d be back with the bullet points and yelling, and look! Fate/Apocrypha is back! Oh my beautiful darling show, it’s been too long! *dreamy sigh*

So let’s get this rolling by yelling about Fate Apocrypha Episode Six! )

And this episode of Princess Principal was really fucking bleak in an entirely obvious way, but it was still bleak, as a fair warning. Caution warning for physically abusive parents and alchoholism! Let's go and yell about episode six. )
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Okay, so, Fate/Apocrypha )

AND THEN WE WATCHED PRINCESS PRINCIPAL which was honestly happier but I still have an abundance of emotions about everything, so.

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I probably have more to say about this one, but I have forgotten most of it I'm afraid. (Lex managed to distract me by watching Doctor Who afterwards while I was trying to do a transcription, so my brain has glitched and rebooted to "Wow, that Missy lady is pretty and I have no idea what's going on but she threw the Master up against a wall and now I might ship it."


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Yeah, I have no ships here yet, just anti-ships. Maybe I'm not well.
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Hello my darlings! Lex is showing me Fate/Apocrypha as it comes out, because the Fate franchise is that rare beast: a fandom that we both like.

I am very cautiously excited, because this could be great. I am going to see about rough reaction shots as we go, you may well end up tracking me going through pits of despair as the characters I love die and the characters I was hoping for a gruesome death for get to live past the ending. (I am still not over Fate/Zero or Unlimited Bladeworks, it turns out.) WE SHALL SEE. But yes, this is all written after the fact, so nothing will be in the correct order, I'm afraid, just as I think of it.

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