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Another one where I'm not too sure I stuck the landing, but I tried! And the trying is the important part! Can't get my eye back in if I don't try!

Resident Evil (Movies)// Last Smoke at the End of the World
G | 200 words | Alice, Chris, Claire | Set post-RE6, although there's no spoilers. | Written for the prompt "Fireworks" | He'd been saving them for a special occasion.

They leaned against the rooftop railing, lit red and white by the glow of the logos on the Umbrella factory opposite, passing a cigarette between them.

“I can’t believe you had these the whole way here!” Claire laughed, taking a long drag on her turn. “All those times I said that I said I’d kill a guy for some smokes and you didn’t even blink?”

“Didn’t want to give you a target,” Chris said, as Alice smirked and leaned in to steal it out of her hand. “Besides, I was saving them for a special occasion.”

“Seriously? For something after the end of the world?”

“What, you don’t think this is special?” he asked, mock offended. "World's been ending for years. This is supposed to be a once in a lifetime occasion."

Even Alice laughed, thin shoulders shaking as they leaned into each other. It was a brief thing, like she'd forgotten how to do it, but he hadn't been sure he remembered either. Alice held up the detonator, gave them a sardonic little smile. “End of Umbrella will do just fine.”

She hit the button, and the entrances to the last Hive erupted in fire below them.
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