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Start part two! Part one?

  • Genevieve Cogman had a 9am presentation on the Takarazuka Revue, and hello I am gay. She showed a whole bunch of clips, and just! Everyone is beautiful and sings really well! And I didn't realise how much of a variety there was in the shows they put on! (She was showing the DVD of Elisabeth later, and I am gutted I missed it, because as a reminder: everyone is beautiful and I am really gay!)

  • I DID make it to the Polar Horror panel, because I love ALL of you and want to bring you the content to which you are accustomed. I TRIED TO SPELL NORWEGIAN NAMES FOR YOU. It got long, so I'm linking to it over here.

  • I've now met Claire's fella! Apparently it threw her a bit when I mentioned that my friends watch his youtube channel, which means that she's going to be REALLY thrown when I point out that I periodically get updates about her life from my friends who watch it. But yes, Jon seems nice!

  • I went to a Mass Effect and Philosophy panel and it was so much better than the Final Fantasy equivalent last year, as much as it galls me to say it. I think part of it is that there was a lot less canon to discuss, and partly that there wasn't One Guy Who Was Wrong About Literally Everything, Especially Rinoa and FFX-2 Because He Is A Parody Of Everything That Is Wrong With Dudes Who Play Final Fantasy.
    • I am very glad they established up front that they weren't going to spoil Andromeda, because I know exactly two things about it, one of which I guessed from the trailer and got Claire and Jon (and maybe Di?) to confirm for me. The little bit that was said about Andromeda and colonialism was kinda cool though!

    • This is one that I'm not going to type up because there was A LOT, but there was some good stuff about emotional and ... Moral engagement? I don't think I mean moral, but that's the only word I can think of.

  • And then it was time for my two favouritest panels of the weekend! LGBTQI Characters in Anime and Representation in Dating Sims! THEY WERE GREAT.

  • The LGBTQI characters one had a BIG LIST on paper of anime that people had watched with queer characters in, that we were all supposed to just get up and add to whenever we thought of titles, which I think worked pretty well! When I say big, btw, I mean that it was two sides of an A1 flipchart, okay, it was HUGE. ANd there was a cook's tour of like FIFTY YEARS of queer anime, which was cool – especially because one of the speakers pointed out that as far as she knew, there hadn't been an OVA released with sex scenes in since 2012, which cannot be right. But yes, there was a quick tour of tropes, the problems with translation (such as assigning gendered pronouns to characters who explicitly don't use them in the original.), toxic fandoms, the male gaze and moéfication, and how what sometimes looks like baby steps of representation is actually the creators pushing as hard as they can to get what they want shown onscreen. I liked it!

  • ... Although I'm pretty sure I disagree that Ban and Ginji were straight, okay. I'm pretty sure that when the creator is the one drawing the ship art, your ship is canon. LOOK, IF IT'S GOOD ENOUGH FOR TACTICS IT'S GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME.

  • And I wrote up the dating sim panel properly, because I am me and really what did you expect.

  • Today were two panels that I didn't get to that sounded amazing! The Black Sails panel had a special guest, which was only the fucking actor that played John Silver, who was apparently not expecting the sort of questions he got asked by the panel, but was genuinely thoughtful in his answers. There was also a This Is Your Grandma's Knitting panel, which everyone was talking about because someone shared the story of how their grandparents got together! (She knitted socks to send to soldiers during WWII, with little handwritten notes in; he received the socks and notes and wrote back! They corresponded, and when he came back on leave he wrote to ask if he could take her out for tea! BLESS THEIR HEARTS.)

  • Rebellion Publishing were in the vendor room, which was safer for me than last year because I uh already had most of the books they brought that I wanted? But now I have Death of a Clone (I THINK this is an SF Christie pastiche with clones, which mostly worked great in And Then There Were (N-One)) and Revenant Gun! And I have a Liozh badge, which feels like it should be bad? I was gonna be a Kel, but they had a quiz, and I'm a sucker for that.

  • I really wanted to get into [twitter.com profile] clairerousseau's panel on How To Keep Creating When The World's On Fire, but it filled up FAST. (A lot of people really want suggestions on how to keep doing what they love when everything's a shitshow, WHODATHUNK.), so I bopped up to the Video Games and Mental Health panel, which was... Genuinely kind? Both of the panelists had their own experience with mental illness (and were VERY gallows humour about it, which is kinda what I expect because of who I hang out with? But it's nice to see from other people!)
    • It is okay to not be okay! It's okay to have some games that you can only play with a firm self-preservation strategy in mind, or even not at all! That's okay! You can have games that you only play when you're in the right state of mind because otherwise you'll spiral! That's fine!

    • Coping strategies: People use Let's Plays and wikipedia to find out the spoilers, because sometimes having the warning can help! Don't play games that are bad for you! Get in the right frame of mind if you really do want to play them! Play the familiar over the new if that's what helps you! Definitely don't play scary games before bed, or at least work in some decompression time. Pause when you have to! Take breaks! Have tea!

    • When games can help:
      • When it's hard to get the words out.

      • Short term goals and small valid achievements help, because they let you feel good about yourself and sometimes that's what you need to let you achieve a DIFFERENT goal!

      • Social anxiety and/or panic attacks.

      • "Down days" – even if you can't do anything else, you've still done SOMETHING.

      • They're a good distraction to break out of a negative cycle, which is valuable! It can make you feel like you're worth something!

    • They did a list on when video games are bad for you, and it boils down to "when you're using them as a distraction from getting better" and "when you're using them to help you disassociate/spend >6 hours as someone else."

    • But there was a reclist of games that were helpful, or at least not actively bad for mental health! (With the proviso that I have played very few of these.) Flow Free ([twitter.com profile] hardlyaverage plays this one a lot), puzzles games in general, Flower, Journey, Senua's Sacrifice (I have no idea what this game is about but apparently they actually had people with mental illnesses on the team so the hope is that it's not awful?), The Sims (I'm with the speaker on this one – I've had days where it's been like "Well, I can't achieve anything on my own, but I can get a sim child from toddler to college graduate with a 4.0 GPA with RUTHLESS PRECISION."), Portal, Actual Sunlight (Apparently this was intended as an educational game about mental health? Cautiously intriguing.). They also mentioned games called Aether and Elude, but uh finding the specific games they meant is a little difficult?

    • ... And then I ducked out to go back to the pop-up vendor room, because that's who I am as a person.

  • Was spending too long in the pop-up vendor hall why I couldn't get into Claire's panel? WHO COULD SAY. (... The answer is probably.)

  • I didn't manage to get a hardcopy of Spire for Lex, because in the time it took me to text him to ask if he wanted it, get his reply, and fight my way to the table, they'd manage to completely sell out. O_o I did manage to get myself some really cute earrings though! Including a cute dragon ear cuff that took getting stepped on at the disco (by me) REALLY WELL.

  • Aaaaaaaand then I met up with [twitter.com profile] pallekenl (who is wonderful and gives GREAT HUGS if you should ever have the opportunity), and her partner and we all went out for tea! It was lovely to see her and hear about her previous convention exploits!

  • When we got back, I finally met [twitter.com profile] imyril, who is really cool! She was doing an award ceremony in the bar that involved giving the winners rocks, I am awed. (I absolutely endorse her plans to overthrow [twitter.com profile] runalongwomble.).

  • And then it was time to hang out with [twitter.com profile] buckbeakbabie (she is so cool and knowledgeable and soon there will be a podcast on how Repeal the 8th was successful in the face of RIDICULOUS MONEY AND PRESSURE, please keep an eye out for it!) in her traditional Bifrost garb, and DANCE ALL NIGHT. Okay, not all night, but I was in the disco from 22:00-02:00, and my feet definitely felt that. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. I ducked out of the dancefloor when there was a song I didn't know, because the disco is BASICALLY really energetic kareoke, but for the most part it was Gleeful Shepard Shuffling! Or doing the dances that [twitter.com profile] buckbeakbabie's cool friend was suggesting. Also there was the macarena, TWICE. (One to Personal Jesus in the first half, because OF COURSE. [twitter.com profile] mikebrooks668, who was DJing for the second one, tried to put us off by playing VNV Nation and I think that made the macarena just go harder?) But it was such a good time! [twitter.com profile] scattermoon acts along with her portion of the set list and has little intros (Hammersmith is apparently a wretched hive of scum and villainy), and [twitter.com profile] mikebrooks668 likes to literally jump off the stage to rock out, so I think a good time was had by all? If anyone wants the set list, the entire thing is here, or there's youtube playlist here.

  • (It turns out that Saturday Night, Deceptacon, and Ooh Aah are ACTUAL SONGS and not a weird fever dream I had as a child! Good to know! In return for this knowledge, please no one ask me how old I was when I realised that Bloodhound Gang's Discovery Channel was about sex.)

  • ... My feet were BLACK by the end of the night, like, to the point where the towel I used to dry my feet after I washed them still turned grey. I guess the lesson is "keep your uncomfortable party shoes on then" but pfffffft.

  • (I danced... Kinda a lot...)

  • Sunday I think was honestly my con-crash day, because I suddenly felt very wobbly and ready to go home. I don't know why, but it wasn't pleasant. ... I guess because there was so much faffing to get ready and checked out? I dunno.

  • I went to the Small Ships talk, which was a bunch of us with tiny ships/tiny fandoms talking about the trials, tribulations, and actual victories of tiny ships and rare pairs? I really really liked that the moderator specifically said that we could say what fandom we were in, but don't mention what your ship is in case a shipping war breaks out, that seemed to work really well! (RIP the poor sixteen year old in Voltron fandom who'd apparently spent the entire weekend watching their fandom meltdown about Shiro.) We got to introduce someone to the new exclude filters for AO3 and it was like we'd told them Christmas was early! (Also it turns out that if you have a rarepair in a big fandom you can just... Make monthly challenges and exchanges, and PEOPLE WILL PLAY WITH YOU, I'm so jealous.)

  • Managed to do a quick sweep of the vendor room to look for presents for Lex and Jill (I didn't get pictures of what I got Lex, but it was a Gengar and an Eevee keyring; Jill got a grab-bag of stuff that I thought would make her smile) and be the Fiscal Irresponsibility Fairy for Claire. It turns out that if you just ask people what they want they'll talk themselves into buying shinies?

  • It turns out that we did all manage to get packed up the night/day before (I'm so sorry that I was packing at 3am! I'm really sorry!) so checking out wasn't as painful as it could have been! And we ran into a Jane Eyre cosplayer, which was the most niche cosplay I think of the weekend?

  • I also ended up at a panel talking about Chevalier D'Eon, which was really interesting. Apparently the guy giving the talk hadn't found a single book that respected her gender and pronouns written after her death, which. What. What.

  • I hate saying goodbye to people, it fills me with woe, and I think I was having a whooooole bunch of anxiety anyway so booooo to every part of that hour I spent having to sit quietly and not talk to people. But then I got to do a catch-up and Nandos run with [twitter.com profile] buckbeakbabie and her friend Catherine, before we all split up to get the tube to the train/coach station.

  • (Waaaaaaah I miss everyone! ;_______; )

  • I checked out Steven Universe on the train back (THE FUTURE IS AMAZING) and I'm really grateful to whoever was selling me on it (I'm sorry! I forgot who I was talking to about it! Was it [twitter.com profile] faintdreams?) who warned me that they backfeed a lot of information, because without that I would probably have had to stop and go looking for the "actual" first episode because it seemed to start in media res. The episodes are really short! This is excellent, short TV is good for me. And there are songs, which are cute, although the art alternates between cute and "Ummmmmmmm no" for me (bless Steven's dad but he looks like a thumb). The stories in the episodes I watched were... Fine? But I assume that it's gonna get better later on, and there is going to be Sardonyx, who is literally the only person I could name on this show apart from Steven.


But yes, that was my Nine Worlds. It was pretty good, and I definitely felt more settled and more able to keep up with meeting new people! (I swear to you, if you're ever worried about not knowing people at a convention, you come stand between [twitter.com profile] faintdreams and [twitter.com profile] clairerousseau, you'll be introduced to pretty much every single person who attends within an hour.) I guess not being in a new place + taking my tablets helped? I know Some Stuff kicked off at the Futures of Nine World panel, and that there's apparently been some stuff going down, but I'm still catching up on that. All I know is that there might not be a Nine Worlds next year? But if not we can meet up SOMEWHERE ELSE.

For now, you're all great, I love my friends, thank you all for having me! <3

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Date: 2018-08-28 10:29 pm (UTC)
jesse_the_k: Toaster says 'I want you inside me' to slice of bread who replies 'that's hot' (consensual breakfast)
From: [personal profile] jesse_the_k
What a fabulous con report!

It provides a faint hint of a shadow of being there, and there sounded swell.

Piqued by the Mental Health & Games panel -- I mod'ed a WisCon panel on Managing Pain with Games, which I have not yet written up, but hey there are 125 days left in the year.

I adored Transparent 2, I hope you like it as well.

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Date: 2018-12-08 09:05 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] lokifan
! The Black Sails panel had a special guest, which was only the fucking actor that played John Silver, who was apparently not expecting the sort of questions he got asked by the panel, but was genuinely thoughtful in his answers.

Yep! He was great. He also seemed a little bemused by the style of questions (obviously there were things aimed at him, but there was a lot of more standard Nine Worlds-y 'let's talk about queerness in Black Sails as part of its decolonising project...') and he coped very well :D

Man, we must've seen each other cos I danced like crazy too (the one with bi-flag-coloured hair, wearing black dress and knee-highs) although I definitely missed a bit of dancing by barconning.
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