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  • Bless the Dreamwidth staff, they have sent us the settings to make Semagic work again!

  • [twitter.com profile] captainraz and I went to a talk on Finances for Freelancers and it was exactly what I wanted: HOW DO TAXES WORK? Somewhat scarily, but doably! The lady running it was very disappointed in me for not invoicing absolutely everyone ("Let me put it this way: how are you going to explain where the money came from to HMRC?"), but she also has anxiety so it was pitched correctly for her audience! I have now done two invoices and scheduled my next batch of invoices, so I guess I'm not doing too badly? I'm just trying to wrangle the HMRC website to let me finish registering? I figure the deadline for people who started their businesses last year is close enough that everyone's registering at the last minute so it's all on fire.

  • I have been watching Linkin Park videos (Hi [personal profile] rionaleonhart your music choices are A+) and it's just fucking me up again that Chester's gone. I have finally heard Across The Line, which I am REALLY enjoying.

  • It's my birthday a week on Monday (the 9th!) and I am excited! Lex and I have the week off, I just haven't worked out what to do.

  • ... I was doing this while everyone was playing Concept, and we were talking about our speed record for Concept (Subject + one cube), and then [twitter.com profile] sithe managed to get the correct answer BEFORE LEX HAD PUT A SINGLE MARKER ON THE BOARD. THEY ARE DRIFT COMPATIBLE, I KNEW IT!
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This week has very much been "Oh god I am a slug" and (to the tune of "I'm a little hunk of tin") "I'm a useless waste of skin!" so HAVE SOME MUSIC while I try to get myself sorted.

RELATED SUBJECT: this Yuri On Ice fanvid is SUPER SPOILERS and also a really good summary of Victor and Yuri's relationship and I am made of tears.
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(Although it turns out that if you give me the right cue I can still sing Ding Dong Merrily On High with the correct grammar school girl intonation! ... I wonder if I can still do Adeste Fidelis?)

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Unrelated: have a video of "You'll Be Back" from Hamilton on ice.
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A lot of the time that I would normally be listening to music has been taken up by screaming about Yuri On Ice, I'm not even gonna lie to you. Also I've been ditching my tablet at home a lot by accident, which means that I've not been listening to music on the bus as much. Ah well, we live and learn... Well, we live.

*goes back to not quite being productive*
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Vaguely related to Hannibal (trust me, we'll get there), so there was a Playstation event this weekend, and new trailers have dropped! I'm not looking into things because SPOILERS, but apparently there's going to be a new The Last Of Us game (I will play The Last Of Us, I promise!), and a new Uncharted game STARRING CHLOE! I AM SO STOKED, CHLOE IS SO GREAT. Apparently the whole game is an opposites-attract thing where she teams up with someone called Nadine (I haven't played Uncharted 4 yet, I assume she's from that?) and they commit crime. I am excited! :D :D :D And there's going to be a new DanganRonpa game, which might be relevant to [personal profile] rionaleonhart's interests?

Other games:
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Jill is cleaning the house and I am SUPER BANNED FROM HELPING (because everyone who isn't Jill is super banned from helping, not just me.), so hi! How y'all doing? I am VISITING MY WONDERFUL PERFECT BABY SISTER AND I AM SUPER STOKED. :D :D :D

First up: sountrack!

SECOND of all: HI! Shenanigans behind the cut! )
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What I've been listening to this week:

... This has ended up more "music to plan a protest to" than I was consciously going for, I guess it's been That Kinda Week.
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Guys, my soundtrack this week has been pretty solid! The first three are because new episode of The Black Tapes so I went back to my Black Tapes not-quite-tracklist, the middle one is because [personal profile] thebaconfat is great, and the last three are because Magnificent Seven has pretty solid music taste. *thumbs up*

(Also I was walking home and thinking that being able to hear/control the soundtrack would be THE BEST SUPERPOWER, not just because you'd always know when the plot was about to happen or when your love interest/enemy had just walked into a room, but also imagine being able to slow down time by slowing down the music you were listening to. I don't think I can ever use this character because it needs a medium where you can hear it, but I was enjoying the image of a girl hitting the "slow track for ten seconds" button so she could knee-slide in and shoot people in slow motion.
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I would love it if you would share some songs you associate strongly with certain characters. Youtube links are fine, you don't need to do a whole FST! - [personal profile] thebaconfat

Oh Baco, why. This was a dangerous question, because I am one of those people who just smashes music and fandoms together any-which-way to get a fandom mix. I've... Tried to keep it restrained. Yes, this is me keeping it restrained - I started off with like sixteen and cut it back. What is your point. I've also tried not to just throw music from the soundtrack of a particular game/show into the mix, because that is CHEATING no matter how good the song is. (That said, the opening to Darker Than Black is EXCELLENT.)

All of these are Youtube links! With the disclaimer that I've not watched most of the videos, I had them on as background music.

  1. [Final Fantasy VIII] Rinoa: Angels by Within Temptation as the emo betrayal song! Because all of Rinoa's friends are assholes who are going to forget her.

  2. [Final Fantasy VIII] Rinoa and Seifer: Sometime Around Midnight by The Airborne Toxic Event is my obligatory messy break-up song for them, although I will also allow it as the emo messy break-up song for Rinoa and Squall if that's what you're into. I GUESS.

  3. [Final Fantasy VIII] Seifer and Zell: Auuuugh it's really hard to pick just a couple for these two because I have a fanmix waiting for when I finish Drove Through Ghosts. I think Inaction by We Are Scientists is probably the best choice, just because that's my go-to baffled-by-friendship post-game Seifer song?

  4. [Final Fantasy X] Auron: I'm Alive by Disturbed I can't decide whether I associate this with FFX because it's actually a song I associate with FFX, or because I discovered Disturbed at the same time as I started playing the game. Either way, this song gives me emotions about Auron. ._.

  5. [Final Fantasy X-2] Baralai and Gippal: Treehugger by Antsy Pants (Okay, this association is based ENTIRELY on a fic that [personal profile] renay wrote, and I cannot shake the association. I'm sorry.

  6. [Inception] Arthur and Eames: A Night Like This by Caro Emerald and Slow Show by The National - these two are less... Associations, and more "Hey, this would be a nice fic to stumble across in the fandom!" Because I have a very clear image of the fic that these two songs could be, but not the ability or inclination to actually write it.

  7. [Madoka Magica] Homura and Madoka: Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine, mainly because of this video. (Spoilers for the whole show!)

  8. [Petshop of Horrors] Papa D: Pet by A Perfect Circle and Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode because both of these songs are somewhat creepy and threatening, and Enjoy the Silence's music video has the bonus of death by plants!

  9. [Petshop of Horrors] Count D and Leon: Remedy by Seether. ... Blame baby!Susan for any of the PSoH stuff, I have no defence to offer on her behalf.

  10. [Uncharted] Nate and Elena: Tracking Treasure Down by Gabriel and Dresden. You tell me of pirate ships and fairy tales / You have me wishing that everything / Was real...
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I really like this cover of Dark Horse, because they were aiming at James Bond and they hit it! There are bits where I'm just like "Noooooo, lady, roar into this bit I know you caaaaaaaaaaaan" but it's so good!
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(Look, I have a weakness for songs about how difficult it is to put emotions into words, okay.)

... Also I'm incredibly sleep deprived and resistant to sleep, which sucks! Makes sense, because Lex has had to go back to work in a different city and I don't know when I'll see him next (hopefully Wednesday! Maybe not!), but still.
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From [personal profile] squeemu
Any music you're grooving on right now?

From [personal profile] thebaconfat
And to hear about whatever music you're listening to recently!

Okay, most of these will be youtube links because I don't have a lot of these ripped to my computer I'm afraid! Spoilers: most of this is going to be the cheesiest of cheesy pop. >_>

(Also at any given moment, I am probably rocking out to whatever is in my music tag on tumblr if that helps! ... Also if you pick a Final Fantasy song, I am probably headbobbing to it because, y'know, I have Theatrhythm and THAT IS WHAT IT'S FOR.)


Aug. 26th, 2009 09:54 pm
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So, FOREVER ago [personal profile] squeemu did a music meme and gave me the letter T! I managed to NOT use "The" for any of these (except one, but that's FOLLOWED by a T, so it's fine!). If anyone wants a letter, just leave a comment!


BONUS: The World is Darker ~ Neverending White Lights
Watch your back if your heart is weeping.
Watch your heart if you back is bleeding.

(This song actually reminds me of this poem for NO REASON. GO READ THE POEM ANYWAY, IT'S PRETTY.)


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