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(And the Americans in my social group are just like "Pfft, I drive four hours to buy milk, up hill both ways in the snow.")

This weekend we (Me, Lex, Housemate Mike, and our mate Chris) went to see a couple of our ex-housemates, a couple of mates that we haven't seen in maybe four years, and seven of their friends that no one told us would be there until the day before. Hahahasob. My hopes for this trip were... Not high. Especially because we get there, there's a massive horde of strangers, and we're there maybe an hour before someone goes "So, how about a booze run?"

It was... Fine? I think? I interacted with one of my ex-housemates for maybe an hour all told across the entire weekend, which is about the right amount of time for us to interact without upset. Friday night, like I said, was DICEY – sitting in a room with strangers who are a) drinking and b) watching shite on youtube on the tv is not my idea of a good time, so I couldn't really relax? But Saturday we managed to split into smaller groups for boardgames that I knew, so even playing with strangers wasn't completely terrible? And when we went to dinner with literally everybody, I managed to be sitting next to two garrulous nerd dudes, and you know what you can often get garrulous nerd dudes to do? Talk at great length about a topic that they're interested in. So we managed to get them onto the topic of World Of Darkness and the differences between old!WoD and new!WoD, which is a topic I know exactly enough about the ask questions and not enough to mind people talking at me at great length on it, so I could listen to people being excited about topics they're interested in. And then it was "play a couple of boardgames that I don't usually play, with people that I know" and then retreat to a sofa to read The Obelisk Gate because I needed to catch up on my Fangirl Happy Hour reading.

(Their house is SUPER FANCY, holy fuck. One of my ex-housemates is a vet, so she earns ridiculous money and her house is amazing. They have have like a three-bed house with two bathrooms, two reception rooms, and a kitchen big enough to serve as a dining room. And it's all wood floors and fancy appliances and reclining sofas and a tv almost as big as I am. My jealousy knows no bounds. Especially because I'm reminded that her manga collection is amazing.)

I THINK I did okay. I didn't fight with anyone, I don't remember being rude to anyone, I specifically took my concentration pills to help me focus on things, I don't think I really spoke to many people outside of playing boardgames but honestly that works in everyone's favour for something with as many people as that. It means that I probably didn't catch up with people like I ought to have, but that is still the better alternative to catching up and ending up picking a fight. There were only a few points where I wanted to scream a lot. It wasn't how I'd have chosen to spend my weekend, but it was okay. And now I don't need to see them again for at least a year.
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But somehow, all of the words are muddling up. I know what I want to say! I know how it is supposed to sound! And it is just. Not happening. Might try long-handing it instead, just because that way I can't just throw my hands up and delete absolutely everything.

In recent news:

  • Last Monday was seven years since my dad's death. Still not sure how to feel. Made it through most of the day feeling... Okay? Not happy, obviously, but okay? I gentled myself around and Lex looked after me really well. Then douchebag ex-housemate was a douche and I ended up sobbing my heart out all over Lex when he was trying to sleep.
    • (Douchebag ex-housemate, funnily enough, is SUPER BLOCKED NOW on any form of social media I think he has access to, because seeing his name pisses me off.)

  • My volunteer gig had to let me go, because with my new job I would only be able to show up one week in three and that's really not enough. I got a really sweet card though! And chocolate! And I've encouraged one of the volunteers there to apply for the same library that I went for on the grounds of "Hey, we can keep our unofficial queer as fuck book/lunch club going! There's a Wetherspoons literally round the corner from the library!
    • I have no idea if offering a character reference would count for or against her. She is genuinely a good worker (at least at the place we volunteered), has management experience, and really knows her shit! I'm just not sure of the etiquette of mentioning that and if it could adversely affect the hiring process.

  • Bitch Planet is fucking awesome and seriously knows its target audience. Will post screengrabs and flail at... Some point. I swear to fuck that Things Mean A Lot had a review of it, but I can't find it to save me life. One of the Book Smugglers was smart about it, I'm sure you can believe them until I can words again.

  • You do not understand how much I need to words about Transistor. I have - I have thoughts, okay. And I want fic. And I just had to take a break from writing this post to write notes to myself about my Transistor feels, so clearly something is working!
    • "Apparently my voice acting preferences are 'men who sound like they need blowjobs and a nice cup of tea to make their day better'" - actual thing I said while playing Transistor. Because the male lead sounds like he needs to be put to bed with blowjobs and tea. ... As does Kaiden Alenko, but that is a long-standing problem.
      • [profile] heyheyrenay is probably giving me the side-eye as that is not how Shepard/Garrus works. ... I have nothing I can really say to that. Except I may have this problem with Steve in ME3 too.

  • Getting your period AGAIN after only two weeks is fucking bullshit and I would like to complain to the management.

  • I don't know if I've mentioned this, but as part of my switching jobs phase I've got to do as many of my hours at both libraries as I can manage, which is DOUBLY fun as the job I'm leaving keeps fucking up my extra hours - in that I end up scheduled for them and not told, or scheduled for days when I'm working somewhere else - and oh Jesus I'm tired. But on the plus side, I've done some maths and if I don't get fucked around again, I'm working 123 hours this month! That's almost like REAL PERSON hours! Presumably with corresponding amounts of pay! ... Not bad for a fourteen-hour-a-week contract.

  • I have so many SECRET THINGS to work on, it's hard to choose where to start.

  • I've spent the weekend comfort-reading terrible fanfic, so if you want me to read something NOW MIGHT BE THE TIME. Like, I might be on a bit of an upswing? In that I'm now able to go "This is OOC and I now care enough to stop reading" whereas yesterday I was like "This is OOC but there's a heist and kissing so I don't care." (From Eroica With Love fic: sometimes there is mission/heist fic where they kiss and no one has a secret rapist in their backstory or gets sexually assaulted for the purposes of comfort sex! Finding the correct filters for that is an absolute bastard.) (... I also got linked to some The Iron Bull/Dorian Pavus fic, and it's like "All I know about these characters is that Iron Bull is awesome and Dorian has such a mixed reaction, but I'm okay with this fic?") (Iron Vega and Krem Shep ride agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain! And that is all I know about Iron Bull is one sentence.)

  • Is late and I should sleep. Good night darlings. *mwah*
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So today I spent like twenty minutes in [twitter.com profile] hardlyaverage's car, laughing hysterically while they judged me SO HARD for my DRAMAtical Murder problem. I judge me for this! I haven't been to bed before like two in the morning since I started playing this fucking game! IT IS SO BAD and yet I have SUCH EMOTIONS about it, and I just... I missed laughing hysterically while one of my BFFs is appalled by my bad taste! Usually [personal profile] renay fills this role for me, but I don't think I've actually inflicted my terrible taste on her in a while. Excuse me, I must download whatever Google have replaced GTalk with so that I can FIX THIS. :D
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Slightly less because I answer to it and slightly more because it's the one thing that's guaranteed to get my attention from four miles away. >D

(Okay, it's because this awesome guy, Mike, can't remember my name to save his life. He apparently has me filed in his head "Books -> Big tits -> Not Sarah -> Susan" and on his phone as just plain "Books." We've decided it would just be easier for him to call me Books and just get it over with. :D)

ALSO I am applying for a job at Blackwell (It's really weird not calling it Blackwells, it like mentally stubbing my toe!), and [livejournal.com profile] nobodyelsewill got her mum (who is currently being PAID to do this stuff) to to look over my CV for me! IT'S NOW AWESOME. And also "the least I can do for my adoptive daughter" which fills me with glee a little because Jen's family have apparently all adopted me on the grounds that IF I AM FUSSING OVER HER AS MUCH AS THEY ARE, I MIGHT AS WELL BE FAMILY. :D
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ALSO I am going to have to kill my friends kinda a lot. I AM NOT ADORABLE, I DON'T GET A SILLY SMILE ON MY FACE WHEN LEX TEXTS ME, AND I DO NOT GIVE HIM SAPPY LOOKS. No one believes me on this. :( Jen keeps telling people I'm cute and then no one backs me up when I disagree! And everyone unanimously decided on the smile (Lex has threatened to do an experiment where he sends me a really long text message that requires a really long reply so Jen has time to get a picture. I AM ONTO THIS TRICK, THEY SHAN'T GET ME THIS WAY!), the sappy looks, and the fact that I am completely oblivious to this sort of thing anyway so WHAT THE HELL DO I KNOW?

(It's not my fault everyone apparently knew that we'd end up together two weeks before I did! NO ONE TOLD ME HE MIGHT LIKE ME so I just. Did what I usually do. Which is basically FEELINGS, ICK, IF I IGNORE THEM THEY'LL GO AWAY, RIGHT? Only they didn't. And somehow Lex liked me back. And apparently he'd been dropping hints way before I even noticed. And people squee over us A LOT for no reason I can understand. ;___;)
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It probably shouldn't take me looking at my boyfriend and remembering that he nags me about this stuff to remind me that I haven't eaten in the past twenty four hours! And I should then, y'know, actually get FOOD when dragged off to the shop(as opposed to a bag of crisps and some jelly strawberries) so that he doesn't make me go back for a sandwich.

... And then I should, y'know, eat the damn sandwich instead of leaving it sitting in front of me in the packaging for like three hours until someone turns the lights back on and he reminds me it's there!

I WASN'T HUNGRY, OKAY, and now Jen has me on eating disorder watch. Lex is just nagging me, but Jen is ACTIVELY WATCHING to make sure I don't have an eating disorder. *headdesk headdesk headdesk*
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You know, considering that I got about two hours sleep this morning (UP TILL SEVEN FINISHING COURSEWORK, BUT AT LEAST THE DAMN THING'S DEAD! :D), today has been a surprisingly good day!

  • I woke up on time and was bouncy and happy instead of AUGH MUST SLEEP FOREVER like I usually am. I think it may be due to the fact that there was, y'know, actual daylight around when I got up.
  • I had a lecture on Roman sexuality and porn. I... Don't think there's anything I can say about it right at the moment except that I have never in my life heard a grown woman say the work "fuck" that many times in an hour. It was interesting for the discussion of sex being basically an excuse for power trips, but I just. MY LECTURE HANDOUT HAS PORNOGRAPHIC POETRY ON IT AND A TABLE WITH THE LATIN FOR FUCKING VARIOUS ORIFICES, I JUST. I. WHAT.
  • BLACKWELL IS HIRING! I NEED TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS AND THEN I CAN WORK IN A BOOKSHOP! *flails* (Like I told the boyfriend, this isn't as much of a bad plan as you think - even if I get a staff discount, I couldn't afford Blackwell prices!)
  • Speaking of the boyfriend, I acquired a Lex around lunchtime! [personal profile] glitterbats - yes, he's looking after me. I was quite happy to sit around in the pub and babble and be sleep deprived but he decided step one would be to get caffiene into me (yaaaay coke!) and step two would be to get me food. Pointing out that I ate LOADS yesterday is apparently not the way to convince my boyfriend not to buy me lunch! Nor is admitting that I kinda forgot to eat between eleven o'clock last night and something-past-one this afternoon. I WAS BUSY AND NOT HUNGRY AND KINDA BUZZY, FOOD WAS IRRELEVANT.
  • Watched the second half of Alexander, and. Well. HERE IS A SUMMARY OF THE SECOND HALF OF THE FILM!

    ALEXANDER: *says something stupid*
    HEPHAISTION: *mentally facepalms*
    ALEXANDER: *does something stupid*
    HEPHAISTION: *saves the day!*

  • I got the library to let me get the books I hadn't finished out again! YAY! :D This means my pile of books I've borrowed from places is currently steady at 25! :D Right now I'm reading Feast of Souls by Celia Friedman, which is... I don't know. I seem to be finding a lot of books this month that are giving me brain-itch trying to decide if I have a problem with the way the authors are writing the women or not. The Painted Man was the other, but I know I DEFINITELY have a problem with that (DEAR AUTHORS: WHEN YOU HAVE RANDOM "OH YOU SHOULD GO OFF AND LOSE THAT PESKY VIRGINITY OF YOURS" CONVERSATIONS FOR NO REASON AND ONLY ABOUT YOUR (ONLY) FEMALE MAIN CHARACTER, THEN WE MIGHT NEED TO TALK.)
  • I've added everyone on DW back who's added me, at some point I'll go rooting through recent posts and finding anyone else who's got a Dreamwidth account, kay? Then I'll do things like TIDY THIS AND GIVE IT A PRETTY LAYOUT (... OKAY I WON'T MAKE IT THE BRIGHT ORANGE ONE. >_>) and upload icons and figure out whether I want to spread myself out into communities like I have on LJ or take advantage of the fresh start and just keep everything on the spindizzy account. Hmmmm...
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