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  • FUCK COSTLEMARK TOWER AND ALL WHO SAIL IT. I ended up getting lost in the maze and doing the miniboss room FOUR TIMES. I was level 64 at the time, it was OBSCENE.

  • Total item cost of Costlemark Tower:
    • 99 potions

    • 2 mega potions

    • 27 elixers

    • 35 hi-elixers

    • 23 Phoenix Downs

    • 8 megalixers

    • 13 Maiden's Kisses


  • I am SUPREMELY bad at the fishing mini-game; I have made it to level 8 in the fishing skill and to be perfectly honest I do not even care anymore, the Vesper Gar and Gladio's giant fish can stay in the lake forever for all I care.

  • My headcanon is that Prompto crushes on pretty much every girl he meets, and also maybe like five dudes? And it is just an open secret that he has a crush on Gladio that he is never planning to do anything with.

    (My headcanon for how this is revealed is pretty that Prompto mentions it over breakfast one day while they're still students, while Noctis is still like 75% asleep and incapable of giving a fuck. And Noctis manages to scrap together enough care to ask "Really?" Because this is clearly important to Prompto, but Noctis has also pretty much been devoted to Lunafreya since before he even understood a) what that meant, and b) that there were people in the world who weren't, and is still probably figuring out how having an actual sexuality works from Prompto's desperate raptures.

    "Uh, dude, have you seen Gladio?"

    *Gladio walks past, taking off his vest top to put on that button down shirt that he never bothers to fasten for Reasons, probably either sweaty from morning training or damp from the post-training shower*

    "... Makes sense, yeah," Noctis says, and that's pretty much the strongest reaction Prompto gets.)
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