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HELLO my darlings! This is a quick and dirty update to say that I have a new laptop, her name is Svetlana and she is very sleek. IN THEORY she will run Sims 4 at max graphics and Final Fantasy XV at minimum graphics, but I haven't tested that yet. She HAS BSoDed on me twice since I got her on Friday, but Windows 10 is not her fault and I WAS installing a lot of games on her at the time.

(Please appreciate how many scary phonecalls I had to make to go "Hi, you didn't fix the laptop keys even though you said you did, and where is the bit of paper explaining what you DID fix?" and "I know you said I could trade in my current laptop but Staples/Office Outlet literally don't offer anything with comparable specs, what do?" And then I had to go to PC World, where I did NOT get ambushed by salesfolks when I was expecting them, but did manage to summon [twitter.com profile] hardlyaverage and [twitter.com profile] captainraz to hold my hand and validate my choices. I decided not to get the HP Omen in the end, but it was CLOSE because it was 3edgy5me and I kinda loved it unironically.)

Apart from that, Lex possibly has the flu (like full-on "fever and chills and possible delirium" levels of possibly having the flu)! Housemate is investing in INTERESTING COOKING SCIENCE that involves spending six hours making steam dumplings and a week fermenting kimchi! Jill is hating the snow with the fire of a thousand suns, which will hopefully solve the problem! I am off to the doctor's after work to see whether or not I have blood, which is why you're getting this update now! True friendship is three of you accidentally co-ordinating your appointments to be one right after the other with the same doctor and no prior consultation, so party in the waiting room!

... Maybe wish me luck on the having blood thing? I don't know, the scale of potential problems has "Vitamin D deficiency" at one end and "Pre-diabetes and PCOS" at the other, so I'm not freaking out but I'm not exactly relaxed about it either.