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 Hey everyone! Quick update on my me for people I don't have on twitter:

  • I am SUPER TIRED. Like, "Start nodding off in the middle of a game/a training session for work/transcribing" levels of tired. I know I usually say I'm cream-crackered but the actually dozing off mid-sentence is a new one on me.

  • Work is in the middle of exam season so the students are Not Happy. They're trying their best, bless them, but they're all a bit frazzled.

  • My laptop is in the shop! I had a straight line of keys on my laptop just stop working, so I sent my laptop in for repairing. Prayer circle that she comes back okay, because Staples no longer do laptops that will run games so cashing in my warranty for a fourth? Fifth? time will be a bit more of a struggle. (I think the problem is just that there was some crud under the keys that I couldn't get out despite my best efforts, but prising the keys off myself to check would void my warranty.) I've been using a tiny busted laptop that can't actually run Firefox properly and honest to god lags when I type, so I'm desperately waiting for my laptop to come back.

  • Day 286: still not Word DPS in 4tw. Have in fact made myself EVEN MORE THE TANK.

  • Book blanket is going well, although suffering from the fact that I read manga a lot faster than I knit, so. I have completed five squares! And most of my border! And realised that I'd forgotten a square, so I need to put that one in next!

  • The text I got for my blood test results came back "Talk to your doctor at your next appointment, no need to make an extra one," which I assumed meant that there was nothing wrong! But apparently there is a specific text message for "Your blood test came back as expected/negative" so what it actually means is "There might be nothing wrong! OR, whatever is wrong is not going to kill you between now and February." Yay.

  • (AND I survived not only going to the dentist, BUT ALSO seeing a dentist who is not my usual! THAT IS A BIG DEAL FOR ME, all hail our lord and saviour Fluoxetine.)

  • I am possibly going to start going through my books and things to see what I can get rid of forever/lend out. If I put a list of things on here, or in a google doc, would that work for people? Or should I just tweet things as I find them? (I am fine, I just figured that it would be easier to tidy up the books I have if I got rid of the ones that weren't doing anything for me.)

  • Housemate said I could borrow his massage-shoulder-wrap-thing because I also have shoulder muscles like rocks, and it was like a religious experience. Shoulder muscles relaxed that I didn't even know could relax, what is this sorcery?!

  • Pokémon Let's Go is one of the purest games that I've ever played, and my adorable Eevee is the mightiest of warriors in super cute outfits. Sometimes we even match! It's great! I've made it to Lavender Town, and forgot to heal up before I went tearing off after Team Rocket, so... Oops? HOPE NO ONE WANTS TO FIGHT ME IN THE CELADON TUNNEL.

  • Apart from that... I dunno. I've been struggling a little bit with getting things done, but that could just be me and my "I did not build Rome in a day, I am a failure!" woes, rather than something actually being wrong? I've ordered new diary pages, because I feel like I need something that's a little bit less effort to fill in for a while? I am working 8:00-19:00 today because I'm a muppet? I dunno guys. I hear Dreamwidth is getting more active now that Tumblr has died a death, which means that I really need to do sweeps to see if anyone's made communities for any of my fandoms and start actually reading back through my reading page, which I haven't done in like... Six months...? No, that can't be right. (Narrator voice: It was probably right.)

How are you all? What've you been up to? Is Dreamwidth full of shiny new communities for your fandoms? (TELL ME WHICH FANDOMS ARE ACTIVE.)

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Date: 2019-01-23 09:26 am (UTC)
jb_slasher: tom everett scott (tom on crack)
From: [personal profile] jb_slasher
I am possibly going to start going through my books and things to see what I can get rid of forever/lend out.
Recommend! I'm slowly doing this because for some reason I just don't read the books on my shelves. Not just because watching movies is easier because it seems I don't watch them, either! Hence, doing it slowly, work-in-progress like. :)