Jan. 28th, 2019

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Hey guys! Only like a year or two overdue: the reaction shot for episode eleven of Yuri!!! On Ice! It was really weird coming back to the series after so long (and it really genuinely has been actual years, HOW DOES TIME WORK?!) and after getting an anxiety diagnosis of my own. All the stuff that Yuri did that I was just "Oh man, I feel this on a personal and visceral level!" and all the stuff where I was like "Well obviously Yuri has anxiety, but I don't want to appropriate anything!" — YOU HAVE ANXIETY SUSAN. THAT WAS LITERALLY LOOKING AT SOMEONE WITH THE EXACT SAME BRAIN HANG-UPS AS YOU AND GOING "OH MAN, I FEEL FOR THEM SO STRONGLY! BUT I'M SURE THERE'S NOTHING HERE THAT I NEED TO APPLY TO MY OWN LIFE!"

... Bless past!me, but she was sometimes an idiot.

So yeah, it's weird to watch and remember feeling sympathy anxiety, but also... I dunno, be able to recognise what it is? And not be that anxious watching a fun tv show about queer ice skaters! ... Also it's so nice to be able to watch it and not be fretting about Yuri/Victor being jossed or something tragic happening to one of them, because apparently the "Is this canon or am I being hella queerbaited into being invested in something that will end in tears?!" took up a lot of my emotional energy the first time around.

... Also, you know, it's really weird to come back to the FIRE NATION ATTACK and actually see it coming, but also *screaming intensifies*

[Master post of reactions is here!]

Okay, let's do this, I'm ready!

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