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It was late in the day and I asked Team Sparkle Rocket what I should write; [personal profile] renay said "Seifer/Zell, beach, hammock, crabs." This includes all of those things, but I don't think is as gay as she wanted. MAYBE NEXT TIME.

Final Fantasy VIII // Five days at the beach
G | 500 words | Seifer, Zell | Set post-game, no explicit spoilers | The cliff-top was his and Squall's space, so he's not surprised Zell chooses somewhere else.

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Finally managing to queue this far enough in advance that I feel organised! Winning!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Pandora Hearts, Final Fantasy X-2 )
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Hey look, something that might be worth actual header information, bet y'all thought I'd forgotten how to do it. IT IS NOT A DRABBLE, I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF EVEN IF IT IS SHIT IT IS LONGER THAN 100 WORDS. I AM A REAL HUMAN BEING, PLEASE LOVE ME.

Pandora Hearts // No happiness to be found
G | 400 words | Alice, Raven | Spoilers through volume... 18? I think 18. | They refuse to be cheered up.

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Q: Susan, one day are you going to go through and turn these into real fic?

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[personal profile] thebaconfat prompted me to write about Meryt struggling to be direct about something, which kinda... Grew. It was going to be a five times fic, but the last one was going to be post-story and I don't have enough of an ending for the original story that I'm confident enough to just go for it? Oh well.

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And I don't have brain for original robots, so here is Star Wars bollocks, AGAIN.


(One day I'm going to write that fic that is all about how everyone in this goddamn movie is either leaving or left behind, no one stays. How anyone gets out of it without abandonment issues is a miracle.)

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"This isn't my fandom," I whisper as I read all the Force Awakens fic people rec to me. "This isn't my ship," I insist, as I keep writing about Finn and Poe's gay adventures. "WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!"

The Losers, Star Wars: The Force Awakens x2 )
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I'm just gonna stop asking people what my ficbit should be, the answer keeps being Star Wars. I ONLY SAW IT ONCE I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH CHARACTER KNOWLEDGE TO FAKE THIS YET.

Actual spoilers this time, I think?

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With the explicit proviso that I am kinda rough on my FFVII memories and can't remember how Cloud and Tifa actually re-meet! I'm assured that it's close enough to [spoilers] that he's still looking strung-out and not with it at all.

Final Fantasy VII // Recognition
G | Cloud, Tifa | No spoilers or warning | She barely recognises him at first.

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"I am really sleepy and can't decide what to write. Maybe I should ask someone. But the person I can ask is Nay, and if I ask Nay she'll just ask for Finn/Poe again, except I'm really sleepy. Maybe I should just write Star Wars fic about sleeping." - Me, literally.

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I asked Nay what I wanted to write and she said "Finn/Poe" but what I apparently heard was "What do you mean Finn and Rey haven't eaten real food in like ten years, minimum" and this is still not that story! Because it is NONSENSE O'CLOCK (Sparkle Rocket gentlefolks, I love all y'all but I've gotta stop hanging out with you till gone 3am. And definitely never again 4am.) and I apparently can't do emotional subtlety at this time.

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Today, I finished my media round-up over at [community profile] ladybusiness! THAT ONLY TOOK ALL FUCKING DAY, JESUS CHRIST. Tomorrow the plan is to write and queue some stuff, for here and for LB, so I'll let y'all know how that goes.

Now I want to write a Crimson Squad fic entitled "I used to miss you, but my aim's improved" but with a title like that it can ONLY be heart-breaking. Or a country song. Neither which I feel like writing. Google assures me it's a self-help book or something, still don't care

Final Fantasy X-2 // Missed
G | 100 words | Crimson Squad | Spoilers for Crimson Squad members | It's a very important question!

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