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  • OKAY, that is why Ardyn is trying to kill everyone, okay, I understand. He's still a dick, but SURE.

  • (So, as part of the royal family he has access to all the same weapons I have, or all of the ones from the PREVIOUS previous kings of Regis? I am... Confused... By that bit.)

  • I managed to glitch the game SUPER THOROUGHLY in that the door between the lift and the throne room didn't spawn, so I could just wander in there and spy on the empty throne.


  • (Seriously Prompto's DLC needed to be in the main game because the emotional weighting is all off.)

  • I feel deeply and personally betrayed that Noctis does not have the beard the entire game. It was in the prologue, game! You could TOTALLY have given me that beautiful scraggly beard earlier! But also I'm kind of impressed that he looks so little and spindly when he comes out of his cave, that was a nice touch. (His clothes are all HORRIBLY INAPPROPRIATE for his face.) Also, Ignis is super 80s, and Prompto has a soul patch. Whaaaaat.

  • AS IF YOU GAVE ME FUCKING DEMONSLAYER IRIS AND FORTRESS-OWNER CINDY AND DID NOT SHOW ME THAT. I demand the epic 100k fics about Iris, Cindy, and Talcott in the ten year time skip. GIVE IT TO ME.

  • Huh, there was actually an explanation for why there were daemons and why the night was going (yaaaay for the cyclical effect of darkness causing more daemons, which means more die, which means there's more daemon gunk in the air, which leads to more daemons...). I was super salty when it was like DAEMONS ARE PEOPLE because yes game, we know. That is how awful chapter thirteen was! The game actively ruined confirming all of my suspicions!

  • Fuck Ardyn just opening the fucking doors for Gladio and Ignis. FUCK HIM.

  • I honestly felt bad for Rayvus, even though he was involved in the death of King Sean Bean. No one deserves Ardyn creeping as the last thing they see.

  • (Why is Ardyn's face-stealing ability called A Stitch In Time, that's a terrible ability.)
  • I am really sad that the gang fractured apart in the time skip. Like, I know that the crack was there earlier (because Ignis was holding this team together and the instant he stopped the team fell apart), but it breaks my heart that they couldn't patch it back together while Noctis was gone.


  • I'd like to point out that as far as I can tell, that damage? Is all from what happened in Kingsglaive! The Empire didn't try to fix everything being on fire there before it all went to hell, I guess because they didn't need or care about the city once they had the crystal. ALSO I don't know if it's canon but I kept running into places because I heard a woman scream and kept finding those centaur-spiders instead, so what I am ASSUMING is canon is that these spiders are like trapdoor spiders that can scream to lure in human prey for eating.

  • ... I think that there were honestly random encounters tougher than the final bosses (Ifrit and Ardyn). Did I... Miss something? Did I skip a boss? Any Final Fantasy game that doesn't end with a boss that take a solid hour of effort to beat confuses me.

  • Chapter fifteen ALMOST made up for chapter thirteen. It was pretty and Noctis had so many emotions and Ardyn chewed the scenery and it was just... Enjoyable? Like, it's been long enough that the game was fun or caused emotions that weren't deep frustration that I forgot what it was like! I liked those boss fights, they were pleasant! I stabbed Ardyn so much.

  • Picking what photo to take with me was fun, because [twitter.com profile] sithe VERY NEARLY took the picture of the Behemoth Cup Noodle with him, and I was scrolling through to pick out that most inappropriate ones. Gladio's chest, Gladio's ass, cup noodle, Ardyn...


  • ... Holy fuck, there is a male summon that's wearing almost as few clothes as Shiva is! ... There's fic where they angrily bone, isn't there.

  • I can't deal with Lunafreya and Noctis looking happy and married in the epilogue. Look at them being beautiful and happy and the adults they never got to be! Everything hurts and I'm dying in a really good way.

Basically, there's like a five chapter chunk between chapters nine and fourteen that is terrible and the anti-fun, but chapter fifteen is trying to convince me that I did like the game really...

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Date: 2017-07-18 10:36 pm (UTC)
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AGREED, everything up to chapter 9 is GREAT, I loved it, the ending is GREAT, I loved it, everything in between is ?????? and I hated it.

And like. Ten years. Why? Why ten years?

And yes, I think you're right, they had the tools there to make the game more consistent (Iris, Luna, Aranea, Ravus) but didn't use them, either because they didn't have time to finish the game or to make more money with DLC or because... they were making two different games (the Chosen King game and the Road Trip game) and did a poor job of smooshing them together.

And! Them falling apart might have made sense but it SHOULDN'T HAVE, I would have much preferred this game if the four boys had started out fractured and bonded as they went along instead of vice versa? Which, yeah, FFXIII.

and omg now I kind of wish I had chosen a picture of Gladio's ass for Noct and Luna to be looking at in the end. It will be hard not to encourage Squeem to do that when she plays it.