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Right, here's the explanation for Fate/Prototype as I understand it: once upon a time, Type Moon took the original notes and setting they had for the Fate franchise and animated a tiny part of it! This was back when the anime apparently had a female protagonist (I AM SULKING THAT THEY CHANGED THIS) and Saber was a guy! I am confusion at the idea, but also very here for the idea of replacing Shirou with a goth girl who understands the plot and would rather not.

(Obviously the romances with Rin/Saber/Sakura would have to remain unchanged, gimme.)

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OKAY, more Nirvana in Fire time! I think this is the point where I start yelling at the Emperor for bad decisions and crying over the Empress Dowager and just never really stop.

I also found [personal profile] coffeeandink's INFINITELY BETTER PITCH for Nirvana in Fire, so I recommend checking that out! [community profile] disgracetoscholars talked about this episode, and specifically the politics around Nihuang's marriage! You can watch the episode legally/for free on Viki!


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Right, I think I've been the infection vector for at least three people on twitter, so it's time to bring it to Dreamwidth. Guardian is a CDrama based on a webnovel, and it is... Very Variable in quality. I love it, but I would like to remind you that my love does not actually imply anything about the quality of a show. AS LONG AS WE'RE CLEAR ON THAT, let's go! It is all available legally and subtitled on youtube – episode one is here! but the sub quality is ALSO Variable.

What you need to know is that it was originally an urban fantasy BL series with one of the protagonists being the reincarnated love interest of the other, but the censors apparently decided that the supernatural stuff would not fly, so it's now a Super Het series set on another planet that's suspiciously close to Earth, and there is somehow no reincarnation but ten thousand years of Eternal Pining and loyalty anyway, and also the censors say it's a bromance but the actors are going HARD so, y'know, I know who I'm betting on. There are people with magic powers living underground! There are oblivious people living on ground level! The protagonist works for the police on a squad of various magical weirdos (including a ghost, a shapeshifting cat, a snake lady, a puppet-wielding murder vector, and The Other Guy) as they try to catch people commiting magical crimes! (Was it [community profile] disgracetoscholars who said their role was basically to be magical ICE? Because I don't want it to be true, but it's also KINDA TRUE.) There is someone in a black cloak who is DEFINITELY JUST THE ENVOY TO THE UNDERGOUND CITY and DEFINITELY HAS NO CONNECTION TO THE LEADER OF THIS SQUAD, IGNORE THE MAN WHO KEEPS TURNING UP SUSPICIOUSLY AT CRIME SCENES, THIS IS FINE.

... There is so much slow-burn pining okay, this is genuinely fine.

([personal profile] lazulisong wrote a better summary over here.)
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(Masterpost for Princess Principal)

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Do I just want to tag every single Nirvana In Fire post as "BE PREPARED FOR THE COUP OF THE CENTURY" as the single most appropriate tag. Do I.

So yes, I am watching Nirvana In Fire again, because sometimes what you really need in your life is an intense historical political drama whose explicit purpose is to make you cry your heart out over things that have been set up from episode one. It was my first cdrama, and apparently I've now set my expectations unreasonably high for every other drama out there? Whoops. The things you need to know is that it's a story about the manipulations and strategies it takes to be heir to the throne, revenge for events that took place over a decade ago in universe, and more secret identities than you can shake a stick at. It's ridiculous, I love it.

If anyone wants to watch along with me, Nirvana In Fire is available legally on Viki!

[personal profile] coffeeandink has written a proper recap over here with talk about symbolism! [community profile] disgracetoscholars has written a recap/group discussion combo!

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Okay, I played Gris, which is a weird little platformer about recovering from grief that is very pretty! It's got swirly watercolour backgrounds and a very dreamy soundtrack, and playing it felt weirdly like a guided meditation but with jumping puzzles and occasionally a giant bird that hates you. It sort of feeds you mechanics and new abilities in a way that suggests that your little character is recovering and learning to cope with her ever-changing emotional state/environment. (Like, I got to the first proper level, where there are buffeting winds that throw your character across the map and I was just like "Oh, it's a metaphor!" The game makes much more sense once you realise it's a metaphor.) And I liked the way that the colours come back and mix and change as you go through! ... Although I'm a little wigged out by the protagonist having a proper face, but tiny stick figure arms. I understand why that design choice was made, but.

It's cool, and I liked it, but I need to sit down with people and discuss what we think is actually happening because I didn't realise that my reading was universal until I read this Sidequest article about it and became three confusion gifs in a trenchcoat. (Spoilers, obviously.)

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 We're back! I continue to have feelings about Today's Menu for the Emiya Family! Today: ILLYA GETS TO BE ADORABLE AND LOVED AND THIS IS GREAT FOR ME AND MY HEART.

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I have literally no idea what to expect of this, except that Noelle Stevenson has explicitly said that everyone is queer unless she states otherwise. I've never seen original flavour She-Ra (although I have seen SO MUCH excellent passing the torch art), so I can't even GUESS at what's going to happen here or comment on it in terms of whether or not it's doing cool things that refer back to the original or whatever. But as long as we all understand that: CAPSLOCK TIME!

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So yes, in conclusion: I liked it a lot! I had no idea what to expect, but what I got was cute and sweet, and looooooook, everyone's friiiiiiiiends! ... Ish. Kinda. Maybe. CATRA PLEASE COME BACK.
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TODAY'S MENU FOR THE EMIYA FAMILY CONTINUES TO BE REALLY CUTE, YOU GUYS. And in this episode, my TOTALLY NOTE FAVOURITE FATE CHARACTER EVER shows up! Yay! (I don't know who IS my favourite character in Fate, for the record, but Lancer is one of the like THREE PEOPLE who treats Rin with the respect she deserves so I loooooove hiiiiiim.)

... I'm not saying that this reaction shot is literally just endless variations of LANCER I LOVE YOU but I'm not NOT saying that.

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OKAY, final episode! I am hype because I remember pretty much the ending and NOTHING ELSE ABOUT THIS EPISODE. ... Which means that the beginning of it is going to be so rough, because oh my god Yuri, WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS.

[Master post of reactions is here!]

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So the tl;dr is basically that Yuri On Ice is STILL GOOD and makes me super emotional about these beautiful gay muppets being in love and terrible at communicating that. IT'S SO GOOD.
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Hey guys! Only like a year or two overdue: the reaction shot for episode eleven of Yuri!!! On Ice! It was really weird coming back to the series after so long (and it really genuinely has been actual years, HOW DOES TIME WORK?!) and after getting an anxiety diagnosis of my own. All the stuff that Yuri did that I was just "Oh man, I feel this on a personal and visceral level!" and all the stuff where I was like "Well obviously Yuri has anxiety, but I don't want to appropriate anything!" — YOU HAVE ANXIETY SUSAN. THAT WAS LITERALLY LOOKING AT SOMEONE WITH THE EXACT SAME BRAIN HANG-UPS AS YOU AND GOING "OH MAN, I FEEL FOR THEM SO STRONGLY! BUT I'M SURE THERE'S NOTHING HERE THAT I NEED TO APPLY TO MY OWN LIFE!"

... Bless past!me, but she was sometimes an idiot.

So yeah, it's weird to watch and remember feeling sympathy anxiety, but also... I dunno, be able to recognise what it is? And not be that anxious watching a fun tv show about queer ice skaters! ... Also it's so nice to be able to watch it and not be fretting about Yuri/Victor being jossed or something tragic happening to one of them, because apparently the "Is this canon or am I being hella queerbaited into being invested in something that will end in tears?!" took up a lot of my emotional energy the first time around.

... Also, you know, it's really weird to come back to the FIRE NATION ATTACK and actually see it coming, but also *screaming intensifies*

[Master post of reactions is here!]

Okay, let's do this, I'm ready!

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In "movies with [twitter.com profile] splend" adventures: last year (Omg that sounds so dramatic, but it was literally like December) we had an afternoon of watching ridiculous Hitman movies! I don't have a lot to say about the Timothy Olyphant one beyond "I AM UNCOMFORTABLE WITH THIS" and "WHY IS THIS VERSION OF AGENT 47 SO SQUISHY?" (although props for the convoluted plot, that's fine), but I got to rewatch Agent 47: The Misadventures of Katia Van Dees, which I am 100% HERE FOR, so you know what that means! CAPSLOCK AHOY!

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I didn't live tweet this one because honestly I only got around to buying a copy of this when I started doing this watchalong with Sam. Sam tweeted it here and he's Very Disappointed.

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Sam and I are finishing off our Resident Evil movie marathon at long last! We're watching the last half of the series, and I'm excited because RE4 is terrible, RE5 is my favourite, and I have very few memories of RE6 except that the plot makes no sense, there's a helluva Gilligan cut, and also Ruby Rose. So half of this is going to be me going "Sam, Sam, stop tweeting and watch this bit!" and the other half is going to be whispering "I have no memory of this place!"

As ever, Sam's livetweet is here, and mine is here!

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Okay but the thing that's interesting as well is tracking the improvements in graphic UIs, because that's quite cool. It's really weird tracking over a decade in cinema through one franchise, okay!

I yelled on twitter here, and Sam yelled here!

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I think what gets me about this franchise is that it literally spans the entire zombie boom. If I remember right, it came out at the very start of the boom, and the last one came after zombies were just like "... Oh yeah, those, I guess?" So it's interesting to see where this intersects with the cultural memetics, I guess?

My initial twitter thread was here, and Sam's is here!

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[twitter.com profile] splend has never seen any of the Resident Evil movies past the first one, and because I am the GREATEST SISTER IN LAW of all time, I obviously brought all of them round to inflict on him. We're probably watching the first three today and the next three another day, and sadly [personal profile] scarimonious can't come and yell about them, but she's with us in spirit twitter and tim-tams! THIS IS FOR YOU.

My initial tweetstorm is here! [twitter.com profile] splend's is here!

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Hey guys! So apart from the mental health stuff (which, to be fair, is taking up some brain space at the moment!), I have been binging on media because I... Kinda took August off? Unplanned? I feel better for it, but also I'm recalibrating whether I'm behind and how much I can reasonably expect to get done in one go. But the plus side is that I've been cramming media into my face like it's going out of style sooooo quick round-up!

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Apart from that... I'm excited about my knitting! I have A LOT of knitting projects lined up for the future, and I know from experience that I can do colourwork while watching subtitled TV, so guess what I'll probably be doing for a while? I also spent most of August actively repelled by the idea of reading, spent the first two weeks of September face-first in a pit of Detroit: Become Human fic, and now I'm cramming ebooks into my maw like it's going out of style, so I guess I fixed myself? So I guess... Hi everyone! My life not entirely work and brain stuff! How is everyone else, and what are you enjoying now?


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