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Uncharted // Too dumb to die
G | 200 words | Sully, Nate | Set pre-series but draws on events from Uncharted 3 | Written for the [community profile] drabble_zone prompt "silver" | If Nate wasn't sixteen and stupid, he wouldn't spend as much time nearly getting shot.

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Uncharted // Let's Start Living Dangerously
G | 816 words | Victor Sullivan, Nathan Drake | OKAY, technically no spoilers! Set pre-franchise, but using canon established in Uncharted 3? | Nate can look after himself. He's better at look after himself than Sully is, anyway.

Six months in and he still wasn't willing to take the chance that Sully was gonna go out on a job and forget to come back )
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What can I say? [personal profile] squeemu gives good ideas. (Ms [personal profile] vieralynn: I haven't forgotten you! I just need to find Let's Plays of the right bit of the game for what I want to write!)

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RIGHT, there's a new X-Men movie on the 18th and I won't be able to buy Uncharted 4 until the 25th, so what I'm saying is that I need to finish ALL OF THE FIC for these fandoms before those two dates. It's not gonna happen.

Uncharted // Life Insurance
G | 247 words | Nathan Drake, Elena Fisher | No spoilers | Nate has already signed everything over to Sully.

But anyway, here's Nate making poor life choices. )
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References to events of Uncharted 3, but no actual spoilers, set pre-games. PS I need someone who is a better person than me to right Nate And Sully's Epic Adventures when they were just finding their feet. I assume [archiveofourown.org profile] rhiannon87 is the person to go to for that? Or maybe [personal profile] rionaleonhart? But I've not found it yet.

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So I was rooting through one of my notebooks today and I found a thing! I have no idea where I was going with it, but I assume Chloe was going to punch Nate in the mouth at some point.

Uncharted 3 //
G | 208 words | Chloe Fraser, Nathan Drake | Set between Uncharted 2 and 3, spoilers for 3. Typed on my tablet keyboard, probably typos | They'd never really talked about it.

I don't know Nate, you tell me. )
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SO I found out that gargoyles are a thing in the Shadowrun universe, and then I remembered the conversation between Nate and Chase about whether something was a gargoyle or a grotesque.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss/Shadowrun // Well, it's definitely grotesque
G | 100 words | Chase, Nathan Drake | No spoilers | The distinction between gargoyles and grotesques is more important than you'd think.

Gargoyle! )
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I feel like this icon is too happy for the ficbit with Kyoko in. I'm sorry Kyoko, you deserve better.

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Nov. 22nd, 2015 11:30 pm
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After the MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF WORDS the other day, the weekend has been dead. One of those "I know writing is my hobby but maybe I should just punch myself in the face and save myself some time" weekends.

Tomb Raider, Uncharted. )
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I am daydreaming about writing hyper-masculine bullshit (a la The Losers or the pulpy adventure stories Uncharted is a descendant of), but with a lot more rampant bisexuality and female characters ruling everything. It keeps me warm at night.

... Also I am completely failing to daydream about The Losers fic because every time I try, the ending acts like a black hole and hauls me back into its orbit of sadness. Speaking of orbits of sadness, I should see if I can get the first one and the last one into some semblance of reasonable fic.

FFVIII, Uncharted, Pet Shop of Horrors. )
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Yes, I'm still behind, but I cannot concentrate on words right now. I am SUPER tired.

This was a OneWord prompt that grew. Also I am asleep. Also I have met Chloe and was giving Drake the "WHY DID YOU BREAK UP WITH ELENA?!" eyes I like her but am enjoying my headcanon of Nathan Drake Is A Massive Dork In Relationships. FEEL FREE TO DISAGREE, but they gave me that Marco Polo achievement for a reason and it's not because Drake is cool OR suave.

Do they ever actually tell us what Elena's show is called?

Uncharted // Channel Surfing
G | 100 words | Nathan Drake | No spoilers | It might not be the weirdest thing in general, but it FEELS weird.

The weirdest thing about their relationship is that he can see Elena any time he wants. )
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Chart! )

[personal profile] squeemu is studying like a bastard, so here is Nate having Lots of Fun on a run in the Shadowrun universe! I am still trying to write Joshua and Reckert in the Uncharted universe, but I might have to kick them into the ocean just because every attempt at putting them into a jungle has ended up suspiciously close to [personal profile] thebaconfat's Camp story.

... Or maybe a temple. Or maybe an underwater temple, just so Joshua can be even more out of his depth not sure how he got himself into this mess.

Uncharted/Shadowrun // Nate on a hot tin roof
G | 814 words | Nate, Elena | No spoilers or warnings | Next time, he needs an exit plan.

Nate hit the roof at speed. )


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