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Sam and I are finishing off our Resident Evil movie marathon at long last! We're watching the last half of the series, and I'm excited because RE4 is terrible, RE5 is my favourite, and I have very few memories of RE6 except that the plot makes no sense, there's a helluva Gilligan cut, and also Ruby Rose. So half of this is going to be me going "Sam, Sam, stop tweeting and watch this bit!" and the other half is going to be whispering "I have no memory of this place!"

As ever, Sam's livetweet is here, and mine is here!

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You ever see those twitter or tumblr posts, where it's just a very soothing gif and an invitation to sit and stop for a while? This is the text equivalent of one of those. This is your invitation to sit, not look at the news, and just take a breath if you need one.

If you need a distraction, I am here! Leave me a comment (anon is on, IP tracking is off or will be soon), and I promise a conversation that does not mention real life politics, or a ficbit if you leave me a prompt, or just a string of hugs if that is what you need today! (Feel free to ask questions and make requests! Like "What is the stupidest plan you had in an RPG" or "should I watch Guardian" or "Give me a random gif from your reaction folder" or "I have not got the brain to care about anything, please tell me a random fact" or "give me a recommendation" or "Forget it, ask ME something," or "I don't want to answer questions, but I need a space to dump my feelings, please be that space.")

If you want me to screen your comment, just say and I will. The important thing is that you remember to take a break today.
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I am SO RUSTY but look! Look! I wrote words! Words of fiction that I am actually showing to people instead of leaving in a file on 4tw and never looking at again! PROGRESS!

Castlevania // A Cold and Frozen Home
G | 200 words | Alucard, Trevor Belmont, Sypha mentioned | Spoilers for the series, written for the [community profile] drabble_zone prompt "Cold."

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Okay but the thing that's interesting as well is tracking the improvements in graphic UIs, because that's quite cool. It's really weird tracking over a decade in cinema through one franchise, okay!

I yelled on twitter here, and Sam yelled here!

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I think what gets me about this franchise is that it literally spans the entire zombie boom. If I remember right, it came out at the very start of the boom, and the last one came after zombies were just like "... Oh yeah, those, I guess?" So it's interesting to see where this intersects with the cultural memetics, I guess?

My initial twitter thread was here, and Sam's is here!

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[twitter.com profile] splend has never seen any of the Resident Evil movies past the first one, and because I am the GREATEST SISTER IN LAW of all time, I obviously brought all of them round to inflict on him. We're probably watching the first three today and the next three another day, and sadly [personal profile] scarimonious can't come and yell about them, but she's with us in spirit twitter and tim-tams! THIS IS FOR YOU.

My initial tweetstorm is here! [twitter.com profile] splend's is here!

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Hey guys! So apart from the mental health stuff (which, to be fair, is taking up some brain space at the moment!), I have been binging on media because I... Kinda took August off? Unplanned? I feel better for it, but also I'm recalibrating whether I'm behind and how much I can reasonably expect to get done in one go. But the plus side is that I've been cramming media into my face like it's going out of style sooooo quick round-up!

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Apart from that... I'm excited about my knitting! I have A LOT of knitting projects lined up for the future, and I know from experience that I can do colourwork while watching subtitled TV, so guess what I'll probably be doing for a while? I also spent most of August actively repelled by the idea of reading, spent the first two weeks of September face-first in a pit of Detroit: Become Human fic, and now I'm cramming ebooks into my maw like it's going out of style, so I guess I fixed myself? So I guess... Hi everyone! My life not entirely work and brain stuff! How is everyone else, and what are you enjoying now?
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In case you missed it: hi, I've stopped taking my St John's Wort & Ginkgo Biloba combo and switched to taking Fluoxetine! I'm still in the stage where it's just making me feel terrible before it (hopefully) makes me feel better (I know, I know, it can take three to six weeks before I notice a difference), but I figured I've ive a quick update on where I'm at. (I am livetweeting it, because I'm me and of course I am.)

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Also, Lex is being amazing about this whole thing, he is being super supportive and checking on me, and is also my Responsible Adult Who Has Read The Side Effects So I Don't Have To (And Therefore Don't Psychosomatically Give Myself Symptoms) and just... Believes in me? I am doing a thing that is massively stressful to me that doesn't always make me feel great, but he believes that I'm being brave, which helps. ;______;

So uh... Thank you to Lex and Jay/Sam/Tonks and all of my twitter people who have been putting up with me grumbling about this! Hopefully that'll die down as things start working! Thank you for the support and reassurance. ♥
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A million years ago I promised to write up my brownie recipe for [twitter.com profile] lynnoconnacht. It's pretty much just a clarified version of this recipe from the BBC, but eh, back-ups are great.

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Start part two! Part one?

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But yes, that was my Nine Worlds. It was pretty good, and I definitely felt more settled and more able to keep up with meeting new people! (I swear to you, if you're ever worried about not knowing people at a convention, you come stand between [twitter.com profile] faintdreams and [twitter.com profile] clairerousseau, you'll be introduced to pretty much every single person who attends within an hour.) I guess not being in a new place + taking my tablets helped? I know Some Stuff kicked off at the Futures of Nine World panel, and that there's apparently been some stuff going down, but I'm still catching up on that. All I know is that there might not be a Nine Worlds next year? But if not we can meet up SOMEWHERE ELSE.

For now, you're all great, I love my friends, thank you all for having me! <3
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Hello my darlings! I am back from Nine Worlds and I've finally started writing up my con diary! I meant to do it sooner, but I decided to take Monday to relax and hopefully not get con crash? (Dark suspicion: I crashed on Sunday.) We'll see how I did.

So behind the cut are my magical London adventures! I am going to tag people by their handles when I know them, and I am really sorry if it looks like I'm name dropping because that is 100% not my intention, and doubly sorry if we hung out and I didn't tag you! I'm gonna be splitting this into two posts, because hello, I'm me; if you want the shorter version with more pictures, I livetweeted it mostly in one handy thread!

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End part one! Part two!
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The Ice Wants to Kill You: A Brief History of Polar Exploration by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw and Ally Wilkes

The first part was a history of polar exploration from Gav!
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Ally spoke about common themes in polar horror, recent discoveries, and conspiracies!

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And those are my notes! I assume that this is mostly stuff people know, and [twitter.com profile] jennyhorrocks is going to come by and drop some facts about the artic/antarctic because that's literally what she's studied (and also I'm pretty sure she's been to one of them!) but it was fun to learn about!

... I'm gonna get buried in book recs and I can't wait.
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Representation in Dating Sims was one of the three panels that I pretty much WINDMILL SLAMMED the favourite button on on the Nine Worlds Schedule. (The other two were the LGBTQI in Anime panel, and the one [twitter.com profile] clairerousseau was doing on How To Keep Creating When The World's On Fire, which I didn't actually manage to make it into, whoops.) But this one! I took NOTES, I had a great time, A+ would windmill slam again.

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Presented by [twitter.com profile] gothicat, whose twitch is Gothicathulu. She's kindly uploaded the slides here too, so I'd check those out for more clarification on stuff that I glossed over when taking notes! She's also said that she's happy to answer questions, so I'd suggest speaking to her if you want to know more about anything!

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Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya should really be my thing. I like to imagine that it got made because someone in the office accidentally sent in their Fate/Card Captor Sakura fusion AU instead of their work, and management went "!!!!!" It should be my thing! I like magical girls capturing cards! I like the Fate mash-up of mythologies and Pokémon battles! I like yelling at my ships and the steady inexorable knowledge that this is basically a slasher movie in terms of survival odds! I should be the target audience for this show!

... Except that someone went "Fuck, how can we get straight dudes to watch this show?" and the answer was "I dunno, ramp up the male gaze and put in a ludicrous amount of fanservice, that should get 'em."


(I actually asked Lex "Was it really that bad? I know it was bad enough that I stopped watching like three episodes in, but was it that bad?" And even Lex was like "Oh yeah." And my tolerance for fanservice was a lot higher back when Lex was watching Kaleid Liner. Apparently it got better after I stopped watching, but it also got a hell of a lot worse.)

ANYWAY, yes, it has Illya as an adorable happy magical girl trying to catch the cards of heroic spirits that Rin and her rival let loose; Illya's rival/best friend is a magical girl called Miyu who is VERY SERIOUS. Like, full-on "There is an entire episode revolving around how she can't use magic to fly because she understands too much physics to suspend her disbelief." That part is REALLY CUTE. And they made a movie that's entirely just Miyu's backstory and pretty much no fanservice! EXCELLENT.

Disclaimer: there are spoilers for both the show, the main Fate universe (Mainly Zero, Stay/Night and Unlimited Bladeworks), and the movie here! I'm not sure how much of Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya you need to have seen for the movie to make sense – I've only seen three episodes, but also Lex has seen all of it so whenever I was like "Wait, no, what was that about?" Lex was there to explain what the hell. So... Fair warning, I guess! The important thing to know is that this branch of the Fate multiverse revolves around the heroic spirits being embodied through cards.

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Just a quick anxiety update for those who didn't see on twitter: I am officially on drugs now! I'm going to be taking Fluoxetine for a while; I've got two weeks worth on the kitchen counter, I've just got to do some schedule wrangling to work out when I start taking them.

(My original follow-up appointment at the doctor's was supposed to be on like the 10th, which meant that I could finish off my St John's Wort and then start the tablets on Monday. Except that I'm not in the city on the 10th, so I'm going to need to try to move my appointment, and either start taking the meds immediately and ring up for an extention prescription to tide me over till the week after, or just take the St John's Wort and start it a little later.)

... I did have a little sad after I handed in my prescription, because hello, I have officially resigned myself to not be able to magically somehow stop having anxiety on my own. But it's okay! I'm doing a good thing that will hopefully make me better and that's the important bit!
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Hey everyone! I went to therapy today and for the first time it felt... Not like everything was awful? I cried a lot but it felt kinda cathartic by the end?

Cutting for talk of suicide.

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So... I feel bad that I took up so much of his time, but I do feel better, so that's nice? And I've got a doctor's appointment tomorrow where we're going to talk about my finally going on meds, so I'll report back I guess! Love you all, be safe!
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Hey everyone! I'm back from Nine Worlds, that post is incoming but it's at 3000 words and isn't even HALF done, but I wanted to do a quick update! I am tentatively calling today a good day!

  • I am POSSIBLY getting a payrise! At the very least I'm being moved up a band at work (!!!), and because I wasn't at the bottom of the band I was in (!!!!) that might carry over? If it does, the rough back-of-an-envelope maths we did in the pub sujects I might be getting like £10.14 an hour, which is amazing.

  • The email about Tempest and Slaughter (Tamora Pierce's latest) being on Netgalley came through, and I got approved for it! I have a copy of Tempest and Slaughter! That I can read! And yell about baby!Susan's Numair feels because they were mighty!

  • I did a quick check to see if I can get the Immortals Quartet in ebook form, and the answer is not yet. They come out on the 18th of October, which is just over a week after my birthday!

  • And I only had like ten customers to speak to today, which is amazing for a Thursday, we're usually rushed off our feet Thursdays.

  • We went to see The Meg after work and I enjoyed it so much! Read more... )
  • And then I got to come home, watch Great British Menu with Mike while Lex deckbuilt, and now I'm chilling out with fanfic and Guardian and unravelling this fancy ball of wool I ruined! This is... A good day?! I'm trying to remind myself that I don't need to wait for the other shoe to drop, but either way... This was good. I'm very happy. Thank you everyone for being with me today on a day that made me happy.


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