Jan. 7th, 2019

spindizzy: Taiga staring over her newspaper (*reads suspiciously*)
Once upon a time while looking for icons, I discovered that Today's Menu For The Emiya Family is a show that exists! It's a cute little series that appears to be set in the happiest timeline, where all of the Masters and Servants are living happily, not committing murders, and cooking together instead!

... It's delightful, it's so pure, I love it. I'm so happy that for once, it was me that got to bring a Fate series to Lex instead of the other way around, and that it's so lovely! It's basically the Fate/Sweetness & Lightning fusion AU, and I am so here for it.

(Apart from the fact that Shinji is still alive and in people's lives, because I straight up hiss at the screen whenever he appears. GO AWAY SHINJI, YOU DON'T DESERVE NICE THINGS.)

But, because I do, and because I cope with nice things by capslocking: reaction shot!

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But yeah, I really like Today's Menu for the Emiya family. It's sweet and wholesome and kind, and I kinda love that it's just a load of people who we've seen trying to kill each other being domestic together like it's a perfectly normal thing. A+ work everyone involved, please keep that up.

Oh, and as promised, the recipe included in the show for toshikoshi soba, with all the attendent provisos that I don't cook, I cannot judge how accurate or reasonable this recipe is, and I take no responsibility if it kills you after you try it. I googled it and the recipes online seem to match up, so it might NOT kill you, but I am not to be trusted on stuff like this beyond "That's what the tv said!"

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