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I don't remember why I wrote this - I think it was going to be the lead-in to "Excuse me, have you seen my vampire uncle?" but I can't remember.

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For [personal profile] squeemu's prompt "SPACE LESBIANS: entertainment/downtime". I'm afraid you don't get a photo of the handwritten version like everyone else, because the handwritten version was shite. (This is TECHNICALLY a Saiyuki genderswapped Gojyo/Hakai in-space AU, which is so far from canon that I'm just tagging it as original and giving up.)

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I had some feelings about taking out the zombies before they could eat everyone and then having to shoot the mercs because they didn't want to just LET ME LIVE. I tried! I really tried!

Uncharted // Am I the only one who believes in teamwork?
T | 440 words | Nathan Drake | Set during chapter 19 of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune | Just once, it would be nice if his problems could work with him.

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The main reason I don't write FFXII fic: all I want to write is Balthier being loquacious and having a headache because Fran is the only person with sense in their merry little band. (Loquacious and laconic are two of my favourite words. Even though in my brain laconic feels like a lounging word.) There is only so much you can do with "Balthier exasperatedly sighing a lot over Vaan" and "Balthier, Basch and Fran sitting at the grown-up's table and regretting their life choices" especially when Balthier is young enough that he can find himself at the kid's table accidentally.

... So obviously there is a lot of Balthier being a mature adult at Vaan here, what is my fucking life.

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Dear past!me: I have NO IDEA why there you decided to write Elena pinning Nate to a wall, but I am surprisingly okay with that. ... Also did you ever write that Nate/Elena wall-sex thing you were gonna so that future!me doesn't have to? Because I WOULD APPRECIATE IT. Love, present!me.

This is another draft chunk of my One True Nate/Elena adventure, which is probably never going to get written and it just going to exist as lots of little scenes with no relation to canon. I was going to keep going, and then had to have an intense debate with myself as to whether Elena was the sort of person who'd go to an award ceremony in a dress or a suit, because I am leaning toward suit! But couldn't be sure! Any opinions? (I think Elena would look really cute, but also I think she'd rather look professional and be ready to escape through a back window while twelve heavily armed figures leap through the windows and try to raid the place. Not that she'd expect that, just that it's the sort of thing that happens to her now.)

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I just wanted to write the image I had in my head, it makes no sense, I am sleep.

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Pandora Hearts // Song and Dance
G | 100 words | Oz, Break; Alice and Raven mentioned | Minor spoilers for volume 2, but not based off canon events | What happened isn't as important as the story they tell afterwards.

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Today I have been WRITING LIKE A BASTARD. I have a delicious poll for what I'm doing over NaNoWriMo, I've done a load of prep for [community profile] ladybusiness over November, and I am so tired. Like, my brain is GOO. Also I found out that there's an 81,000+ word Losers/Shadowrun crossover fic and I don't know if I'm ready for this. Is there a way it could live up to that premise? I'd say that's my reward but I'm not sure I dare read it to find out.

So I guess that first one is probably me pondering what was going on before that one Losers fic I posted the other day. The Uncharted one is because I want to sleep. I have no excuse for the Madoka Magica one.

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So, the last one of these has vague spoilers for The Losers comic and I have no idea if I've got the nested cuts working. FAIR WARNING.

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Hey guys, I have been working my way through my comment backlog (I AM SORRY, I AM BAD AT COMMENTS. I keep just beaming at my inbox and being really pleased with how smart and kind my friends are and then I forget that I haven't told anyone I think they're smart and kind? I forget y'all aren't telepathic is what I'm saying here.). If you check your email and you have like twenty thousand notifications, it's nothing important, it's just me.

This was going to be a OneWord story, and then it kinda... Grew long enough that I didn't want to put it in my next batch post. It felt like cheating.

... I am going to need an Uncharted icon. SOMEONE PLEASE REMIND ME.

Uncharted // Better Part of Valour
G | 100 words | Elena, Nate, Sully | No spoilers | Some problems can't be solved with bullets.

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This is the one I was talking about the other day, the one where I wrote it and was like "... Fuck, this is way too close to the canon example of Jensen scaring everyone half to death," and decided that doing the working-forwards-and-back to turn it into a proper fic might not be worth the effort. Although I'm pretty fond of that title so MAYBE I WILL.

(I feel like I've gone a bit overboard on Jensen being a chatterbox and if I do actually turn this into proper fic I will fix that.)

And I've discovered em-dashes! I have no idea what they're for or when I should use them, but I can remember the keyboard combo for them (alt+0151, my dad would be so proud, he tried to teach me these back when we first got a computer), and [profile] heyheyrenay keeps fixing my hyphens in their favour so I AM TRYING TO LEARN.

... Also Baco, is The Losers a fandom that you're in? Because I found MISSION FIC with PINING and VIOLENCE and people shouting "I love you!" across a warehouse in a totally platonic manner and I feel like this is relevant to your interests.

The Losers // Like The Wicked Witch of the East With Steel-Toed Shoes
G | 1227 words | Clay, Cougar, Jensen, Pooch, maybe implied Cougar/Jensen if you are really fucking squinting | No spoilers | So Jensen was maybe a little bit late getting back to base, but they had dropped a building on him.

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In that second one, I'm SURE there's a really snide joke about Nate's sex life to be made, but I cannot think of it at this moment in time. Oops. Also, if everything goes well tomorrow I should have ACTUAL COMPLETED FIC to post, which'll be a turn-up for the fucking books.

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Madoka Magica/One Piece // Goodbye
G | 200 words | Brook, Sayaka | No explicit spoilers, but some implicit ones? | Sayaka has come to say goodbye.

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This file is just labelled "Baralai and Gippal vs Chocobos".

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This was going to be a OneWord ficbit, but then it was the right length for a drabble? I am uncomfortable with the degree of possession implied here, but that could just be because it's early and these guys are assholes and maybe I edited that part down. Although the Handymen would totally crack skulls on Alex's behalf if they had to, in my opinion.

Gangsta. //
G | 100 words | Nicolas, Worick | No spoilers, threats of violence? | Sometimes, threats are too easy.

Convincing Nic to NOT follow through on a threat is difficult. )
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Last night, Lex was throwing up a lot! This morning, I threw up so hard that it came out of my nose, promptly had a panic attack, because fuck me but I hate throwing up with the fire of a thousand suns, and we have both spent the entire day in a sort of fugue state. Made it to Asda to pick up stuff, then we accidentally fell asleep at like half four and slept till ten. ... Then I woke up and went "Fuck, I need to write something."

Don't have a brain to write, have a tiny chunk of a Madoka Magica fic I was working on. Spoilers for episode ten.

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