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I didn't even LIKE Beyond Two Souls, why am I drabbling for it?

Beyond Two Souls // Remember, Remember
G | 100 words | Jodie, Aiden | Mild spoilers for the mid-game | "Remember when everyone thought you were just my imaginary friend?" | Written for [community profile] drabble_zone's "imaginary friend" prompt.

"Remember when everyone thought you were just my imaginary friend and it was me with the weird powers?" Jodie's eyes wouldn't stay closed, even though she was so tired she could barely focus on the walls of her tent. "Remember when you were kind of my imaginary friend? And we'd play dolls together? Feels like another lifetime."

There was a long silence, then her torch was gently pulled away from her hands. It flipped on, and slowly shadow animals started to move across the circle of light.

"You do remember," Jodie whispered, and finally drifted off.