Nov. 20th, 2018

spindizzy: (We'll skip to the part where I kick ass)
Sam and I are finishing off our Resident Evil movie marathon at long last! We're watching the last half of the series, and I'm excited because RE4 is terrible, RE5 is my favourite, and I have very few memories of RE6 except that the plot makes no sense, there's a helluva Gilligan cut, and also Ruby Rose. So half of this is going to be me going "Sam, Sam, stop tweeting and watch this bit!" and the other half is going to be whispering "I have no memory of this place!"

As ever, Sam's livetweet is here, and mine is here!

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spindizzy: (*blinding realisation*)
I didn't live tweet this one because honestly I only got around to buying a copy of this when I started doing this watchalong with Sam. Sam tweeted it here and he's Very Disappointed.

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