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Because I do a lot of these when I'm watching a tv show, and a masterpost is only as convenient as it is to find it.

  • Yuri!!! On Ice — A world-class figure skater with anxiety tries to retire and somehow ends up with his idol coming to mentor him instead.

  • Princess Principal — Schoolgirl spies in magical gaslights London; everything is tragic but there are body doubles and friendship so maybe everything will be okay.

  • Fate/Apocrypha — You know how the regular Grail War is seven people summoning heroic figures and trying to kill each other? It's like that, but they've got teams now.
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RIGHT, let's get back to this because Lex and I are TOTALLY going to watch the latest two episodes. TOTALLY.

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Okay, I absolutely need to get this done and queued today (Monday) because Lex and I are going to watch the newest episode at some point today or tomorrow and I NEED TO BE READY. It's a lot harder to keep episodes separate in my head for Fate than it is for Princess Principal, because Princess Principal is discrete non-linear blocks, and Fate/Apocrypha is one mostly-linear narrative, but I'm doing my best. Even though Fate/Apocrypha is doing some things. *drags hands down face*

Episode Ten )

Episode Eleven )
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Oh, yay, episode nine is a recap episode where we go over who all of the characters are! This is absolutely not a refresher and a briefly cheerful break because the end-game plot is about to kick in, not even slightly, everything is fine.

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And of course, now I've REMEMBERED that I can make masterlists, because I am an adult and I do what I want, I am TOTALLY going to remember to make them for all of the things that I have been yelling about. TOTALLY.

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I would mind being THIS TIRED so much less if I'd done anything to warrant it. Apparently doing sweet fuck-all for two days is exhausting, news at 11.

But what I DID do is get my PS Vita working again! (It takes a standard micro-USB charger, in theory. In theory.) But I have since found one or two that will actually charge the damn thing, so I'm back to doing the install-uninstall shuffle to fit things on my memory card! I have a Playstation Plus membership, because it makes me feel less bad about new games if I paid for them like eight months ago, so I installed a bunch of the games from that, and I have a load of PS1 games I bought a while ago.

(It is REALLY WEIRD to think that a four-disk PS1 game now fits on a memory card the length of my fingertip. It's REALLY WEIRD.)

  • Laser Disco Defenders: fun, but I am terrible at it. It's a brightly coloured disco-themed game of the genre that I'm calling Bullet Hell Of Your Own Making; any shots you fire stay in the level and bounce off everything, which means that the worse you are at aiming/ricochets, the harder making it through the level without getting shot is. ... I am VERY BAD at aiming.

  • Final Fantasy VIII: I have played the intro up to you getting into class every time I find my PSVita, and then I pause it while I go do something else and forget about it. This time, I made it to the first save point! And I have read all of the starting information it gives you, and a) I forgot that they brought in mentions of the amnesia so early, b) the yearly memorial service is REALLY GRIM when you think about it, c) I forgot that every non-staff person in this building is between the ages of 9 and 20. THAT'S FUCKING GRIM. ... And then I went "Why do I keep avoiding Triple Triad," lost three times in a row, and called it a day. Soon: PUNCHING FISH FOR THEIR DELICIOUS MAGIC.

  • Severed: Okay, this one is WEIRD but interesting. You play as Sasha, a one-armed girl exploring the underworld(?) or hell(?), trying to find your family. It's really brightly coloured and the designs are cool, but also it's really fucking horrifying. See also: THIS MIGHT BE HELL. But it's also mainly a touchscreen game? Which... I forget that the Vita HAS a touchscreen, so this is weird to me. I am enjoying it, even though it feels like an updated old-school adventure game, the ones where you have to find a key/lever of the correct colour to open the corresponding door. I just... Want to reserve judgement on the story until I get to the end of it.

  • I also finally got around to starting Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star! So far it has been... Suspiciously wholesome. There has only been one incident of unethical mad science and nothing terrible has happened. If it wasn't for the pigeons I'd genuinely think that I was playing the wrong game!

Lex and I were going to see the dinosaur exhibit on near us, but the website was down so we couldn't buy tickets, and he wasn't sure that he wanted to queue on a bank holiday when everyone and their kids would be there. But we are DEFINITELY GOING on our next days off. DEFINITELY, because I will be so sad if I miss this exhibit. They're dinosaurs discovered in China! Apparently one of them is the first dinosaur they found with evidence of feathers! IT SOUNDS SO COOL!

How bout everyone else? Anyone do owt for the bank holiday?
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THE BATTLE CONTINUES and everything is... Slightly less Not Okay than last week? Although caution warning for this episode because that sure was on-screen abuse right there, and also apparently I'm still mad about one of the characters from the main timeline so caution warning for yelling about rapists.

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It turns out that Lex and I missed an episode of Fate/Apocrypha, so enjoy this twofer, I guess! (Also I'm gonna TRY to separate it out into the right episodes, but uh... That might not work so well...)

Episode Seven )

Episode eight )
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MAN, YOU KNOW WHAT I LOVE? WOMEN SUPPORTING OTHER WOMEN. You know what episode seven of Princess Principal gave me? Fucking teenage girl spies supporting other women and helping their lives become better. YES. MORE OF THIS.

Princess Principal Episode Seven )
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I promised that I’d be back with the bullet points and yelling, and look! Fate/Apocrypha is back! Oh my beautiful darling show, it’s been too long! *dreamy sigh*

So let’s get this rolling by yelling about Fate Apocrypha Episode Six! )

And this episode of Princess Principal was really fucking bleak in an entirely obvious way, but it was still bleak, as a fair warning. Caution warning for physically abusive parents and alchoholism! Let's go and yell about episode six. )
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Okay, so, Fate/Apocrypha )

AND THEN WE WATCHED PRINCESS PRINCIPAL which was honestly happier but I still have an abundance of emotions about everything, so.

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Lex found another show for us to watch together, which is exciting because there's very few things that we're both into? But this one's called Princess Principal, and it appears to be about teenage girls who are spies at boarding school in a magical gaslights/steampunk version of London where it's... Been walled off entirely from the Commonwealth? The "Kingdom of Albion" and the "Albion Commonwealth" are completely separated by this wall. ... Sure, show, I am gonna go with this because teenage spies with steampunk magic.

As the warning usually goes, this is written after the fact so things won't be in order/I'm going to skim over important things, and also ~spoilers!~

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In conclusion, I suspect that this is going to be super male-gazey, but hopefully not enough that I need to nope out because I am really enjoying the characters and the schemes, and I need to know what is going on with Angé and Charlotte, I need it.
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I probably have more to say about this one, but I have forgotten most of it I'm afraid. (Lex managed to distract me by watching Doctor Who afterwards while I was trying to do a transcription, so my brain has glitched and rebooted to "Wow, that Missy lady is pretty and I have no idea what's going on but she threw the Master up against a wall and now I might ship it."


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Yeah, I have no ships here yet, just anti-ships. Maybe I'm not well.
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Hello my darlings! Lex is showing me Fate/Apocrypha as it comes out, because the Fate franchise is that rare beast: a fandom that we both like.

I am very cautiously excited, because this could be great. I am going to see about rough reaction shots as we go, you may well end up tracking me going through pits of despair as the characters I love die and the characters I was hoping for a gruesome death for get to live past the ending. (I am still not over Fate/Zero or Unlimited Bladeworks, it turns out.) WE SHALL SEE. But yes, this is all written after the fact, so nothing will be in the correct order, I'm afraid, just as I think of it.

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