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Okay, guys, help. I'm trying to pick out my reading goal for next year, and it's proving DIFFICULT.

  • According to GoodReads, I read 178 books this year (actual number may fluctuate because not everything I read is GoodReads), which is a bit higher than my goal of 150?

  • (I hit 150 in August, and then pretty much aggressively slacked off for the rest of the year because I was so behind on Eight Book Minimum. TAKE NOTES AS YOU READ, KIDS, BE BETTER THAN YOUR DISREPUTABLE AUNTIE SUSAN.)

  • If I am committing to Eight Book Minimum again, which was fun when it wasn't a bin fire of me being bad at regular posts and was a good way to cover books that I wasn't going to talk about in depth ever, that translates to... Okay, basic maths says it's about 208? Round it to 210 because I dislike unrounded numbers. That would be a CHALLENGE, but it would probably be doable?
    • Q: Oh my god Susan ARE YOU HIGH

    • ... I might be high, that still sounds like a lot of books

  • Part of my problem is that I wanted to up my challenge rating by having at least a third of what I read be prose for a change. No restrictions on fiction or non-fiction, just... Definitely has to be prose. That's not a terrible goal, right?

  • (Q: Susan, how do you think you're going to manage this?
    A: I have all of Pluto to read on New Year's Day, and I'm going to reread literally all of the Skip Beat omnibi before I read the one that comes out in January. That's twenty books right there. ... Also I need to read all of my library books that I've been ignoring, oops. That's like forty prose books right there, so.)

  • So, my options: I could keep the same overall goal (150), and count the level-up as having more prose? I could just go for 210 books and let anarchy reign? I could go for 210 and make 70 of them prose? I take one and have the other as a stretch goal? I DON'T KNOW.
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  • RIP Laptop, 9/10/07-4/5/10. You served me loyally and well for almost three years before you died a sad and ignoble death. You remain in my heart, if not my possession, and I still love you dearly. You served loyally and well, and I can only hope your successor does the same.
  • Yeah, my laptop bricked last week. I cried. QUITE A LOT. I got that laptop for my eighteenth birthday, and it's been all across the country with me. It's been with me through so much trials and tribulations and - it bricked. There was a harddrive error (amongst other things - I took my laptop into Staples because the fan was making noises intermittently and I thought it was a sign that something was going tits-up. They couldn't hear the noises, so they couldn't do anything, but I think the fan DID go, and that combined with the fact that the battery heats up a lot ANYWAY, meant that something inside basically melted. Seriously, I had it on a cooling tray and the COOLING TRAY was almost burning my legs.)

    BUT! I took it to the Staples in Nottingham, and the story got longer from here. )
  • Me and a couple of my housemates have had a falling out! One of us because he's a filthy screb who got charged with cleaning the bathroom while the rest of us tidied the living room and the kitchen! You can guess where this is going. )

    And speaking of filled with rage, the other one I've had a falling out with! Well, it's less that I've had a falling out with her and more I've been told that she's had a falling out with me (and one of my other housemates, who told me about this!) See, Laura's been playing Absolute Obedience, which is a porn game. ... If you know anything about the game, you can guess where this is going. )
  • For [livejournal.com profile] thebaconfat and other people who'll read urban fantasy: The Felix Castor series by Mike Carey (Author of Hellblazer and Lucifer comics.) starting with The Devil You Know. ACTUALLY QUITE GOOD. This is full of babble and not explaining, but please get the first volume out of the library or something! )
  • I got voted in as Scifi soc librarian again! This makes me happy. :) And we actually have a competent anime rep (last year's one? The housemate that refuses to clean anything. As you can imagine, he was useless.) so we'll be sitting down together and going SO WHAT MANGA DO WE WANT TO GET THEN?
  • Quick update on the watching things front! Senkou no Night Raid: SUPER POWERED SPIES IN 1930S SHANGHAI. THERE IS NOTHING ABOUT THIS THAT ISN'T WIN! K-On: SO CUTE. SERIOUSLY COMPLETELY ADORABLE. Doctor Who: I love the eleventh Doctor, I love that Amy tried to jump him and he said NO NO OH GOD PUT ME DOWN, I love that the weeping angels were still REALLY FUCKING CREEPY (Although I do wish we hadn't seen them move. It kinda ruined it a little.). Angel Beats!: Oh god this series is crack and hilarious and depressing all at the same time (Seriously, it's like someone looked at my boyfriend and went "SO I HERD YOU LIEK ANGSTY BACKSTORY!"). I loved the original singer of the band and thought she was awesome! New series of Lewis: I missed the first episode (but downloaded it to watch when I'm braining.), but the second episode was fun! Hathaway was his usual snarky knowledgable self, and the music was awesome and the plot was suitably convoluted. I'm classing it a win!
  • JILLY HAD A BIRTHDAY! She is awesome and I love her and she makes me feel old. I am proud of her! She's working hard and doing well and I believe in her! *hughughugs*
  • I had links to bring you, but I can't remember what they are! Phnagh.
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  • I WENT HOME LAST WEEKEND AND GOT MY LAPTOP! I AM A HAPPY SUSAN! And I saw my little nieces, it was awesome. Mainly because we went to see Becky and Bridget and Aurora with Rihanna (who is one of my little nieces). Rihanna looked SO CONFUSED! Like "OMG, there are people the same size as me! WHAT DO I DO!?" (Hide on your Auntie Susan's lap until they follow you there with balloons to play with. :Db)
  • You know what I like about the Cassandra Kresnov series (written by an australian dude called Joel Shepherd! Look it up!) is that yes, the main character is a robot created to kill shit in the face and admits really that she loves having sex - but there isn't a single graphic sex scene. WIN. Also, dude gets points for having the main character's best friend be a bisexual-who-prefers-girls and NOT making them have sex!
  • Also, I read Coraline last night (someone gave me a big bag of books for the scifi library, and I started to read another books but DUDE IT IS SIGNED AND IN PRISTINE CONDITION GETITAWAYFROMME, I need to find this woman and give it her back. If she doesn't want it, she can SELL it and get a fortune, don't give me something that shiny PLEASE.) and I admit that bits of it freaked me out. And my first reaction to those bits were "Oh god who would give that to a kid?!" before I remembered "Oh for god's sake, when I was a kid I would've loved those bits!"
  • I found this on Notalwaysright.com, and I am quite seriously considering encouraging this behaviour in Scifi soc. >D

    (I’m sitting at the reference desk when a lady walks in with a beautiful bouquet in one hand, a bag full of freshly-baked loaves of bread in the other, and a ferocious scowl on her face. She comes to the desk and slams down the flowers.)

    Lady: *growls* “Flowers for librarians!”

    (She slams down the bread, then growls again.)

    Lady: “Bread for librarians!”

    (She then puts both hands on the desk and leans forward.)

    Lady: *snarling* “Now find me a book!”

  • I AM FULFILLING MY LIBRARIANLY DUTIES AND GODDAMMIT I AM AWESOME. I am buying two hundred and seventy quid's worth of books! Thus far I have spent £180! I am petrified because this is mine and my mum's money because they work on a re-imbursal system which is RIDICULOUS, especially because I'm not 100% sure they'll accept the proof-of-purchase I've given them (ORDERING BOOKS ONLINE = DON'T IMMEDIATELY HAVE THE RECEIPTS, SORRY.)
  • The interview went okay! It was basically "Here is a list of questions. Go explore the shop and talk to the people who already work here (WHO ARE MY SPIES, THEY'LL BE REPORTING BACK TO ME ON EVERYTHING YOU SAY AND/OR DO!) and fill in the questionaire," and then the lady gave me an interview in which I babbled in a very panicked manner for about a minute and then the next nine were here telling me "Basically I only need you for 6-8 weeks, but if you work REALLY HARD we might keep you on after Christmas." PLEASE LET ME GET THIS JOB, I REALLY NEED MONEY! I've got £20 to last me till whenever I go home or my deposit on this place comes back!
  • Yesterday was Can't Stop The Serenity - it's a big event around Joss Whedon's birthday where people host screenings of Serenity (and Doctor Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog) and donate any money they raise to Equality Now and a woman's charity that I can't remember the name of. Scifi soc hosted it - we've never done anything like it before, so eeeeeeek. There were LOTS OF PEOPLE. PEOPLE WHO WEREN'T MEMBERS OF SCIFI AND RPG. This is because we whored it out like NOTHING ELSE, got the women's rights society in on it and the film societies! And we raffled AWESOME STUFF like signed posters and pretty jewellery and tea that looked like weed and places in the global raffle. And sold LOTS AND LOTS OF CHOCOLATE and that was my job, but Mike was there in his awesome purple velvet smoking jacket and green hair, everyone was MAGNETICALLY DRAWN to his side of the table. DUDE WE MADE THREE HUNDRED QUID FOR CHARITY, EASY. IT WAS AWESOME. And and and I always forget how much I like Serenity - Firefly itself I can take or leave, but Serenity I love - and Wash always makes me cry at the end. Although the end itself is AWESOME. And so is most of the one liners. THERE MAY HAVE BEEN APPLAUSE. IT MAY HAVE STARTED IN THE CORNER ME AND MY FRIENDS WERE SAT IN. And when we watched Doctor Horrible, you may have been able to hear one voice singing EVERY SONG and that may or may not have been Lex and his Doctor Horrible addiction. :D TWAS FUN.
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Slightly less because I answer to it and slightly more because it's the one thing that's guaranteed to get my attention from four miles away. >D

(Okay, it's because this awesome guy, Mike, can't remember my name to save his life. He apparently has me filed in his head "Books -> Big tits -> Not Sarah -> Susan" and on his phone as just plain "Books." We've decided it would just be easier for him to call me Books and just get it over with. :D)

ALSO I am applying for a job at Blackwell (It's really weird not calling it Blackwells, it like mentally stubbing my toe!), and [livejournal.com profile] nobodyelsewill got her mum (who is currently being PAID to do this stuff) to to look over my CV for me! IT'S NOW AWESOME. And also "the least I can do for my adoptive daughter" which fills me with glee a little because Jen's family have apparently all adopted me on the grounds that IF I AM FUSSING OVER HER AS MUCH AS THEY ARE, I MIGHT AS WELL BE FAMILY. :D
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... Also I told [livejournal.com profile] nobodyelsewill about there apparently being one where Batman is female ninja and now I have to find it for her. OR ELSE.

But yes, according to Mike (who is awesome and PLIED ME WITH A FUCKLOAD OF THE TRIGUN MANGA!) there is a Batman Elseworlds where Batman is a pirate called Leatherwing! Apparently it's in this book that Book Depository doesn't actually sell! Sob.

IN RELATED NEWS, me and [livejournal.com profile] nobodyelsewill spent yesterday afternoon digging through one of the cupboards of books that makes up the scifi library. I WAS GOOD, I only stole like. Four. (The first two volumes of the awesomeness that is Y: The Last Man, Jim Butcher's The Furies of Calderon because it's Jim Butcher and I want to see if that's really how he writes or if he's just making Harry look like a dick, and The Dracula Caper which apparently has SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE TEAMING UP WITH H.G. WELLS WITH COMMANDOS FROM THE FUTURE AGAINST GENETICALLY MODIFIED MONSTERS WHO ARE MASQUERADING AS VAMPIRES!) WE ALSO HAVE A BOX FULL OF CARDS THAT HAVE SPACES FOR TITLES AND DATES AND THE NAMES OF PEOPLE WHO'VE BORROWED THE BOOKS AND I WANT TO PLAY WITH THESE LIKE NOTHING ELSE. I think I should steal some and just sit around with our (Half updated! Which was the whole purpose of spending an afternoon digging through the cupboards!) list of books-we-own (that I will put up on Googledocs at some point) and fill them in because doing so would make me very happy. :D

Anyway. Yes. I haven't actually spend for more than five hours for like two days, so I'm knackered, so I'm going to eat delicious things to keep me awake and read lots and lots of shiny delicious books! And by lots I mean I HAVE THIRTY FOUR BOOKS THAT I'VE BORROWED OFF PEOPLE! THAT HAVE TO BE GIVEN BACK AT SOME POINT! fkdsjghs.fkjgndfkg.
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You know, considering that I got about two hours sleep this morning (UP TILL SEVEN FINISHING COURSEWORK, BUT AT LEAST THE DAMN THING'S DEAD! :D), today has been a surprisingly good day!

  • I woke up on time and was bouncy and happy instead of AUGH MUST SLEEP FOREVER like I usually am. I think it may be due to the fact that there was, y'know, actual daylight around when I got up.
  • I had a lecture on Roman sexuality and porn. I... Don't think there's anything I can say about it right at the moment except that I have never in my life heard a grown woman say the work "fuck" that many times in an hour. It was interesting for the discussion of sex being basically an excuse for power trips, but I just. MY LECTURE HANDOUT HAS PORNOGRAPHIC POETRY ON IT AND A TABLE WITH THE LATIN FOR FUCKING VARIOUS ORIFICES, I JUST. I. WHAT.
  • BLACKWELL IS HIRING! I NEED TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS AND THEN I CAN WORK IN A BOOKSHOP! *flails* (Like I told the boyfriend, this isn't as much of a bad plan as you think - even if I get a staff discount, I couldn't afford Blackwell prices!)
  • Speaking of the boyfriend, I acquired a Lex around lunchtime! [personal profile] glitterbats - yes, he's looking after me. I was quite happy to sit around in the pub and babble and be sleep deprived but he decided step one would be to get caffiene into me (yaaaay coke!) and step two would be to get me food. Pointing out that I ate LOADS yesterday is apparently not the way to convince my boyfriend not to buy me lunch! Nor is admitting that I kinda forgot to eat between eleven o'clock last night and something-past-one this afternoon. I WAS BUSY AND NOT HUNGRY AND KINDA BUZZY, FOOD WAS IRRELEVANT.
  • Watched the second half of Alexander, and. Well. HERE IS A SUMMARY OF THE SECOND HALF OF THE FILM!

    ALEXANDER: *says something stupid*
    HEPHAISTION: *mentally facepalms*
    ALEXANDER: *does something stupid*
    HEPHAISTION: *saves the day!*

  • I got the library to let me get the books I hadn't finished out again! YAY! :D This means my pile of books I've borrowed from places is currently steady at 25! :D Right now I'm reading Feast of Souls by Celia Friedman, which is... I don't know. I seem to be finding a lot of books this month that are giving me brain-itch trying to decide if I have a problem with the way the authors are writing the women or not. The Painted Man was the other, but I know I DEFINITELY have a problem with that (DEAR AUTHORS: WHEN YOU HAVE RANDOM "OH YOU SHOULD GO OFF AND LOSE THAT PESKY VIRGINITY OF YOURS" CONVERSATIONS FOR NO REASON AND ONLY ABOUT YOUR (ONLY) FEMALE MAIN CHARACTER, THEN WE MIGHT NEED TO TALK.)
  • I've added everyone on DW back who's added me, at some point I'll go rooting through recent posts and finding anyone else who's got a Dreamwidth account, kay? Then I'll do things like TIDY THIS AND GIVE IT A PRETTY LAYOUT (... OKAY I WON'T MAKE IT THE BRIGHT ORANGE ONE. >_>) and upload icons and figure out whether I want to spread myself out into communities like I have on LJ or take advantage of the fresh start and just keep everything on the spindizzy account. Hmmmm...
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