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Bioshock Infinite // No one left behind
G | 200 words | Booker, Elizabeth | Technically spoilers for the mid-game | Written for the [community profile] drabble_zone prompt "What are you doing?" | Booker wasn't walking out of this one.

"What are you doing?" Booker asked, pulling his arm away. "You've gotta get outta here, you ain't got long."

The shouts of the firemen were getting closer. He must have left a trail a mile wide to this pile of crates with the way his leg was bleeding, and he didn’t like their chances if they got surrounded.

Elizabeth tried to get his arm over her shoulder again. "I can move you!" It sounded more like desperation than real conviction. "We just need to go, I can open a tear—"

Booker shouted as his leg jarred. His vision flashed white and he doubled over, trying to breathe through the pain. Elizabeth had bandaged it, but it wasn't gonna hold him if that was any indication. "I ain't going anywhere like this, you know that. Just take the skygrabber and go." He wanted to tell her she could come back later, but that might be one lie too many.

Elizabeth closed her eyes and took a shuddering breath, sinking to her knees next to him. Booker could see the devil’s kiss of the firemen roaring up the wall behind her – then Elizabeth reached out and ripped reality open beneath them.
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