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Hey guys! I'm back, I say, like I've been anywhere. It turns out that I managed to avoid my productivity crashing and burning in March by the skin of my teeth and April exploded instead. IT'S OKAY, my only goals for spring are "Make it to the summer" so it's not too bad!

  • I intensely regret not knowing that that it was going to be so beautiful out today, because I would have ABSOLUTELY have worn my cute polka-dot summer dress in this. (I can fit a paperback in the pockets! I need to see if anyone is still selling the polka dot designs anywhere, because I will absolutely wear this design in every colour they've got, but I am INTIMIDATED by the patterns on the Lindy Bop site.) I'm pretty much waiting until my phone is charged, then me and my laptop are going to court sunburn outside.

  • The people who made Regency Solitaire have a new game out called Shadowhand and it is exactly what I have the brainpower for this last two weeks. It's basically solitaire with funky layouts and sometimes a plot (Regency Solitaire is a very gentle Regency romance with conniving men attempting to ruin the family/marry the protagonist, and Shadowhand is about a Lady who poses as a highwaywoman to gain information and is very cavalier about the amount of murders she commits), and it's gentle enough and predictable enough that I can deal with it. I've just temporarily lost my ability to cope with new media that ISN'T predictable and gentle, which is fine! I am rewatching Pacific Rim Uprising a bunch of times and bunkering down with shoujo manga and cozy mysteries until I can face more complicated things.

  • (I am up to four I think, which is SURE A NUMBER OF TIMES TO WATCH THIS MOVIE.)

  • I have been swimming! I dropped down the number of lengths I've been doing and haven't been to as much Aquafit because the times changed for a couple of weeks – I've been doing 26 and 28 lengths, and I come out of it hating myself slightly less? I guess because I am spinning my mental wheels over snarky movie commentary instead of INTENSELY HATING MYSELF for forty-five minutes.

  • Disaster Sock is coming along! I am just decreasing for the toe now, and then I get to experiment with sewing it all together! I know, I know, I am the slowest knitter in the world, but also DISASTER SOCK DREW BLOOD (CW: photo of a hole in my hand). Knitting is LETHAL, guys.

  • I was unintentionally the living embodiment of this XKCD strip the other day.

  • We finished Pandemic Legacy Season 2, and I won't spoil anything here because it can PROBABLY stand to be a post on it's own, but it sure was a thing that I finished. If anyone wants to talk about it, HIT ME UP.

  • Somehow, I have ended up in three regular games each week, despite being very clear that I was keeping this number low for maximum disaster time. I don't know how this happened? Either way, my character in the D&D 3.5 game managing to CRIT HERSELF TO DEATH and get reincarnated as a gross demon thing that also happens to have absolutely nails combat stats. ... Unfortunately, I've been very vulnerable to mind control thus far in the game, so we have Suspicions about how this is gonna go.

  • I was baffled enough when I discovered that A Perfect Circle had a new album out, but one of the songs is called So Long and Thanks For All the Fish. SURE APC, SURE.

  • It turns out that a lot of my mental and emotional processing powers is going to this fucking appointment tomorrow. I have been trying not to go on about it (yes, all of the tweets and random conversations about it are what it looks like when I am trying not to bother people, I'm sorry, this is who I am as a person) but I'm still fretting about it. Lex is trying to convince me that people are putting energy and emotional effort into this thing with me because they are my friends and wouldn't do it if they didn't want to, but also hahaha oh god so many people have done emotional labour for me on this and I am going to be GUTTED if I've wasted their time. (I am mainly trying to convince myself that if there was nothing wrong with me I would not burst into tears at the idea of this just being who I am and it never getting any better, but you can imagine how that's going.) I am telling myself very sternly that by this time tomorrow it'll all be over but the screaming, and it's literally just twenty minutes of my life to get through, but pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • I dunno, that's just... Where I'm at, what I'm up to. Now I'm off to (try) to write what makes my heart do the smiley emote, so I'll see you all later! ♥
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  • Camp Nano is coming! I am low-key recruiting people into my cabin, because ACCOUNTABILITY YAY and also we are SUPER GREAT at cheerleading and making people look after themselves, so you should all join us. (Seriously, if you want in, give me your Nano username and I will make it happen.)

  • I am working on one SECRET and a story for [livejournal.com profile] bb_shousetsu because [twitter.com profile] dipping_sauce has promised accountability. My word count goal is 15,000! I'm sure this will be fine.

  • My second oldest niece turned twenty on Saturday and I'm appalled. I remember her being BORN. This is the worst, oh my god. (She's also lived in Mexico for the last few months while doing an Open University course and is running off to visit her boyfriend in Germany and just auuuuugh these go-getter kids making me feel old. I'm disgustingly proud of her.)

  • Cut for exercise )
  • I spent yesterday browsing stationery for my diary on etsy, because that is literally the single most soothing activity I can think of, and I found a character sheet that might hypothetically fit in my Filofax! (I know the listing is for a traveller's notebook size, as far as I can tell from printing and cutting it down, the personal size in that folder is the correct size but I'm gonna have fun with the hole punching.) Plus, I bought an address book printable off the same seller, so today I made a hash of assembling it into a cute little address book! I'm very happy with it as a first attempt, I think it looks pretty cute! And it turns out that when you have a proper double-sided printer and a hardcore guillotine, it's a lot easier to sort it out into a proper insert! (I did have to poor-man's-staple it because none of the staplers were long enough to hit the middle of the book – I poked the holes in at the right width with a push-pin and then threaded the staples through after.) [twitter.com profile] faintdreams: you were right! It is doable!

  • (PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR BUSINESS CARDS SO THAT I CAN USE CUTE TAPE TO STICK THEM INTO MY ADDRESS BOOK LIKE A NERD. I am still at the stage where I treat business cards like collectables. ... This is possibly because everyone I know has super cute business cards, actually.)

  • I am so tired, guys. I know it's because it's shark week and February/March are my months where routine goes out the window so I stop being able to function, but this is ridiculous. I'm gonna head to bed in a little bit and see y'all in the morning.
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Our shower is working! It actually runs hot again! It's leaking through the floor again, because our shower is still terrible, but WE HAVE HOT WATER.

And yesterday I told someone "Oh, I'm biromantic ace" for the first time, which might be an oversimplification but feels right in a way that queer never quite managed, and no one called me a fake queer or apologised to Lex because his life must be terrible, which was nice!

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HELLO MY DARLINGS, how are y'all? I can't even remember all of the stuff that's been happening since I last posted, lemme see.

  • I had my assessment for that job I mentioned! I had a lot of fun, but I didn't get it and that's okay. My manager did actually pass my name on to the access team like she said she would, which I wasn't expecting – apparently the lady in charge says that they don't need any transcription doing right now, but they might need someone to do some text reformatting so I can do that!

  • (Oh god I can smell the fajita paninis they do at work and now I am so hungry.)
  • I just want to sit in a corner and stare at a wall, or maybe read stuff instead of staring at a wall, but I do not have time. Boooooooooo.

  • Had my first first aid incident since getting trained, which was terrifying even though everything was fine. Did you know that hazelnuts can trigger a peanut allergy? You do now!

  • One of the people I keep bumping into at training events (We've never worked in the same library at the same time but we're both library assistants?) is both on twitter and in my fandoms and sometimes I wonder if we ever accidentally retweet each other and just never know. I've not asked for her username, because then I'd have to reveal mine, and the sheer about of NONSENSE on my feed is not something that should be inflicted on people I have a professional relationship with.

  • I did a quick twitter thread on my writing rituals/how I use a zillion page flags to stay organised. In case you ever thought I was exaggerating how many page flags I use: NOPE. A. ZILLION.

  • 5th Ed. D&D apparently has a specific days-of-effort and monetary requirement for learning a new proficiency, which means that I now have a helpful tracker listing how long my paladin has been trying to learn how to cook, and all of the different ways this has gone badly. ... I only poisoned the other party members ONCE. And I'm 90% certain that four on the dice was divine punishment because I prayed for help on the EXPLICIT UNDERSTANDING that we were trying to turn the monster into food, and Lex dropped the carcass on the floor and ruined the meat.

  • I did go swimming last week, and I've apparently put my goggles and swimming hat Somewhere Safe, which means that I might never see them again. On the plus side, I don't need them for Aquafit, so I've been to that.

  • Our boiler is STILL BROKEN but hopefully someone will be coming out to deal with that today! MAYBE OUR SHOWER WILL STOP RUNNING LIKE IT'S DIRECT FROM THE GLACIER.

  • Did I mention that HR at my council job fucked up, overpaid me, and are now billing me? Apparently the invoice I received was supposed to contain instructions for how I could pay in installments but it sure fucking did not. Like, literally I have not been paid for my council work since December, they fucked up my taxes with that overpayment so that I got £200 I can't afford taken off me, and now they can't even make it easy for me to sort out the bit under my control. *spits*

  • I have... Sort of made progress in my sock! In that I have done the heel and am slowly deciphering what it wants me to do with the rest. ... I genuinely don't know how people parsed confusing instructions before youtube if they didn't know other knitters. Books and guesswork?

  • I'm TWO patreon tiers! And Ana and Renay said really nice things about why I'm two patreon tiers! ;______;

  • I have played 1.5 of the FFXV DLCs (Episode Gladio and half of Episode Prompto) and I will Sure Have Thoughts in a bit, but I want to finish all of them first. I want to get this done ASAP because FFXV, base game? No DLC? Is EIGHTY GIGABYTES ON THE HARDDRIVE, even if you're running it off a disk! WHAT THE FUCK SQUEENIX.

  • ... I desperately want FFXII: Zodiac Age for the PC but I can't work out if my computer will run it. Weirdly, I think I have everything but the graphics card? But the graphics card is kinda important. ... It might be enough to run FFType-0, actually, that'd be nice.

  • Tonight, I am HOPEFULLY going to an event on "A Global Look At Queer" (or, if I read the description right, what happens when you decentralise white cis gay men from the narrative of queerness.). I'm sad I can't make the one next week, because apparently they're celebrating valentine's day by talking about whether respectability politics and conforming to the American heteronormative ideals of marriage and military service has damaged the revolutionary spirit of queerness. It sounds REALLY COOL.

  • I don't know why, but when I reach for a word for my sexuality the one that comes back is ALWAYS lesbian. I get queer next, but always lesbian first. This why "Go for the word that feels right" is 100% nonsense.

  • I dunno, I got nothing except a to-do list that is Sure A Thing, so I'd better crack on with that. What y'all up to?
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  • I took a day off yesterday! A proper day off, where I didn't go into the dayjobs , didn't write, didn't transcribe. IT WAS REALLY WEIRD. I found and reread my copy of Flutter by Momoko Tenzen and knitted half-an-inch of sock while playing boardgames with everything. I think the closest I got to doing work was attempting to recover all of the tabs that Firefox ate when it decided "Nope, enough of this, this is far too silly."

  • [personal profile] extrapenguin made A WHOLE BUNCH OF NIRVANA IN FIRE icons because they are amazing and I need to use all of them. Somehow.

  • I am getting the impression that maybe I don't know what a sensible amount of stuff to fit into one day, because when I make jokes about how much of a lazy slug I am everyone is just like "... Wait, what?" APPARENTLY stuff still counts even if you have to tag "But I only" on the end. I could! Do more! My to-do list is huge! But apparently you're supposed to count what you DID get done, not what you DIDN'T, and my Lying Traitor Brain is continuing to both lie and be a traitor.

  • Youtube has learned that I will follow its recommendations if it brings me 18 different versions of "Emiya" from all the Fate soundtracks. This is UNFAIR AND ACCURATE.

  • I felt like me again on Friday! I didn't even know I didn't feel like me until then! I mean, I'm a little sad that I felt like me on a day where I'd gone to bed late, caffeinated myself, and did no exercise, but I'm UNSURPRISED.

  • We also had an evacuation at work on Friday, which probably helped because it made my shift feel that much shorter! Not a drill, but not a proper fire either? We think some of the workmen set it off accidentally. Either way we managed to get 300+ people out of the building in like 15-20 minutes, which is pretty good for a six-storey building! ... I am CONCERNED about the students who KEEP WORKING THROUGH THE FIRE ALARM and also the ones who stopped directly in front of the exits like "This is far enough to evacuate, right?" (No. No it wasn't. I ended up repeating "That's the fire alarm, you need to leave," a lot. On the plus side, I didn't have anyone going "I can't hear you, the fire alarm's going off" so it's better than my LAST fire drill.)

  • I feel very fond of the regulars that I'm meeting, which is probably not going to last. Please go home and rest occasionally you guys! You're all very nice, but you'll end up a trashfire like me if you don't sleep!

  • Nottingham Station caught fire! Not sure what happened there, but it's out and I don't think anyone was harmed? I told our Jill not to come visit me by train and she said she wasn't going to come and visit me anyway. :( :( :(

  • Did I tell you about the enquiry I had? Dude knew the journal he wanted, and the year, and the page numbers for the article he needed... But not the title or author. ... Wut.

Yeah, I got nothing. How is everyone! What've you been up to since I saw you last?
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IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY! \o/ I'm twenty-eight now, I am OLD AS TIME, you can tell because I made sure that I did laundry and went to sleep at a reasonable hour on my birthday.

But I had SUCH a nice day! I woke up at like 7:30, rolled over with every intention of telling Lex that I was ready to get up and do adventures, and then woke up again an hour later like "... That wasn't supposed to happen." BUT IT'S FINE, I woke up, I cuddled Lex lots, and I got super great presents.
I'm just excited, okay. )

But it was just such a nice day! Me and me mate Matt have the same birthday, so I may have spent the time we were doing laundry trying (and failing) to sort out his birthday present, because apparently the Sherlock Holmes game that I thought was an expansion pack is actually a reprint and the ones that are expansion packs don't exist, so now I need to think of something CLEVER. But me, Matt and Lex went out to lunch together, Lex and I went off to do this website registration and cover Joe's laptop in post-its with suggestions on, and then we all went to the pub to play Sushi Go! And Jenni made me and Matt birthday fairy cakes, which is amazing of her! They were pirate themed. There were sharks. :D But also: many cuddles, many hugs, such spending time with people that I like. ♥

It's been a pretty good week altogether – Lex and I took the week off, because it was his birthday last week (he got SO MANY Legend of the Five Rings cards, and possibly TOO MUCH birthday cake, whoops.), and we spent it... Mostly not doing much? Monday I baked brownie and cake, Tuesday was Lex's birthday so we spent it playing Magic and hanging out with people in the pub, Wednesday we put together an ottoman and played Pathfinder and it all went wrong, Thursday was Legend of the Five Rings release day so Lex was doing that and I was trying to figure out the rules while he played Chris, Friday and Saturday we spent seeing Jill and my family (Lex was very pleased to see Jill's Bad Dog, who is a bad dog but also cute; Jill and I babysat, watched women's wrestling and Piper Niven has a body like mine! Her arms do the ripply thing mine do! PIPER NIVEN IS MY QUEEN NOW. ... PS am I writing NXT because I keep looking at character dynamics like "Yep, sure, I have read and would write that relationship." Also Jill and I managed to play co-operative video games and hardly even tried to murder each other, we were so good!) And we got the best pancakes, went to my mum's, had a very pleasant time because we were only there for like four hours and met my niece's very skittish new kitten.

... Also I discovered that there is a hell and it smells like a cat carrier that has, by the smell of it, never been cleaned. It's our Elaine's, she lent it to Chloe, oh sweet Christ I had to carry it downstairs and my eyes were watering from the smell. CLEAN YOUR CAT CARRIERS, GUYS, JUST DO IT.

It wasn't necessarily a productive week off? I think I managed maybe three hours of work across the whole week and all of my projects? ... I played a lot of Sims, okay, a lot, and it is only because I love you guys that I am not turning all of my social media into Sims blogs. But I also slept, and I probably need both that and the downtime. I am ready to get back to work now! Probably! Maybe! I hope! Because otherwise this is going to be awkward. Especially because I'm ill! Like, not ill enough to not go to work, just ill enough that I am snuffling, my nose is running like a tap, and I sound like a parody of someone with a headcold. Wooooo. Hopefully this will repel customers when I go in for my first day back at the dayjob, and hopefully I will be better before I run out of clean handkerchiefs.

How is everyone? What have you been doing? Is everyone ALSO super excited about books and video games?
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  • Done a fortnight's worth of laundry. @_@

  • Accidentally played a two hour game of Magic, because Lex has a Group Hug commander deck that specifically focuses on everyone drawing cards (The commander means everyone draws/plays land A LOT), and I have a Blue's Clues deck (Investigation and heavy card draw, which gets HILARIOUS when Tamiyo's Journal comes out and I can start fishing for specific cards. And I have three different ways to have no maximum hand size, including my commander.) that I figured would go either hilariously well or hilariously badly together. I'm not sure which it was, but it was literally two hours, and I was entirely correct in my turn three assessment that I could take Lex out no problem, but Chris (who was running a Thopters deck) would step on me the turn after.

  • Actually sorted out the notebook I'm tracking my money in because I've been putting it off for a while.

  • Finished transcribing an episode of Fangirl Happy Hour!

  • Written up two invoices like a boss and saved a template so that next time it will go faster, and I can just add to the FHH one as I go through the month.

  • Registered as a... It's gone, my brain is giving me nothing but "sole trader" and I don't think that's quite right. Either way, I'm registered with HMRC so that I can pay my taxes and not get in trouble later.

  • ROUGHLY sorted out a plan for the next few days! Maybe! Ish! Even though nothing is written down!

  • Been shaded SO HARD by Mike for being a trash fire who doesn't sleep because I'm doing work-like things, and promptly stayed up till 1:15, y'know, doing work-like things. SO GREAT AT THIS. THE BEST.
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  • Bless the Dreamwidth staff, they have sent us the settings to make Semagic work again!

  • [twitter.com profile] captainraz and I went to a talk on Finances for Freelancers and it was exactly what I wanted: HOW DO TAXES WORK? Somewhat scarily, but doably! The lady running it was very disappointed in me for not invoicing absolutely everyone ("Let me put it this way: how are you going to explain where the money came from to HMRC?"), but she also has anxiety so it was pitched correctly for her audience! I have now done two invoices and scheduled my next batch of invoices, so I guess I'm not doing too badly? I'm just trying to wrangle the HMRC website to let me finish registering? I figure the deadline for people who started their businesses last year is close enough that everyone's registering at the last minute so it's all on fire.

  • I have been watching Linkin Park videos (Hi [personal profile] rionaleonhart your music choices are A+) and it's just fucking me up again that Chester's gone. I have finally heard Across The Line, which I am REALLY enjoying.

  • It's my birthday a week on Monday (the 9th!) and I am excited! Lex and I have the week off, I just haven't worked out what to do.

  • ... I was doing this while everyone was playing Concept, and we were talking about our speed record for Concept (Subject + one cube), and then [twitter.com profile] sithe managed to get the correct answer BEFORE LEX HAD PUT A SINGLE MARKER ON THE BOARD. THEY ARE DRIFT COMPATIBLE, I KNEW IT!
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  • Today I learned that it is possible for Betty to betray me! Apparently she has the ability to shut off my wifi as a power-saving tactic, which I didn't know but am retroactively horrified by, especially as wrangling that has been what I was doing for the last... Half hour? Forty-five minutes? I wanted to sleep, Betty, why don't you love me!

  • I got my first sets of earrings and they are hella fucking cute!

  • I have been working? I have my posts for this week mostly done (I need to wrangle the images for the one on Thursday but apart from that it's done), I have the skeletons of my other posts this month, I have learned an important lesson about signing up to bit a pinch hitter for a fandom exchange without checking what the minimum word count for pinch hits is, and... I'm doing okay. I'm trying to work through everything one at a time in chronological order of due date, which is fucking me up a bit, because that's not how I work, but... I'm getting there. Slowly. I am trying to keep looking at what I've achieved (LOOK AT WHERE YOU ARE! LOOK AT WHERE YOU STARTED!) but every time I do, I go "Yes, but all of the rest of this" and need to lie down again. orz

  • Have downloaded Zombies Run, where apparently your reward for walking around (what I am using it for) or running fucking 10ks like an absolute madwoman (what [twitter.com profile] fkth uses it for because she is amazing) is that you get to unlock chunks of story AND build a town. If people had told me this, I would have got on this ride way sooner. What I am learning is that while I LIKE Pokémon Go and games that involve a degree of mindless repetitive gameplay... I need it to be interrupted by tiny chunks of story, just to keep me motivated.

  • Related: UK people! The people who do Zombies Run want a writing trainee, it might be worth looking into.

  • I need to crochet Jill some jellyfish.

  • It's eleven days into the start of the year and my brain is going "YOU HAVE ONLY READ FIVE BOOKS!" Brain, we have a whole year. Find your chill.

  • I have shiny new doc martens! There was a sale, and our David gave me twenty quid with explicit instructions to buy shoes not frivolous things, so... I bought myself some nice, sturdy nylon docs in the half-price sale? I was tempted to get some of the LUDICROUSLY CHEAP and colourful ones, but let's settle for ones that I can wear to work first, yeah?

  • My second-oldest sister can't have biological children, so she is starting the adoption process! I am really proud of and happy for her, although wrapping my head around there being niblings in this family that were definitely chosen and 100000% wanted is really weird for me, mainly because I'm not 100% sure ANY of the kids in this family were wanted, self included. ... I nearly tagged this post as "You can't pick your family" and literally the mention of my family is about someone picking their family, fuck's sake.

  • I got nothing. I just want to write my words and have a sleep and not go to work in the morning but HAHA jokes on me for that one.
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  • I didn't get the job I interviewed for on Monday, WHICH IS FINE. I can always apply for other things! It will be fine! It was good interview experience! I have another one on Thursday for the job I'm not sure I want (managing a bunch of backbiters SUPER FAR AWAY, but also the shift pattern is SO GOOD), so we'll see how that goes. Either way, I'm probably going to have to actually officially start job hunting come the new year, because I spoke to my manager and a) she doesn't know if contracts are going to be renewed next year, and b) even they are, they're only being renewed till June to see who wins the election and how that affects our budgets. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I was SO GOOD and didn't pointedly mention to the two confirmed Brexit voters (one of whom was the manager in question) that if they hadn't voted Brexit maybe we'd all be more likely to keep our fucking jobs. (... Mainly because I think I'm the only one at the library who has NO permanent hours so I'm the main one this affects. Or at least I'm the only one with "(Temp)" after my name on the timetable.)

  • I got my ears pierced yesterday! I meant to do it on Monday after my job interview, but the place I was going to go is apparently closed on Mondays. Ended up going to a place in town that [twitter.com profile] captainraz likes, but when I told her that they used a piercing gun not needles (IDK) she was really disappointed in them. IT IS FINE, I was in for maybe five minutes, and now I have bits of metal in my ear that I keep wanting to poke! And I have to clean them with a saline solution twice a day instead of doing that, gaaaaaaah. But, on the plus side, I have dived FACE FIRST into Etsy and there are so many cute things. Current plans:
    1. Acquire an N7 hoodie and a pair of earrings with the Paragon and Renegade symbols on, become the Commander Shepard I want to see in the world.

    2. Acquire enough earrings that I can wear a different pair every day for a month with no hesitation or repetition. #earringpocalypse (Thank you [twitter.com profile] splend!)

    3. Avengers Academy is on a break from events and this is SO GREAT, I am actually enjoying playing it for the first time since... Halloween? Maybe? And I have finally got a chance to get the Hulk! (... But seriously, where did all of this "Every male character except Union Jack wants to date either Black Widow or Wasp, no exceptions" thing come from and can it go back into its hole now?)

    4. I'm sure there was something I wanted to chat about but I can't remember what it is. I have an exam on Tuesday that I've not practiced for enough? ... Did I tell you all that I'm studying sign language? Um, if not... Hi! I'm studying sign language! I'm really bad at it because I can't take notes! I have an exam tomorrow and it's LITERALLY a two minute conversation, but I am TERRIFIED. I will hopefully be fine! Maybe! I am confident in my ability to make most of the signs I need, but I am not as confident in my ability to read all the signs I need, if that makes sense? Like how I can fingerspell fine, but reading fingerspelling is my greatest fucking weakness.
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    But seriously, I was THIS CLOSE to calling an early night at the pub and coming home to play with her. Only the fact that Chris and [twitter.com profile] envexenveritas are delightful kept me in the pub. ;P

    Black Betty, bamalam )

    And my conquistador book )

    Unrelated, I am stocking my harddrive with Steam games right now, and I am probably going to be appealing to twitter for help with deciding what media I want to consume next, because I legitimately have TOO MANY OPTIONS. ... Would people be interested in reaction shots? I can promise extended screaming and capslock if anyone would be interested in that. (If it ends up being Star Wars: Rebels, I need to do two versions of this, one with what I THINK is happening based on what I have seen over Lex's shoulder and one with the characters actual names and caring about the plot. PONYTAIL JEDI SAID THAT HE WOULD SEE HERA AGAIN AND I AM STILL SULKING, [twitter.com profile] readingtheend is judging me. Also Lex FAITHFULLY PROMISED ME that Sabine? has a bounty hunter ex-girlfriend and you can tell I'm here for this because Sabine is one of the two characters I can remember the names of.)

    ... Hell, if I just go "Here are three or four things I am considering cramming into my face and probably writing about this week" would anyone be up for helping me to make decisions?
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    Today is being A Day and I don't know why?

    - Shark week will go on longer, you say? How marvellous. *stares into camera*
    ~ I finally phoned up about my DVD drive being fucked, and I'm PRETTY SURE the lady said that she'd arrange for my laptop to be replaced? And I'm kinda "?!" about that, because usually it takes three catastrophic breakdowns (Like... Last time I swapped out a laptop, it was because it was getting so hot it was BURNING MY HAND when I used it) to get to that stage? And I've only had two relatively minor ones - literally, apart from the disk drive not working, this laptop is working perfectly. ... I always get really jittery when people offer me replacements and when I'm talking to people about my warranty I feel like I have DONE SOMETHING WRONG and I have no idea why. I may have misunderstood her, maybe they're just going to replace the disk drive, which is still a pretty good thing! (And people will stop asking me if I've updated/reinstalled the drivers like I'm an idiot who didn't try that first.)
    - Guess who was smart and left her knee brace in a bag at home? I'm only doing a four hour shift and then I'm going to the cinema, so I SHOULD be fine, I'm just wary of it starting to ache already.
    + Have been out the house since like 9:15 and it's only starting to ache now, that's good! That's progress! I will probably keep wearing the brace because if I wear the brace my knee doesn't tend to hurt, but the brace itself drives me up the wall because I have very fat squishy thighs so things tend to either roll or slide so I need to adjust it. I will work on this! (Like, a hairclip should stop the rolling, I just need to work out the correct angle to strap it at so it doesn't slide.)
    + Appear to have escaped the RSI flare-up I was in, which is EXCELLENT. WRITE ALL OF THE THINGS, FUCKING BRING IT.
    + Remembered to take a book back to Waterstones and they gave me a refund! I now have £7 that I shall spend on books... Actually, it was a book for my mum's christmas present that I was returning, and I've ordered her the next one, so I might save it to use on that.
    + A fic I was following updated!
    - ... You know when you're reading a fic and you're like "I'm pretty sure this author trying to portray historical racism is really white" and then the whole thing is just uncomfortable? Yeah, that. THAT.
    - I was totally going to do work in the library and then ended up reading that instead while I backed up my computer, whoops.
    - I really really need to get this review written, Jesus Christ Susan get your fucking SHIT TOGETHER.
    + Have got IFTTT working! My posts should be porting over to twitter properly, which will be nice? Maybe?
    + [personal profile] scarimonious linked me to the Lucifer soundtrack and I am enjoying this!
    ~ Have discovered that if I bribe myself to do a thing and I do the thing, I often don't want or do the reward at the end of it. But I needed the idea of the reward to do the thing. ... What the fuck brain, what the actual fuck.

    So yeah, nothing's WRONG, it's generally been a good day? But I am jittery despite having eaten and it's a weird feeling. Also if any of the old men try to joke around with me today I am probably going to... Just pin a smile on my face while thinking "MURDER" actually.
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    Guys! Guys guys guys! IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY ON SUNDAY! I didn't go home for a change, because a) I'd been the week before, and b) I wasn't sure I could deal with that much drama on my birthday. Instead, [twitter.com profile] jilliferium came to visit me! And I asked [twitter.com profile] madebyjenni if we could come over and use her kitchen to make cake and maybe play Mario Kart with her? And then the next thing I knew it was a PARTY and there was SO MUCH FOOD and the most beautiful cake, omg. And lots of my friends came and we played Mario Kart and Smash Bros and Pandemic: Cthulhu (which Jenni and her boyfriend got for me and Lex as a joint present), because WE ARE MASSIVE NERDS and I got to swirl around in my floaty dress, it was great! I don't know how I feel about not going home for my birthday, but I think I feel a little bad that I didn't go? But I saw Jill and I didn't end up stressed and annoyed because My Family, so I guess I win!

    Aaaaand, guess what! Guess what! Between Lex and my mum, I got ninety-five pounds in Bravissimo vouchers! I got three bras that fit for three pounds with those! \o/ And Lex got me books on Regency England and the Old West and the Roaring Twenties, because he's WONDERFUL. *bounce bounce bounce* And [personal profile] renay wrote me 29,000 words of Baralai and Gippal and POLITICS, it is AMAZING!

    And on Monday, I went to see Sweeney Todd with Sam ([twitter.com profile] splend), Tonks ([twitter.com profile] captainraz), Jay ([twitter.com profile] hardlyaverage), and Matt (who has a twitter but apparently doesn't use it, so he doesn't give it out. *shakes fist at friends using inconvenient social media*) at Derby Theatre, and it was really good! The set was a rotating set of rooms with a staircase and a tall wall on one side to be the outside streets, the bakehouse on the back, and the other two sides open so that you could see Mrs Lovett's shop and Sweeney Todd's barbershop. I liked it! And the cast can really sing, especially Sweeney Todd! Like, there were a few songs I didn't recognise in it, which is apparently because those songs were fucking awful. The rape scene was a lot more graphic than in any other version I've seen, there was a song about Judge Turpin's erection (with bonus literal self-flagellation), and Pirelli threw Toby down and tried to rip his teeth out! D: D: D: D: But apart from that, it was really good? The actress even made Johanna an interesting character, which takes some doing!

    Tuesday I was back at work (boo!), and I started on a British Sign Language course I wanted to do (yay!)! It was REALLY STRESSFUL because it was pretty much an immersion course? The teacher apparently will only speak in the last ten minutes of each lesson, and for everything else we're getting signs and writing on the board. It's... Stressful? And really awkward because there's no way to take notes so I have have to remember? And it sets off my performing in public anxieties? But I feel like I'm learning a lot! I can do a bit of fingerspelling anyway, but reading fingerspelling is a whole different skill set. O_o And the signs we've learned so far have been really simple but fairly straightforward! I'm... Hoping it'll be okay, because the assessment sounds really hard. Apparently in BSL, the subject of the sentence ALWAYS goes at the start! And you always need to use your dominant hand to form signs, essentially onto your other hand, which is kinda neat.

    (There was a guy in class who was making terrible jokes in sign language like half an hour in! That is SKILL. His name was Richard, and he lives in one of the classy/expensive areas of town. The teacher signed something to the effect of "So he's rich!" and Richard's response (signed) was "No, I'm poor, my name is Rich." orz)

    Wednesday, I bought a new backpack! I like this backpack, it is grey and waterproof as fuck and I love it. It was a bit more expensive than I wanted? But my old backpack is eight years old and the top is NOTHING BUT HOLES. Also absolutely no one discovered that their laptop warranty would be voided if they had a different operating system on it to the one it was sold with! No one had to do a factory reset on their laptop to see if that would fix the DVD drive that WIndows 10 broke! NO ONE AT ALL. (Do not talk to me about the game I'm in on Wednesdays; one of the party members accidentally killed some people we want on our side and is refusing to accept the blame, also we're in Yorkshire.)

    Thursday, I went to Sam and Tonks' after work! We had a movie night! Sam wanted to see Hardcore Henry because apparently he has been inspired to do a horror movie and wanted to look at how Hardcore Henry handled some stylistic things, and he appeared to enjoy it! I AM GLAD, it seemed like the sort of nonsense he might like. And I wanted to show them both The Losers because I didn't need those feelings anyway, but work didn't have that in so I brought Push instead! Y'know, the other other other other super-power movie that Chris Evans was in. I LOVE THAT FILM SO MUCH AND JUST WANT HIM AND CASSIE TO HAVE SIBLINGS ADVENTURES THAT PROBABLY END IN THREE BUILDINGS GETTING DESTROYED BUT EVERYONE IS FINE AND HOOK IS DISCRETELY DRUNK IN THE BACKGROUND.

    And today... I think I'm going to Sam and Tonks' again for a movie night? I swear I've seen more of them this week than I have my own household, but that happens sometimes when you're a filthy stop-out. :D And I get to see [twitter.com profile] envexenveritas who fucked off down south but is now returned to us! Yay! I keep just missing them to catch up. Tomorrow, a couple of my ex-housemates, who also fucked off down south but haven't returned to us generally, are up to visit, and I have to do the awkward decision of "Do I dislike this one dude enough that I don't want to come hang out, see half my social circle, and give his (lovely!) wife more terrible gay porn manga?" Because I don't know how I feel about this. I might take my laptop and just periodically go "AAAAAAAAND now I need a time out, if anyone tries to disturb me before I take my headphones off myself there might be blood." Or if we're hanging out at [twitter.com profile] madebyjenni I might go and lurk in her kitchen and be like JENNI, SHALL WE BAKE AND NOT DEAL WITH PEOPLE'S SHIT. Or possibly JENNI SHALL WE FIND A TWO PLAYER GAME FOR A GAME CONSOLE AND CRUSH IT BENEATH OUR HEELS while Chris sits in a corner and laughs at us. I'll report back.

    (I survived story time at work! I am so tired and drained and ready to hide under the furniture though.)

    ... This genuinely wasn't supposed to be a "HERE IS WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING ALL WEEK" post, but uh... I guess that's what I wrote. Sorry guys.
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    1. The summer reading challenge has started at work! I ended up setting up a treasure hunt, which lots of the parents and kids seemed excited about, and we joined SO MANY KIDS up to the library today! Including adorable twins and a little girl who was very proud to be answering all of the questions.

    2. I got SO MANY BOOKS today! Volumes 2, 3 and 5 of The Ancient Magus' Bride came in (they're still waiting on four!), the second book of DC Bombshells (... I need to read both of these and then AGGRESSIVELY FOIST THEM ONTO [personal profile] captainraz), and the volume of Until Death Do Us Part I somehow managed to skip over came in! And the library got the first fifteen volumes of Skip Beat in for me so I can reread them, and [personal profile] renay is hella jealous and she doesn't know why.

    3. I did a bit of a Pokémon jaunt while I was walking from the library to my mate's house (my regular Wednesday game was cancelled, we went round to stat characters/brainstorm for another game), and a) it is GREAT to go by the bit of the castle near the students and see hordes of people sprawling around blatantly playing Pokémon, b) someone dropped lures on all three overlapping Pokéstops, it was like a fucking swarm, c) I hatched a Snorlax! And an Eggsecute! d) I stopped for a minute to check out a gym, and a massive group of people stopped nearby with their phones out.

      "Oh wow, is everyone kicking Team Valour out of that gym?" says I, and this whole group goes YES. (Me and this one other dude were the token Team Instinct members! REPRESENT, TEAM YELLOW, WE ARE THE CUTEST!) We then proceed to kick Valour out of the gym, Mystic moves in, and I get invited to go on a Pokéwalk up to the castle with this swarm of people. :) I didn't, because I was running behind, but it was really nice to be invited!
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    Sunday night/Monday morning: Stay up till like four am talking Bioware games with [personal profile] justira and [personal profile] owlmoose and watching King Arthur (the 2004 one where magic isn't real and Arthur is the son of a Roman and a Briton who spends most of the movie scraming about FREEDOM! My brain has done a find+replace on this movie and filled Nicholas Cage in as Arthur.) Guest stars Mads Mikkelsen as Sir Too Good For This Fucking Movie, and I need more films that are just Mads Mikkelsen in warrior-mode stabbing people.

    Monday: literally crying over Star Wars fic and Finn learning to be a person apart from the First Order. Unrelated: finish what is legally available of Yotsuba&! in English and going around feeling like I'm going to cry all day.

    Tuesday: [twitter.com profile] sithe starts playing the Deadpool game on the PS4. I spend a lot of time cackling like a loon. Deadpool/Cable reconfirmed as ship of my heart.

    Wednesday: Reminded that Kaiden's voice actor recorded the letter that Kaiden sends Shepard in ME2. Not okay with this at all.

    Thursday: Wake up to a reminder that Thane Krios is a character that exists and just flop facedown on the bed in the middle of getting ready for work like "Nope. Cannot deal with this. NOPE." Also tell Lex that I might need to recruit him to help me as people are asking me Mass Effect questions that I don't know the answer to. "I can help! I can be a font of knowledge! I can be the Times New Roman of knowledge!" Go back to being face down on the bed because I cannot deal with how fucking adorable my fucking spouse is.

    spindizzy: I feel like I spent the whole day fighting guys in rubber suits! D: (I feel like I've fought fake aliens)
    TODAY I LEARNED that I am a dumbass.

    See, back in June I set up my bank account to text me my balance every week, and I assumed that it presented my balance like the temperature. +£30 meant I had £30 in my account, -£30 meant that I was £30 overdrawn, 0 was karmically and financially neutral. The "You have £x available" message seemed to go along with this.

    NO NO NO.

    Apparently, when it texted me my balance, it was taking my overdraft into account! So any message with a negative number was "You have gone out the OTHER SIDE OF YOUR OVERDRAFT."

    This? This explains why my finances are fucked, I still refuse to get a credit card, and I am not to be trusted with money. Fuck everything.
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    Happy new year and merry winter festivities guys, I love you. See you on the other side. <3

    ETA: I started my first book of the new year by 01:00. It was Frenchman's Creek by Daphne Du Maurier.
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    Today I left the house without masses of washi tape (and promptly got a letter off our Jill which obviously requires masses of washi tape to reply to), didn't have my pencil case (and haven't found it yet), and announced that today I REALLY DIDN'T WANT TO EAT CHEESE.

    I am either a doppelganger or ill and I don't know which but it should stop.
    spindizzy: Joshua looking smug at the camera. (o rly?)
    So today I ditched my husband in favour of hanging out with my queer bestie to watch a film about a woman ditching her husband to hang out with her queer bestie (and get a new girlfriend).

    This entertains me.

    In other news: Carol is somewhat slow, pretty good, and has 1950s lesbians. Maybe more thoughts when it's not half midnight.
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    But one lady LITERALLY just came to bring her foetus to the bounce & rhyme/storytime thing today. She was pregnant and had no other kids, just... Brought the bump.

    BY THE WAY, last night while I was cleaning I found a list of songs for a bounce & rhyme session (it's a session parents can bring there kids to, where they get to sing songs together; at the library I'm at they merge it with storytime) I got into work today and one of my colleagues told me that she really really didn't want to do story time today (she likes to read stories to kids rather than sing, which she feels is scuppered by the fact that most of the kids are less than a year old) and she was pretty sure that we could just swap jobs this afternoon and it'd be fiiiiiiine! And I'm like "Well, thanks for the zero notice but I guess it's better to rip the plaster off and get it over with????"

    And then I spent most of the day fretting and I THINK it went okay, but I am SO GLAD that I had 100,000+ word Losers fanfic to take my mind off it. Even if the rest of the fic I rest after that was... Not to my taste. (I'm not 100% sure that the 100k fic I read was to my taste either, but I couldn't put it down. Ugh.)

    ... Then I was irrationally upset because I wanted one specific type of soup and Lex got me a different type of soup and there's nothing I can really say about it that isn't "Thank you for buying it but I don't like that type of soup" that doesn't make my sound crazy and irrational, even though that's how I feel. I think the problem was just that I hadn't eaten, so my feelings were/are out of whack, but me and food are on weird enough terms that I would rather not eat than have food I don't like. But also I'm at the stage where whatever food I look at I sort of go "No I don't want that" and I don't know if I'm going to have time for lunch tomorrow because TWO SHIFTS IN DIFFERENT LIBRARIES FUCKING YAY, so I'm going to have to have SOMETHING. Ugh.

    TL;DR today I read sang songs with toddlers and at least one actual foetus (inside its mother) and was distressed over soup, fuck today.


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