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2014-10-31 01:52 am

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2015-09-22 12:31 am
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[sticky entry] Sticky: Prompts?

Hey guys - this post is going to be a sticky, so feel free to come back to it whenever you fancy! I'm doing my best to make it easy to find.

I WOULD LIKE YOU GUYS TO LEAVE ME PROMPTS, IF THAT'S OKAY. Any fandom you think I'm into or would like, any/no pairings, as many comments/prompts as you'd like. I just... Want to make a repository of things for me to write in the future that's a bit less intimidating than going through the [community profile] ff_exchange backlist. Like, I won't promise that I'll get to everything, but I really like the idea of having a fixed place to look for inspiration?

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2017-10-16 11:24 pm

I played that slime ranching game that Jill recommended!

... Within my first three days I've accidentally unleashed a plague of cannibalistic slimes whose only goal is to feed on other slimes and create more like themselves. And it wasn't even a scripted event.

GOING TO BED, you say...
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2017-10-13 11:09 am

I think I'm just good at talking a good game in writing, who knew right?

Apparently they wanted me to interview for both so they're gonna just use the one interview! And sent me both invitations so I'd know to expect it, but it's an automated thing so they had no way to use that system to explain that that was what they were doing! Okay, I am less confused but also aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no pressure!

I guess let's see how well this separation of me from my labour works for keeping me calm!
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2017-10-13 12:18 am

I need to make WORK decisions, ugggggh

I have two job interview offers! They are both all morning on the exact same day, YAY. /o\ I'm gonna have to pick one to definitely go to and email the other like "... Help?" I don't expect much from them, because last time I interviewed there it was a disaster (you know how most places use the interview to essentially ask you what was in the application form and see how you do under pressure? This place asked five questions and I was ready for none of them. ... Actually, no, fuck, I accepted the one I got yesterday because I didn't know that there would be another acceptance, and I picked the one with worse hours. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck.

[ETA: Sent the email, the lady's not actually answering emails today according to her out of office, but we'll see what she says.]

I also need to make decisions, ugh.
  • My library's assistant in charge has gone down to part time hours, right? Which means that the other half of her hours have gone up for grabs, and I need to decide if I want to apply for them. I don't... If it was just "Do the paperwork and boring data entry of running a library," then sure! Fine! If it's the admin side of things then I am well up for that! But it's not, it's the "deal with angry customers and the shit geyser that went off in the public bathroom" side of things as well and I'm not necessarily ready for that? And it would still only be a temporary contract, because the council doesn't believe in permanent hours.

    But it's also the only career development IN public libraries at the moment. And doing it as a job share might be the best way to learn.

    ... The other thing is that I worry I might do it for spite? I think I mentioned on here that the only person who's keen on the job is someone who I wouldn't necessarily want as a line manager? But also she chatted to me about it the other day and there was this weird edge to how she was saying it, like she really wanted me to know that this was her last chance for a career change before she retired and she was really hopeful about it? I don't know if that's my anxiety, but I seriously feel like she was trying to put me off. (Honestly, I feel like NEITHER of us should get this job, because I think we'd both be shit at it, but the women I'd WANT to take the job either have two jobs already or are leaving our authority entirely, so it's like... Fuck. FUCK.)

  • [twitter.com profile] illusclaire is looking for people to write about single issues of comics a couple of times a month for Women Write About Comics, and I am... Honestly tempted!

  • I definitely don't have time to volunteer as a first reader at Strange Horizons but I want, I want. I absolutely do NOT have eight hours a week to drop on something else though, do not let me try to convince myself that I do. Which is what I'm trying to do.


... Also I got my activation code for my tax thing, forgot my password to log-in, and can't reset it because I've not received my Unique Tazpayer's Reference yet, even though I was supposed to get that first. Auuuuugh.
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2017-10-12 02:08 pm
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I have a new nephew!

This is the kid that my brother decided made me a "real auntie" because they have a penis, my brother is kinda like that. But the baby's called Anthony! He is nibling number nine or eleven depending on how you count them, he weighs... Numbers... And I'm very grateful that the family took the "Please do not give me a nephew for my birthday" thing seriously and waited a couple of days!
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2017-10-10 10:40 am

Happy birthday to me~~~~~

IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY! \o/ I'm twenty-eight now, I am OLD AS TIME, you can tell because I made sure that I did laundry and went to sleep at a reasonable hour on my birthday.

But I had SUCH a nice day! I woke up at like 7:30, rolled over with every intention of telling Lex that I was ready to get up and do adventures, and then woke up again an hour later like "... That wasn't supposed to happen." BUT IT'S FINE, I woke up, I cuddled Lex lots, and I got super great presents.
I'm just excited, okay. )

But it was just such a nice day! Me and me mate Matt have the same birthday, so I may have spent the time we were doing laundry trying (and failing) to sort out his birthday present, because apparently the Sherlock Holmes game that I thought was an expansion pack is actually a reprint and the ones that are expansion packs don't exist, so now I need to think of something CLEVER. But me, Matt and Lex went out to lunch together, Lex and I went off to do this website registration and cover Joe's laptop in post-its with suggestions on, and then we all went to the pub to play Sushi Go! And Jenni made me and Matt birthday fairy cakes, which is amazing of her! They were pirate themed. There were sharks. :D But also: many cuddles, many hugs, such spending time with people that I like. ♥

It's been a pretty good week altogether – Lex and I took the week off, because it was his birthday last week (he got SO MANY Legend of the Five Rings cards, and possibly TOO MUCH birthday cake, whoops.), and we spent it... Mostly not doing much? Monday I baked brownie and cake, Tuesday was Lex's birthday so we spent it playing Magic and hanging out with people in the pub, Wednesday we put together an ottoman and played Pathfinder and it all went wrong, Thursday was Legend of the Five Rings release day so Lex was doing that and I was trying to figure out the rules while he played Chris, Friday and Saturday we spent seeing Jill and my family (Lex was very pleased to see Jill's Bad Dog, who is a bad dog but also cute; Jill and I babysat, watched women's wrestling and Piper Niven has a body like mine! Her arms do the ripply thing mine do! PIPER NIVEN IS MY QUEEN NOW. ... PS am I writing NXT because I keep looking at character dynamics like "Yep, sure, I have read and would write that relationship." Also Jill and I managed to play co-operative video games and hardly even tried to murder each other, we were so good!) And we got the best pancakes, went to my mum's, had a very pleasant time because we were only there for like four hours and met my niece's very skittish new kitten.

... Also I discovered that there is a hell and it smells like a cat carrier that has, by the smell of it, never been cleaned. It's our Elaine's, she lent it to Chloe, oh sweet Christ I had to carry it downstairs and my eyes were watering from the smell. CLEAN YOUR CAT CARRIERS, GUYS, JUST DO IT.

It wasn't necessarily a productive week off? I think I managed maybe three hours of work across the whole week and all of my projects? ... I played a lot of Sims, okay, a lot, and it is only because I love you guys that I am not turning all of my social media into Sims blogs. But I also slept, and I probably need both that and the downtime. I am ready to get back to work now! Probably! Maybe! I hope! Because otherwise this is going to be awkward. Especially because I'm ill! Like, not ill enough to not go to work, just ill enough that I am snuffling, my nose is running like a tap, and I sound like a parody of someone with a headcold. Wooooo. Hopefully this will repel customers when I go in for my first day back at the dayjob, and hopefully I will be better before I run out of clean handkerchiefs.

How is everyone? What have you been doing? Is everyone ALSO super excited about books and video games?
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2017-10-05 04:04 pm

Places that I know are currently taking story submissions

Look, I don't even know how I keep finding these, I just check my tabs and find them. @_@ I don't have anything ready for these, but someone else might do! All of these are looking for previously unpublished works in English and do pay, unless it says otherwise.

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2017-10-02 01:18 am

Today I have:

  • Done a fortnight's worth of laundry. @_@

  • Accidentally played a two hour game of Magic, because Lex has a Group Hug commander deck that specifically focuses on everyone drawing cards (The commander means everyone draws/plays land A LOT), and I have a Blue's Clues deck (Investigation and heavy card draw, which gets HILARIOUS when Tamiyo's Journal comes out and I can start fishing for specific cards. And I have three different ways to have no maximum hand size, including my commander.) that I figured would go either hilariously well or hilariously badly together. I'm not sure which it was, but it was literally two hours, and I was entirely correct in my turn three assessment that I could take Lex out no problem, but Chris (who was running a Thopters deck) would step on me the turn after.

  • Actually sorted out the notebook I'm tracking my money in because I've been putting it off for a while.

  • Finished transcribing an episode of Fangirl Happy Hour!

  • Written up two invoices like a boss and saved a template so that next time it will go faster, and I can just add to the FHH one as I go through the month.

  • Registered as a... It's gone, my brain is giving me nothing but "sole trader" and I don't think that's quite right. Either way, I'm registered with HMRC so that I can pay my taxes and not get in trouble later.

  • ROUGHLY sorted out a plan for the next few days! Maybe! Ish! Even though nothing is written down!

  • Been shaded SO HARD by Mike for being a trash fire who doesn't sleep because I'm doing work-like things, and promptly stayed up till 1:15, y'know, doing work-like things. SO GREAT AT THIS. THE BEST.
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2017-10-01 10:41 pm

Semagic works again!

  • Bless the Dreamwidth staff, they have sent us the settings to make Semagic work again!

  • [twitter.com profile] captainraz and I went to a talk on Finances for Freelancers and it was exactly what I wanted: HOW DO TAXES WORK? Somewhat scarily, but doably! The lady running it was very disappointed in me for not invoicing absolutely everyone ("Let me put it this way: how are you going to explain where the money came from to HMRC?"), but she also has anxiety so it was pitched correctly for her audience! I have now done two invoices and scheduled my next batch of invoices, so I guess I'm not doing too badly? I'm just trying to wrangle the HMRC website to let me finish registering? I figure the deadline for people who started their businesses last year is close enough that everyone's registering at the last minute so it's all on fire.

  • I have been watching Linkin Park videos (Hi [personal profile] rionaleonhart your music choices are A+) and it's just fucking me up again that Chester's gone. I have finally heard Across The Line, which I am REALLY enjoying.

  • It's my birthday a week on Monday (the 9th!) and I am excited! Lex and I have the week off, I just haven't worked out what to do.

  • ... I was doing this while everyone was playing Concept, and we were talking about our speed record for Concept (Subject + one cube), and then [twitter.com profile] sithe managed to get the correct answer BEFORE LEX HAD PUT A SINGLE MARKER ON THE BOARD. THEY ARE DRIFT COMPATIBLE, I KNEW IT!
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2017-09-27 10:57 pm

This wasn't supposed to be a massive rambly post, and yet

  • I've been meaning to go through my reading page/people's journals/the AO3 feeds I follow to catch up, because I know it's been... What, a few weeks?

  • May.

  • It's been since May.


  • (I am THE BEST at friendship.)

  • I am really sad that Semagic isn't working because I discovered that CTRL+T inserts the HTML for a bullet point list and that's my jam, right there.

  • Lex just said the words "I can't be bothered to explain because it's not important" to me (about why his work is doing something) and I am BAFFLED by the very concept. I can explain trivial shit FOR DAYS.

  • One of the ladies at work appears to be trying to nag me into applying for a part-time assistant in charge role at my library (the current one is going part time) because so far only one person has expressed interest and our reactions have universally been "Ooh, oh no."

  • I don't know that I WANT to be assistant in charge, because I don't think I'd be very good at it. But also "Ooh, oh no."

  • (It'd still be a temporary fucking contract because working for the council is kinda like that. There are no full-time jobs and there are no permanent contracts.)

  • I am going to a course on Saturday about Finances and Freelancing and I feel really silly going on it (Me? A freelancer?) but also it might help me answer questions about really silly things like "I don't know what forms and records I need to keep so the taxman doesn't slap me, help."

  • I am trying to decide if I want to shuffle from Chrome to Firefox (Chrome eats SO MUCH of my computer's brainspace), but I'd have to reinstall versions of all of my extensions and I'm lazy...

  • I have been doing semi-regular writing parties at our local – it's usually me, [twitter.com profile] captainraz working on her latest book, [twitter.com profile] hardlyaverage doing book formatting or game prep because their Thursday game is down the road, and [twitter.com profile] splend coming by after work to do scripting. It's really nice? Like, sometimes it's distracting but usually we manage to get the work done and it's really nice to be tin the space together? I dunno. Also if Nottingham people want to come along, let me know and I will let you know when we're heading there.

  • (I should make a Facebook group because it's convenient for everyone else but I am lazy and barely even facebook. Ugh.)

  • I have been trying out scrivener and I like it, but I'm not sure I like it enough to pay £40 for it, or whatever we're at now. I might see if I can hold out till November, because I swear they do discount codes for Nanowrimo.

  • We MAY have hit the stage where I need to actually think about getting some monthly pages for 2018, which is appalling, but I have also got my first relief shift dates for January, so uh, it would help.

  • ("It's SEPTEMBER," I did not actually shriek hysterically into the phone. "WE MIGHT ALL BE CLOSED BY JANUARY, WHAT ARE YOU EVEN THINKING?!"

  • It is NOT EVEN MY BIRTHDAY YET, I am not worrying but Christmas/New Year until AFTER MY BIRTHDAY.

  • (My birthday is the 9th of October and I keep going "Okay, once I turn 28 I only have two years where I can get to another country on a work visa" and this is the most irrational conviction my idiot anxious brain can give me, but also I don't want to have never lived off this fucking island.)

  • (OKAY, NO, the most irrational conviction my idiot anxious brain has given me is "Do not try to get a diagnosis, a diagnosis will mean that you can't immigrate," and seriously brain, what. What?!)

  • I have been taking a break from being fannish since that time I got sick and it knocked me for six, and I think I'm about ready to get back to it? I think I just have to write this historical fantasy story and then I am free to... I don't even know. Cry about Six of Crows. Write 50k of Baralai and Gippal working up to holding hands or something to ruin [personal profile] renay's life. Write that gay manor house mystery of my dreams. I AM READY.
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2017-09-27 06:37 pm

Reaction Shot: Fate/Apocrypha 10 & 11, or I have forgotten A LOT I wanted to say

Okay, I absolutely need to get this done and queued today (Monday) because Lex and I are going to watch the newest episode at some point today or tomorrow and I NEED TO BE READY. It's a lot harder to keep episodes separate in my head for Fate than it is for Princess Principal, because Princess Principal is discrete non-linear blocks, and Fate/Apocrypha is one mostly-linear narrative, but I'm doing my best. Even though Fate/Apocrypha is doing some things. *drags hands down face*

Episode Ten )

Episode Eleven )
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2017-09-27 06:37 pm

Hey, so Dreamwidth's website has been funny

It's interacting weirdly with Semagic so... Expect an influx of reaction shots? Sorry guys.
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2017-09-27 06:30 pm

Reaction Shot: Princess Principal Episode 9, or Chise vs English Culture

Oh, yay, episode nine is a recap episode where we go over who all of the characters are! This is absolutely not a refresher and a briefly cheerful break because the end-game plot is about to kick in, not even slightly, everything is fine.

Read more... )
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2017-09-18 09:40 am

Reaction Shot Master List: Princess Principal


Read more... )

And of course, now I've REMEMBERED that I can make masterlists, because I am an adult and I do what I want, I am TOTALLY going to remember to make them for all of the things that I have been yelling about. TOTALLY.

Read more... )
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2017-09-17 11:07 pm


Hello hello hello! Hello hello! I'm coming to you live and alive, and I have been fucking busy since I last posted. Like, "I haven't checked my reading page in a month" levels of busy. HI GUYS, I MISS YOU.

Let's see, what've I been doing?

  • Okay, most important thing: LEX AND I WENT TO CHECK OUT THE DINOSAURS OF CHINA EXHIBIT AND IT WAS REALLY FUCKING COOL. I posted lots of photos on twitter because I'm me, but I just need to yell about it some more.
    • You know how places have signs from the car park telling you which way to go? All of the ones for this said "I think they went that way".

    • There was a deer outside the building! Just, like, chilling on the lawn! And I was flipping out because why is there a deer there and Lex was laughing his head off because Wollaton Hall is like a deer park? A deer preserve? IT HAS DEER. And it's like yes, I know it has deer, but why are they roaming loose! Over here! That's not safe! Thus further proving that I am FAR TOO CITY FOLK to ever go near wild animals.

    • Okay, the Dinosaurs of China exhibit has a whole bunch of skeletons and fossils brought over from Asia (I thought it was in partnership with some of the universities, but can I find any information on the website? Can I heck as like.), because a) apparently China is where the most advances in paleontology are being made, and b) that is where they found out about dinosaurs having feathers. And they have! Some of the fossils! That show dinosaurs with feathers!

    • I don't know if the disabled route in has all of the stuff painted on the walls explaining the exhibit; I hope it does because I quite liked it. You follow the trail of footprints round, read all the stuff on the walls, go up the stairs, open a curtain, and...





    • Also in that room was like a protoceratops (which was a baby and an ancestor of the triceratops); there was a tiny armoured dinosaur that they found as part of a group of baby dinosaurs that had been buried in a sandstorm so they were pretty well preserved; one of the first dinosaurs ever found in China (apparently during WWII, which sounds like it must have been NERVEWRACKING. And! AND! There was a Sinraptor, which I think we can all agree is the best name for a dinosaur that looks like a t-rex, and I'm reading the sign going "Is this really big enough to take down the big one all on it's own?!" until it turned out that it was, uh, not actually fully grown yet.

    • The next room was all of the stuffed birds that they usually keep in the hall, which was somewhere between cool and eerie because it's a room full of eyes. (They have ravens, [Bad username or unknown identity: squeemu!] I meant to get a picture for you, I'm sorry.) But they were all there as a "Here is a comparison between birds and dinosaurs," thing. There was! A tiny dinosaur skeleton! Like, the size of my hand tiny, and it apparently got buried in volcanic ash while it was sleeping, so it was found preserved in that position! That is cool! And there was an Oviraptor (I think it's called that anyway), because someone discovered it next to eggs and assumed that they were eating it, rather than that it was the dinosaurs own nest. Whoops.

    • ... Also who cuts fossilised eggs in half. I mean, paleontologists, but srsly.


    • Apparently someone tried to invent a new dinosaur by smooshing two fossils together, and it worked. It was right next to the (apparently legit) dino bird with FOUR WINGS, because sometimes real life is weirder than what we can make up.

    • And I'm pretty sure that the original Fossil Of Dinosaur With Feathers was there. *_*


    • In conclusion, it was super great and if you can, I reckon it's worth your time!

  • Then we went on a danger Ikea run (Q: Why is it a "danger" Ikea run? A: Have you ever been to Ikea?) because Mike's mum was coming over – I'll come back to that – and got a new shelving unit and a pouffe (which we haven't put together yet) and a table with a basket and wheels for me, which is SUPER USEFUL, 10/10, would pile all of my nonsense into again.

  • SO MIKE'S MUM CAME OVER and I'm trying to be nice about her, because she's his mum and our landlady, but we got back and it was literally "Hi, how was your day, I don't know how you live like this." ... Lady, if you want us to keep the place cleaner you can ask, you're our landlady, but I don't know how you thought walking into our home and insulting our housekeeping is acceptable. Also she's going to have someone come round and tile our kitchen wall while he's round doing a different job (dude does not know he's going to be tiling our kitchen yet), and decided that she was going to clean our bathroom for us, by which I mean break the sink and steam-clean the sealant right off the shower. *AGGRAVATED SIGH* On the plus side, she painted the kitchen like she wanted, and has decided that Mike is going to finish painting the rest of the house for her, so...

  • (She wanted us to put all of our stuff in the middle of our bedrooms so that she could paint our bedrooms and I just laughed for days because she grossly overestimated how much space Mike has in his bedroom and underestimated how much crap Lex and I have in ours. It's not happening.)

  • I've taken all of the extra shifts going in September, which hasn't been as many as I'd hoped; we were supposed to start RFID tagging the entire library by now, but they've moved the start date back a month. Oh well, more time for transcripts and writing [community profile] ladybusiness stuff. (I reviewed The Stars Are Legion, which was Fine But Not For Me.)

  • I need to decide if I want to do sign language level two this year. On the one hand, professional development is great and I'd love to know more BSL, and this is the last chance I'm going to have to go with anyone from my old class. On the other hand, I don't have £500 to drop on this again; I didn't really have it last year but seriously won't be out of my overdraft until the 25th of October so I'm not sure I can do it. ... And the classes were good and fun but also I was an anxious wreck before and after them. And Jay can't go either, which means that I'd either be late to class most weeks, have to pay for a taxi, or ask work if I can knock off early so I can get there on time.

    ... I think what I'm saying is that I need to give myself permission to NOT go to sign language next year. /o\

  • Apart from that... I got new stationery? I got these daily pages for my filofax and so far they are exactly what I wanted? I also got myself a fauxdori with red pandas on? I dunno, my brain just went fff! and shut down, I'm sorry. The takeaway point of this is: DINOSAURS, GUYS. DINOSAURS ARE COOL.
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2017-08-31 03:02 pm
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It's because, right, and this is really fucking obvious and I should have seen it from the start, the fanfic I write is like 90% missing scenes, or after canon, right? So I can get away with alluding to events or the plot being over there and everyone understands that and what I'm doing with it. So when I'm trying to outline original fic, I've got all of the emotional arcs thought out and planned and I can go "Yes, this is where the feels go," but I've not really practiced the whole plot thing, so it's like trying to build scaffolding around empty space because there's no plot over there to hold it up for me!

Aw, I'm so glad I figured this out.

Now I'm going to go and learn to do better.
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2017-08-29 11:29 am

But why is it news at 11, I ask belatedly, having using the phrase for years

I would mind being THIS TIRED so much less if I'd done anything to warrant it. Apparently doing sweet fuck-all for two days is exhausting, news at 11.

But what I DID do is get my PS Vita working again! (It takes a standard micro-USB charger, in theory. In theory.) But I have since found one or two that will actually charge the damn thing, so I'm back to doing the install-uninstall shuffle to fit things on my memory card! I have a Playstation Plus membership, because it makes me feel less bad about new games if I paid for them like eight months ago, so I installed a bunch of the games from that, and I have a load of PS1 games I bought a while ago.

(It is REALLY WEIRD to think that a four-disk PS1 game now fits on a memory card the length of my fingertip. It's REALLY WEIRD.)

  • Laser Disco Defenders: fun, but I am terrible at it. It's a brightly coloured disco-themed game of the genre that I'm calling Bullet Hell Of Your Own Making; any shots you fire stay in the level and bounce off everything, which means that the worse you are at aiming/ricochets, the harder making it through the level without getting shot is. ... I am VERY BAD at aiming.

  • Final Fantasy VIII: I have played the intro up to you getting into class every time I find my PSVita, and then I pause it while I go do something else and forget about it. This time, I made it to the first save point! And I have read all of the starting information it gives you, and a) I forgot that they brought in mentions of the amnesia so early, b) the yearly memorial service is REALLY GRIM when you think about it, c) I forgot that every non-staff person in this building is between the ages of 9 and 20. THAT'S FUCKING GRIM. ... And then I went "Why do I keep avoiding Triple Triad," lost three times in a row, and called it a day. Soon: PUNCHING FISH FOR THEIR DELICIOUS MAGIC.

  • Severed: Okay, this one is WEIRD but interesting. You play as Sasha, a one-armed girl exploring the underworld(?) or hell(?), trying to find your family. It's really brightly coloured and the designs are cool, but also it's really fucking horrifying. See also: THIS MIGHT BE HELL. But it's also mainly a touchscreen game? Which... I forget that the Vita HAS a touchscreen, so this is weird to me. I am enjoying it, even though it feels like an updated old-school adventure game, the ones where you have to find a key/lever of the correct colour to open the corresponding door. I just... Want to reserve judgement on the story until I get to the end of it.

  • I also finally got around to starting Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star! So far it has been... Suspiciously wholesome. There has only been one incident of unethical mad science and nothing terrible has happened. If it wasn't for the pigeons I'd genuinely think that I was playing the wrong game!

Lex and I were going to see the dinosaur exhibit on near us, but the website was down so we couldn't buy tickets, and he wasn't sure that he wanted to queue on a bank holiday when everyone and their kids would be there. But we are DEFINITELY GOING on our next days off. DEFINITELY, because I will be so sad if I miss this exhibit. They're dinosaurs discovered in China! Apparently one of them is the first dinosaur they found with evidence of feathers! IT SOUNDS SO COOL!

How bout everyone else? Anyone do owt for the bank holiday?