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I'm not really feeling this one as much as I'd like, but eh! It's written! And it's done! The practice is the important thing and all that!

(PS I know nothing about the games except that you steal people's clothes.)

... Also I was gonna call this "Count bodies like sheep" but I think I need to save that for the stuff I started where it was 100% Katia and 47 either sleeping or having insomnia. Y'know. Once I find the files for those.

Hitman: Agent 47 // What's the count
G | 100 words| Agent 47, Katia | Implied spoilers for the movie | Written for [community profile] drabble_zone's prompt "More." | How many Agents are there?

"How many more of you are there?" Katia didn't look up from the tablet, staring at their own front door through the security feed while 47 reassembled his guns. "I know there's at least eighty-eight, but that doesn't take into account any that have died so far or are no longer operating—"

"Fifty-four still in operation." Katia groaned, and 47 cocked an eyebrow at her. "I told you. We're hard to kill."

"We're going to be at this for years!"

"We are if you don't concentrate."

"Fine," Katia muttered, and hit the detonator as Agent 71 opened the door.
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