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MERRY WINTER FESTIVITIES EVERYONE! I had a week where I basically didn't touch my laptop at all and it was weird and confusing, but it's okay! I'm back now!

Christmas was BUSY for me and Lex. We went down to see his mum on the south coast, then up to see my youngest sister in Wales, and then across to see Lex's dad and my mum because they live in the next town over from each other. That was in fact a LOT of driving, okay. SO MUCH. Lex is a superhero for agreeing to it and even moreso for pulling it off.

I spent most of that week crocheting ginormous sharks, because apparently that's just what I do now. I was expecting them to be maybe football sized and hahahahaha I grossly miscalculated. Lex's mum was really kind and helped me to find some stuffing for them because it turns out that I had grossly underestimated the amount I would need, and got everyone set up with comfortable chairs and cooking programs, it was GREAT. And we made chocolate griddle-cakes, which was both fun AND delicious, although we had to recruit Lex as our token pancake flipper! And we had a nice brunch with Lex's dad and his partner on Christmas eve, which was full of stories about their weird travels!

(The main thing about visiting Lex's family that exhausts me is that they're all lovely, but I am not straight, allo, or middle-class, and I have to pretend very hard to be all of those things to fulfill my purpose, which is performing social jujitsu and trying to keep the social heat off Lex. If you're lucky enough to never have done it: it's so exhausting that after we left Lex's dad's house I nearly cried with relief at the idea of not having to face anymore.)

Seeing Jill was GREAT because I got to SHOWER HER IN GIFTS. (Seriously, I packed SO MUCH STUFF into Lex's car, with the firm promise that most of it wouldn't be coming back with us.) Apparently I'd promised to give her a scarf that I'd knitted, which is a good thing she told me about because I completely forgot about it, and going back out to the car to grab that meant that I remembered to grab all of the snow globes that [twitter.com profile] scarimonious bought for her, because she is AMAZING. And there was hot chocolate and nonsense and A CROCHETED SHARK THE SIZE OF HER ENTIRE TORSO BECAUSE I KNOW WHAT I'M ABOUT. ... Okay, no, it's because her household contains an eighteen-month-old who really loves the Baby Shark song (like, apparently he has figured out how to use the PS4 enough to make Baby Shark happen, which is IMPRESSIVE because there are honestly days where I couldn't pull that off), so I sent her a pattern like "Would the baby like one of these?" and her reaction was immediately "Forget him, I want one," and then FORGETTING THE ENTIRE CONVERSATION. 100% worth it, would cover in sharks again. And we got to hang out and Lex got to visit with Jill's Dreadful Dog, and we played Small World, which was a lot of fun! And the day after we got to sprawl around her living room swearing at Mario Kart, followed by eating a delicious roast dinner! GOOD WORK US!

And Christmas at my mum's was really nice! We did presents, and I got the things I really wanted, like a yarn winder! (... I am so hype about this yarn winder guys, you don't even know. I have TOO MUCH WOOL to wind by hand, okay!) And christmassy earrings! And stickers! And games for the Switch that Lex and I can both play! And Lex got things that he wanted (nothing but socks, chocolate, booze, and coffee), AND to break his caffeine-free three months with fancy coffee! He got an... Aero Press? For Christmas? I bought it and know nothing about it but that it makes nice coffee and was what he wanted, so good work all of us! And my mum got the books she specifically asked for AND a weird handmade card from me because her tickets to Les Miserables haven't actually arrived, so I gave her that instead! Oh yeah, I'm taking my mum to see the live tour of Les Miserables next year and I don't know which of us is more hype! (She is SO EXCITED, it's adorable. And I made her a card that looked like a stage with a tab that you pulled to raise the curtain because I'M A NERD.)

Most of the family was away this year (my brother wants his one-year-old son to see the world, so he's taken him to Cape Verde, which is sweet as anything even if Nephew #1 isn't gonna remember any of it, and the sister none of us like showed up long enough to try to guilt me about Jill before leaving to do Christmas on her own), so it was actually pretty peaceful? Niece #1 (my oldest niece) had a baby like... Almost a fortnight ago, so she brought the baby around (apparently her ex has custody of the two oldest kids and that is a whole DIFFERENT pile of drama, to the point where ELAINE, my most dramatic of sisters, said that Niece #1 should go on Jeremy Kyle), and her mum and Niece #2 (her sister) and Niece #2's fiancé all came round too!

  • The fiancé seems very nice, but I think I liked him more before I did the maths and realised that he's thirty-one and she's twenty. But he's cool, he's a Mexican robotics engineer living in Europe who is Not Good at Mario Kart, bless his heart, and he makes my niece happy and that's all that matters, I guess????

  • Niece #1 has started doing that thing where she has three kids so thinks she is the mother of all knowledge, right down to the "So are you and Lex going to have kids?" thing. SHE'S THREE YEARS YOUNGER THAN ME, OH MY GOD CAN YOU IMAGINE HER PULLING THAT ON ME. I went full "No, because post-natal depression runs in our family," and she's like "Wait, does it?!" YES. YOU HAD IT. YOUR MUM HAD IT. WERE YOU NOT THERE FOR THAT.

  • What I'm finding is that the more comfortable I get with making my "Yes but I take tablets for that," joke, the more people disclose their history of mental illness to me! And then we get to compare diagnoses and treatment and it's nice.

  • It turns out that Lex actually gets on with the most dramatic but least actively bullying or racist of my siblings! That's nice! It also helps that between Lex, my sister, Niece #2, and her fiancé, they managed to get through a bottle of mulled wine, a bottle of regular wine, a bottle of mead, a bottle of Captain Morgan's, and (when one of my other niece's came back from Christmas at her mum's) a bottle of white wine. We managed to get my drunk, excitable 46 year old sister to play Mario Kart! She hasn't touched a game console in about twenty years! But we sang along to eighties rock and played Mario Kart and that was fun! And then somehow this turned into me playing Scrabble with Niece #3, my sister, and my sister's ex-FWB until midnight, and I'm still not sure how that happened because I was stone-cold sober? APPARENTLY THIS IS MY LIFE NOW.

  • But yeah, I think it was a good Christmas? I had a bit of a breakdown on Christmas Eve after seeing Lex's (lovely) family and continuing to fail at the shark I was crocheting, so Lex cuddled me lots and we watched Zumbo's Whatever It's Called, which is equal parts fun and "oh my god, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" with all of the ridiculous nonsense desserts that they were making. (There is one guy who's cursed when it comes to setting stuff, but he KEPT MAKING DESSERTS INVOLVING SETTING STUFF. And now I have a bunch of things that I want to watch or play, but I need to ambush Lex and be like HI DO YOU WANT TO PLAY FATE/EXTELLA WITH ME BECAUSE IT'S FATE/DYNASTY WARRIORS AND YOU LIKE THAT! So... I've been a bit anxious, but I'm getting there. I foolishly had another week off my coping strategies, which I KNEW was a bad plan as I did it, and yet I didn't stop pretending that I could cope without my diary. (SUSAN NO.)

    So I'm getting back to normal! How is/was everyone else's holiday?
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