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But I am aware of the explosions in Manchester, I've texted me mam and she says that none of my family are in town tonight so they should all be safe. I've seen a few of the older ones knocking around on FB, so it looks like we're all okay. We're okay.

(I've actually been in that concert arena, and the tram line they've had to shut down is my only route home. This is deeply deeply strange to see.)
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It is absolutely not because I periodically forget the word Christmas when under pressure, and who in my social group celebrates Christmas or a different thing around this time. NOT EVEN SLIGHTLY.

This is the first Christmas day that I haven't spent even partially with [twitter.com profile] jilliferium. Like, we kinda did Christmas at the start of the week – me and Lex went to Liverpool to visit her, and we spent a lot of time yelling about Star Wars (she has finally seen some of them! I think she's seen the prequel trilogy and The Force Awakens? She has VERY STRONG OPINIONS on Anakin Skywalker, ngl.) and trying to be Responsible Adults Who Are Good At Presents (we failed.). It was like Proper Christmas in that there was much yelling and chattering and an immense amount of meat because we went to Viva Brasil, which is an all-you-can-eat Brazilian meat place. *_*

(UK people: if Tropiero closing has left a hole in your stomach, Viva Brasil is pretty much the exact same thing, except that they stamp a sheet of paper at your table to say what types of meat you've had. There was, like, cap of beef or something? And it was legit the best piece of meat I have had ALL YEAR.)

We didn't get to spend much time together, but I think we had fun? A lot of what we did was go round shops while I went "Fuck, me and Lex haven't got you a Christmas present yet, what do you want?" and Jill going "IDK, stuff??????" (We BOTH passed will saves vs Pokemon Sun and Final Fantasy XV and I can't help but feel like this was a terrible mistake that I need to rectify. Plus I kinda want to get Final Fantasy Explorers so that we have a game to yell at each other through, because god knows we don't have any of those.)


Wednesday I don't remember what I did. I know I played D&D in the evening, and I think I spent most of the day leading up to that AGGRESSIVELY AVOIDING statting characters because I hate statting characters? And maybe Lex and Christ played the X-Wing minis game? IDK.

Thursday and Friday I would like to say that I DIDN'T spend in a haze of watching and screaming about Yuri On Ice but that would be a lie, that is literally what I did. There may have been breaks for things like buying food and going to the pub to socialise like a real adult, but.

And then yesterday we came to Manchester! Gossip about current state of my family, NO ONE CARES SUSAN )

Lex had an amazing haul of spaceships for the Star Wars video game, which he is very happy about! He also got one of the books in Jim Butcher's newest series, and more socks than you can shake a stick at. (Holy crap, he has ACTUAL PAIRS! This is going to last to the first time they go into the wash and I am going to enjoy this reprieve while I have it. Ma got books and SO MUCH CHOCOLATE I think people are attempting to fatten her up. I don't know what Jill's getting off her people, but I have basically stuffed notebooks and filofax inserts and so many bathbombs into her arms and run away.

I got the Chocobo card game, which looks REALLY CUTE and I CAN'T PLAY IT YET because it's three player minimum and I think Lex is the only person who'll play it with me. And I also got socks (I have THE CUTEST PENGUIN SOCKS), and a contribution to my new shoe fund, and so much chocolate, and one of the One Piece omnibi (YES!), and all eight X-Men movies in one boxset (don't you judge me), and some CDs (Halsey and Imagine Dragons), and a GINGERBREAD HOUSE to decorate! I'm sure there was something else, but I can't remember what it is and I can't see it. A+, would add to my dragon horde again. ♥

It has been a good Christmas with good food and I haven't had to fight anyone yet, so I'm calling it a win!
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There is a ludicrous amount of flooding in my hometown (where I am staying! Right now!), the electricity went out and came back, and a footbridge got washed away and caught fire, in that order!!1 Everyone in my family is fine - my siblings on my dad's side got evacuated because their side of town was under a metre and a half of water, but they're staying with friends/the evacuation area. Our electricity went out, and our David came round to drag us all to his where the electricity was working until ours came back (he's been out helping his friends with sandbags, because he's a boss. I've not heard from him for a while though, but I'm hoping he's just down the pub with his mates after getting that sorted.). We're looking after my sister's dog, Jem, who is being referred to alternately as "Landshark" and "Invisible Dog" depending on whether we have lights or not, because looking for a black dog in a room lit only by candlelight is a fucking bastard.


1: SO, that footbridge has the gas mains and the electricity lines running under it. If you watch the video, you can see that the bridge is bending under the weight of the trash that's caught on it from the very start (but nothing interesting happens until about three minutes in), and when it finally gives way? It snaps the power lines, and the gas mains, and the one sparks off the other. Hence: fireball.

For context, that bridge is usually ten, fifteen feet above the water level? Minimum?
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I hope y'all had good christmases! Mine was pretty good! I GOT LEVERAGE SERIES ONE ON DVD! And socks! And a pink fuzzy penguin jumper! And a fifteen-minute sandtimer (... I think technically it's 14 minutes 52 seconds but hey, who's counting) that I'm planning to use to help trick my brain into a "Look, fifteen minutes, we can totally be productive for fifteen minutes" thing. (We totally can't be, I've been staring at my OneWord window for like three hours and bouncing off it entirely.) Aaaaand I made a science! I'm planning to use it as a commonplace book because I like the idea of it. And I have enough chocolate to kill a man! And socks! And a copy of John Wick! And The Last of Us, which I think will make Baco very happy! And a Non-Compliant shirt (as in Bitch Planet), which is making me happy because it means that I can go from "children's librarian" to "FUCK THE PATRIARCHY!" in the time it takes me to remove my jumper. And Ancillary Mercy! Which means I need to read Ancillary Sword. And socks!

I think everyone had a good day? I'm a bit worried because Jill worked yesterday and has to be back in work tomorrow ("Bob Cratchit gets more time off than you!" says my brother, and we all nod resignedly.) One of my older sisters non-conned my mum into having a smartphone despite my mum saying for ACTUAL LITERAL YEARS that she didn't want one and would really struggle to work it, so me and Jill have done our best to get it set up as she wants and tell her how to do the things she needs to. But it's a good phone! And maybe it will be useful! IDK.

Anyway, going to kick OneWord. Good night everyone, I love you! Merry Christmas!
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  • WE FOUND THE COOKIESHAKE EQUIVALENT IN MANCHESTER AND IT IS AWESOME. :D Lots of icecream, lots of milk, and an entire bar of chocolate in a glass for £2.50. THIS MAKES ME HAPPY.
  • Jill has Prototype! She spends most of her time running up and down buildings, which I seem to recall her mocking me for when I was playing Spiderman, but dude IT IS FUN! :D
  • Jen and her friend Laura are here so they can be introduced to Canal Street and Manchester Pride, which they're currently loving forever. Me and Jill showed them where they needed to be and then ditched them in favour of shopping - I WAS AN AWESOME GIRLFRIEND and bought Lex a present because (and oh god I know I sound like a girl saying this and I'm sorry it embarrasses me too) it's our six month anniversary thing in September and and and I thought he'd have come to his senses by now so HE IS GETTING A PRESENT. IT IS AN AWESOME PRESENT. HE WILL LOVE IT. POSSIBLY MORE THAN HE LOVES ME. THAT IS HOW AWESOME HIS PRESENT IS.
  • (It's a good thing I'm at home for the next couple of weeks - he got a copy of the Supernatural RPG system on Saturday and he's been desperately looking for it for AGES, so if I'd stayed I'd've become a Supernatural widow or something.)
  • RIHANNA IS ADORABLE AND CAN TALK AND STUFFS! :D She can say NAN and MAM and HIYA! And and she has apparantly figured out how to open the fridge because according to my sister Rihanna went into the kitchen while mum was on the phone, opened the fridge, unwrapped the lard and then came back into the living room to give it to my mum. :D
  • I have been watching more Garo! I forgot how awesome it was and by awesome I mean LGDFUGHDFLJGHDLFJKGDLFJGN DID YOU SEE THOSE FIGHT SCENES THOSE FIGHT SCENES ARE GORGEOUS! Also watched the first three episodes of Kamen Rider Den-O and oh god the main character is adorable and fail and reacts in much the same way most people would (ie. RUN THE HELL AWAY FROM THE MONSTER) and has the worst luck in the world and for those who have seen Hetalia? HE IS ITALY. I SWEAR TO GOD.
  • There are no words in my head. I'm going to sit around with a notebook and shake it a lot, but I'm pretty sure there's nothing in there but dust and glitter. Part of it's probably that I haven't read a lot of fic lately, part of it's probably that I have CRIPPLING EMBARRASSMENT ISSUES when it comes to writing in a room with people in it (I CAN'T WRITE WHEN THERE ARE PEOPLE SAT NEXT TO ME, THEY CAN READ WHAT I'M WRITING AND WILL JUDGE ME AND THERE ARE NEVER NOT PEOPLE SAT NEXT TO ME.), part of it's that I HAVE NOTHING IN MY HEAD. I'm going to start throwing ideas randomly into files and notebooks and seeing if anything comes out.
  • I'm about two-thirds of the way through The Risen Empire by Scott Westerfeld, and thus far it's AWESOME. There is plot and physics (and I'm reliably informed by my resident physicist that the physics actually WORK so dude gets points for that :D) and all the characters are sympathetic and I have this horrible horrible feeling that every character who gets a section in their POV will DIE. EVERY SINGLE ONE. This is bad, because I generally like them all! Crap! Also: SCOTT WESTERFELD STOP WRITING YA SERIESES THAT I CAN'T HONESTLY SAY I LIKE AND GET BACK TO WRITING AWESOME SCIFI. YOU'RE MORE UNAMBIGUOUSLY AWESOME WHEN YOU'RE NOT TRYING TO BE CLEVER AND INVOKING TREMORS. [personal profile] renay please don't hate me. ;_;
  • Soon, soon my preciouses, I will be sharing with you the recipe for edible diabetes. BE AFRAID. BE VERY AFRAID.
  • ... I still haven't memorised the codes for Dreamwidth. THEY'RE NOT THAT DIFFICULT! Clearly I'm not posting enough if I'm having trouble with it. ;_;
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