spindizzy: Taiga sleeping (Naptime)
 We're back! I continue to have feelings about Today's Menu for the Emiya Family! Today: ILLYA GETS TO BE ADORABLE AND LOVED AND THIS IS GREAT FOR ME AND MY HEART.

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spindizzy: Taiga staring over her newspaper (*reads suspiciously*)
TODAY'S MENU FOR THE EMIYA FAMILY CONTINUES TO BE REALLY CUTE, YOU GUYS. And in this episode, my TOTALLY NOTE FAVOURITE FATE CHARACTER EVER shows up! Yay! (I don't know who IS my favourite character in Fate, for the record, but Lancer is one of the like THREE PEOPLE who treats Rin with the respect she deserves so I loooooove hiiiiiim.)

... I'm not saying that this reaction shot is literally just endless variations of LANCER I LOVE YOU but I'm not NOT saying that.

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