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Okay, guys, help. I'm trying to pick out my reading goal for next year, and it's proving DIFFICULT.

  • According to GoodReads, I read 178 books this year (actual number may fluctuate because not everything I read is GoodReads), which is a bit higher than my goal of 150?

  • (I hit 150 in August, and then pretty much aggressively slacked off for the rest of the year because I was so behind on Eight Book Minimum. TAKE NOTES AS YOU READ, KIDS, BE BETTER THAN YOUR DISREPUTABLE AUNTIE SUSAN.)

  • If I am committing to Eight Book Minimum again, which was fun when it wasn't a bin fire of me being bad at regular posts and was a good way to cover books that I wasn't going to talk about in depth ever, that translates to... Okay, basic maths says it's about 208? Round it to 210 because I dislike unrounded numbers. That would be a CHALLENGE, but it would probably be doable?
    • Q: Oh my god Susan ARE YOU HIGH

    • ... I might be high, that still sounds like a lot of books

  • Part of my problem is that I wanted to up my challenge rating by having at least a third of what I read be prose for a change. No restrictions on fiction or non-fiction, just... Definitely has to be prose. That's not a terrible goal, right?

  • (Q: Susan, how do you think you're going to manage this?
    A: I have all of Pluto to read on New Year's Day, and I'm going to reread literally all of the Skip Beat omnibi before I read the one that comes out in January. That's twenty books right there. ... Also I need to read all of my library books that I've been ignoring, oops. That's like forty prose books right there, so.)

  • So, my options: I could keep the same overall goal (150), and count the level-up as having more prose? I could just go for 210 books and let anarchy reign? I could go for 210 and make 70 of them prose? I take one and have the other as a stretch goal? I DON'T KNOW.
spindizzy: She is too fond of books and it has turned her brain. (Book turned brain)
Was working at new!library today (the one I'm going to when my new hours start, as opposed to current!library.), and IT WAS GREAT.

  • There was like a three-week period where every time this one library manager phoned to talk to someone else, it was always "Oh, Susan, while I've got you on the line - you've been short listed for a job interview!" Pretty great, as you can imagine, and I was happy with this. Today, she's in the library, zooming past on her way to talk to someone else - and then she stops and goes "Oh, Susan, while you're here - we got your last reference in yesterday, and we're proceeding to the next stage with your application. We'll contact your line manager about a start date." YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!


    • SO.

    • EXCITED.

  • Today, some guy came in to get a new library card, which was going as normal until he went "I'm really sorry, but the only proof of address I have on me is my bail paperwork..."


  • I am so excited about so many things while I'm working! Like, I can ASK QUESTIONS and GET ANSWERS, because it's a smaller team so people are more likely to know the answer! Or I'm allowed to look things up and find the answer myself!
    • Q: Oh my god this is so frustrating, why do all of the Polish books show up as [RENTAL BOOK] instead of an actual title or author?
      A: Because we don't actually have a permanent stock of Polish books, we rent them from a third party and just recycle the barcode numbers. Here's where to find the current list of titles we have available if anyone asks.

    • Q: Do you think anyone would show me how to work the microfilm reader if I asked?
      A: Sure, if it's quiet next time you're in then I'll show you.

    • Q (from customer): Okay, my kid is at Reading Level 2 in the Oxford Reading Tree scheme, do you have anything equivalent?
      A (found by me): Yes, because Essex is amazing and has a chart for that.

    • Q: Can kids with a visual impairment take part in the Summer Reading Challenge?
      A: Yes! We have to go through through Living Paintings, but we can get special books in for them, and they get a free 3D painting for taking part, which is REALLY COOL.

  • One of the ladies at new!library is really impressed and taken aback with my... Well, she calls it enthusiasm? Like, I'm always really excited about finding out NEW THINGS that help me to DO MY JOB BETTER! And we were quiet at work, so I started shelf-tidying because I couldn't think of anything better to do! And she was just like "I am so old and jaded and you keep making me want to not be. Can we skip to the point where you're jaded and don't care either?" and "Just be careful, people might try to take advantage because you're so enthusiastic, and you need to know that you don't have to do everything!" and it's really sweet that she's concerned!

  • "Where's Susan gone?" "I'm down here! *waves from floor where I'm sitting to better shelf-tidy like a bastard*

  • PROTIP: the graphic novel section at my library WAS a disgrace and then I sorted it out so that it's better. And had a kid in a Spiderman costume explain to me how Batman vs the Joker ended in New 52. It was kinda cute.

  • Picked up a copy The Authority volume one from the library today, partly because I remember enjoying it, and partly because I was trying to make a point about something and was like "And the firs thing they did once Warren Ellis left The Authority was have one of the gay characters raped because WHAT THE FUCK GUYS... Actually, do I have my sequence of events the right way round?" and now I'm checking.

  • (The point I was trying to make was that in my experience, the more canonical gay characters in a canon there are that haven't been raped or sexually abused, the more likely fandom is to be like WE CAN FIX THAT and have lots of rape/sexual assault/childhood trauma as an excuse for comfort sex. NO FANDOM, FUCKING STOP THAT. And then "Oh, no, wait, I've seen that happen in canon as well after a writer switch-over.")

  • Q: Susan, did you manage to get from OH MY GOD NEW JOB! to OH MY GOD FANDOM NO! in the space of one entry?
    A: Don't I always?
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  • Lex and I are engaged! FLSDGEODIFGHDLFGKHL!!!LSLH;G;SDG;!!!!!!!!

  • Went to a friend's funeral. (I hope he gets Doctor Who in whatever afterlife he's gone to.)
  • Lex got a new job!

  • I found out I'd got to the interview stage of getting a job as a library assistant - the week after we found out we were moving to Manchester. (*facepalm*)

  • I quite my soul crushing office job.

  • We moved to a nice house in Manchester for a month (basically housesitting for a month, but paying for the privelege.).

  • Our geekery? Reduced to playing Magic. A lot. And going to the official Friday Night Magic events at our Friendly Local Gaming Store which was both friendly and KINDA WIN.)

  • Jobhuntingjobhuntingjobhuntingjobhunting-

  • I started volunteering at a local community centre/library and ended up accidentally reshelving... All of it. Literally. I'm not even joking.

  • Our
  • We moved into a house share for two months with a passive-aggressive controlling bitch of a landlady who kept snooping around our rooms.
  • Jobhuntingjobhuntingjobhuntingjobhunting-

  • Did a month-long training course in Customer Service, in a vain attempt to get a job!

  • Jobhuntingjobhuntingjobhuntingjobhunting-

  • (I'd like it noted, I have had job interviews! It's just no one ever wants to hire me after they've... Actually spoken to me. I'm trying not to take that personally.)

  • We moved in with my family! It was nice, I got to hang out with Lex AND my sister AND my Mum AND my nieces, it was kinda fun.

  • I went back to university part-time - I've started a Masters in Librarianship at the University of Sheffield, which is... Hm. I think it's GOING to be interesting, but the teachers we've had have been... Not that interesting? :\

  • Lex finished his training course and has been sent out to work in Birmingham... So we moved to Nottingham as an acceptable mid-point between Sheffield and Birmingham! (Getting between Sheffield and Birmingham is a pain. I've tried.)
  • Jobhuntingjobhuntingjobhuntingjobhunting-

  • Jobhuntingjobhuntingjobhuntingjobhunting-

  • Jobhuntingjobhuntingjobhuntingjobhunting-

  • Jobhuntingjobhuntingjobhuntingjobhunting-

(This post has been sitting in the draft function of DW for since March. I. I don't even. I'm so sorry.)


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