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I had a craving to write ridiculous stupid melodrama, why am I this person.

Pandora Hearts //
G | 323 words | Gilbert | Spoilers for volume one | He can't remember what Oz looks like.

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Finally managing to queue this far enough in advance that I feel organised! Winning!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Pandora Hearts, Final Fantasy X-2 )
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Hey look, something that might be worth actual header information, bet y'all thought I'd forgotten how to do it. IT IS NOT A DRABBLE, I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF EVEN IF IT IS SHIT IT IS LONGER THAN 100 WORDS. I AM A REAL HUMAN BEING, PLEASE LOVE ME.

Pandora Hearts // No happiness to be found
G | 400 words | Alice, Raven | Spoilers through volume... 18? I think 18. | They refuse to be cheered up.

Alice jumps up onto the kitchen countertops. )
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Pandora Hearts // Song and Dance
G | 100 words | Oz, Break; Alice and Raven mentioned | Minor spoilers for volume 2, but not based off canon events | What happened isn't as important as the story they tell afterwards.

It gets revised a little more each time. )


Oct. 1st, 2015 11:02 pm
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I'm retroactively really glad that the prompt for the first one came up before I read Skip Beat or there would probably have been. Um. Screaming? NO ONE TALK TO ME ABOUT THE NEW SKIP BEAT I WAS NOT READY FOR THAT.

Pandora Hearts, Shadowrun, Skip Beat )
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I don't know what happened with that middle one beyond my brain shutting down.

Pandora Hearts, 2 x Shadowrun )
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I have work THEN Welcome to Night Vale in, like, Leeds? (Who goes to LEEDS?! says the girl who narrowly escaped studying in Leeds.) and then I'm going back to my Mum's for the rest of the week. I ain't getting home till MIDNIGHT.

But on the flip side, I was HORRIFICALLY disorganised this week. I think I'm going to need this time at my mum's just to get my writing life sorted out. The hope is that now I have a relatively fixed schedule, I can mark out ACTUAL WRITING TIME for myself, and then I'll be a competent human being. ... Hopefully I won't be defeated by video games, like I usually am when I try to sort my life out.

(I've still not packed. My problem is going to be taking the books with me that I want to write reviews of while I'm there, AND having room for clothes and my laptop and the two handbags my mum wants me to bring her. HOPE [twitter.com profile] hardlyaverage LEFT SOME SPACE IN THE CAR.)

On the plus side, part of my procrastination was uploading new icons, which means I actually have ones for the fandoms I'm writing in!

OneWord fic for Skulduggery Pleasant, FFVIII, and Pandora Hearts. )
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I think that first ficbit might be me trying to work out my shoujo manga feels. The second one has stumped me slightly because I can't remember whether Oz or Gilbert is older (... In linear time) and I don't want to check the wiki to find out in case of spoilers.

OneWord ficbits: Original, Pandora Hearts, Final Fantasy VIII )
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All I want to do right now is write the shittest, trashiest shoujo manga storyline of all time. I'm probably not going to to, because I don't have any ideas for a story, just desire for specific emotions (I want crying and people clutching each other and slamming fists into walls and maybe I want het for a change but I don't know?), but I want it. ._. It turns out that trashy shoujo manga is my mental chocolate chip cookie - even when it's bad, I'm still going to devour it.

(As an aside: the first volume of Black Birds is kinda terrible. Not recommended.)

Oneword ficbits: FFVIII, Pandora Hearts, Petshop of Horrors. )
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... See, because I wrote the first one on Friday, I genuinely can't remember what the prompt for that one was. Oops.

Have been working on Actual Legit Madoka Magica Fanfic That Is Not Crack Crossovers and uggggggh it is hard and depressing and NEWS AT ELEVEN: Homura is bad at having feelings. I DON'T EVEN WANT YOU TO ADMIT YOUR FEELINGS, JUST ACKNOWLEDGE THEM PRIVATELY TO YOURSELF OH MY GOD. ... Apparently "The eternal warrior" is easier for me write quickly than school girls being happy? Idk.

OneWord fic: Pandora Hearts, Uncharted, One Piece )
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Pandora Hearts // Martyrdom
G | 100 words | Break, Gilbert | Minor spoilers for Gilbert and spoilers for Break's backstory | Break finds Gilbert pitiful at best.

Gilbert's devotion was revolting. )
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... Or if I want to watch [twitter.com profile] sithe playing One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 some more. (Having people to play videogames while you're writing is great sometimes, especially if they're playing something for the fandom you're writing in.). I miss my office though! It's so cute and happy and red. <3

ANYway, I figured that three one-minute fics might be a suitable investment in fic for the day, and then I can spend the rest of the evening writing slightly more sensible things! I have a to-do list that I've been not working on as hard I should considering how long it is.

Behind the cut: sixty-second fic for Uncharted, One Piece, and Pandora Hearts. )


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