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I Have Finished My First Story Of The Year And It's This Shit, What Is My Life: A routine choreographed by me.

Yuri!!! On Ice // Fidgeting
G | 636 words | Yuri Plisetsky, Victor Nikiforov | Set post episode twelve, some spoilers | Yurio's hair is annoying him. That's it, that's the show.

"Yurio," Victor cooed when the lights went up and Georgi skated off the ice. He beckoned to Yuri with the smile that meant trouble and the friendly tone that meant if he wasn't obeyed there was going to be Trouble. Yurio glowered at him from beneath his hair, but climbed over Mila to sit in the seat in front of Victor.

He'd been growing his hair out for the Grand Prix Final next year – he was probably going to wear it shorter than this, especially if anyone else asked him if he was taking inspiration from Victor's old look again – but Lilia approved of him having the option. He had the worst of it tied back in a knot at the back of his head, because he was not kidding about kicking the ass of the next person who asked him about looking like Victor. But that left him enough to fidget with all through the competition, leg twitching as he waited for the Japanese Yuri to skate, twisting the ends of it between his fingers, and more than enough to get in his eyes.

As soon as Yurio was settled, still jostling his leg even as Chris stepped onto the ice, Victor tugged the hairtie out of Yurio's hair. Yurio jerked around in his seat, ready to start yelling, but Chris' music boomed down around them and Mila's elbow landed hard in his ribs. Victor was still smiling, Yurio's hairtie around his wrist, and he gestured for Yurio to turn back around.

Yurio didn't trust Victor as far as he could kick him, but he threw himself back into his seat with a huff anyway. His hair was in his face now, thanks Victor, but that was probably good because it meant that he couldn't see whatever grossness Chris was doing.

At least until Victor put his hands in Yuri's hair, anyway.

Yuri made a strangled noise and tried to turn to glare at Victor, but it was hard when Victor was holding onto Yuri's hair. He flailed, which got Mila's pointy elbows in his side again – and then he realised what Victor was doing. He was... Braiding Yuri's hair? Yuri couldn't see, but he could feel Victor's hands moving quickly, tying Yuri's hair back out of the way. There was a snap, and Yuri had just enough slack to turn and see Victor tying off the end, still smiling like he was waiting for Yuri to pick a fight.

Yuri ran his hand down the plait, suspicious, but it – felt tight, and the end of it that he could see was neat enough. It made sense, Victor had had long hair for years, but he hadn't expected that. He squinted up at Victor, not sure what to say.

"Concentrate," Victor said, leaning in low enough that Yuri could hear him. "Don't you know how disappointed Yuri's going to be if he doesn't have your full attention?"

And then Victor was standing up and making his way down to the aisle, probably going to find Yuri Katsuki after his routine. Yuri leaned back to watch him go, a hand still on his hair. Then he kicked back in his chair, bracing his feet on the empty seat in front of him, and resting his hands on his knees. Mila leaned against him heavily, shoulders shaking like she was laughing at him, but he didn't care. Just like he didn't care about Yuri's "disappointment".

Yuri Katsuki was doing his first performance since coming to Russia. Of course he was going to have Yuri's full attention, because he was going to demand it with his skating, and the same from everyone else.

... If he didn't, then Yuri would kill him. He'd already got his hair out of the way for it anyway.
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