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Okay, this morning I have:

  • Dreamed an entirely new character for an urban fantasy story I've been noodling at, and now I need to decide whether I want to keep it as a super slowburn queer romance and just add her as another protagonist, make her the protagonist and cut the romance entirely, genderswap everyone to keep the original romance but make it f/f, make her the protagonist and keep the original one around as a side character and keep the romance...

  • Been to Page 45 and got an AMAZING HAUL OF STUFF I WASN'T EXPECTING – DC Bombshells 3 (I... Still need to read the first two...), volume two of the Gangsta spin off about Marco (volume one was harrowing; here we go, I guess!), Boundless by Jillian Tamaki, new Lazarus floppy, new Wicked + Divine floppy, and the first in a new Zodiac Starforce arc. I DIDN'T KNOW THEY WERE DOING THAT, OH MY GOSH, I AM SO READY. ... I am also looking forward to [twitter.com profile] fangirlpodcast reviewing the collected edition next year, that'll be great.

  • Got an email from the university saying that I PASSED MY FINAL MODULE OF BSL, I PASSED I PASSED I PASSED, everything is amazing.

  • Been shopping for sandals and ACTUALLY FOUND SOME THAT I WILL WEAR. £10 job from the Dorothy Perkins sale shelf, fuck aye.

  • Paid for my sign language class while trying on shoes, actually, because the future is amazing.

  • Walked into the library and realised that I left the book I need to return at home; when I asked at the counter if the guy could renew it till Wednesday he just went "fuck it" and renewed it all the way for me despite being on my last renewal.

  • Investigated what used to be the café at Nottingham Central Library, only to discover it's a room apparently dedicated to writing and programming games! The display books were on writing interactive fiction and twine games, there's a whole shelf about choose your adventures books and programming, and they have what appears to be three computers just set up for text-based games. Guys, guys can we raid it for its knowledge?

What a good morning. I felt rubbish at first because clothes shops are hot and and make me feel like a potato who should not be there (I found one (1) dress above a size 18, good work Debenhams), even though I like looking at pretty clothes, but I escaped to Page 45 and it's just... What a good morning! Thank you universe for this convergence of cool things, I am super grateful. <3


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