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  • So it was Epistory my mum was playing, and she was apparently as confused as I was when I said it was a typing game, but she clocked back on it after I said that and she's found the words you need to type! She can now engage with the actual gameplay! Am proud, and also trying to explain that she needs to get a certain amount of points through typing to unlock the next bit. Also checking what difficulty she's on because I don't think she's going to like the typing-as-a-combat-mechanic thing.

  • If anyone remembers the spaceship typing game btw, she'd like to play that again – I know the one she means but fucked if I can remember what it's called, and it's not like googling "spaceship typing game" will – MOTHERFUCKER YES IT WILL!

  • One of my nieces (who is like nine?) has fallen out with my mum because my mum can do adding up in her head and she's NOT HAVING IT.

  • It WAS one of those episodes that takes like eight hours, fuck everything.

  • Lindy Bop and The Big Bloomers Company are both doing summer sales, and I know we've HAD our summer in the UK, but it might still be helpful.

  • Need to recommend Planetbase to our Jill, because it's basically just Banished in space. Seriously, building games need to just let you set a to-do list or a direct numbered priority list, because the vague way they prioritise things is aggravating as hell.

  • Remembered that The Losers exists and now I just want to back-to-back The Losers and The Magnificent 7 and cry over handsome bastards blowing things up, help.

  • Lex is so pretty. I know he doesn't read this so it doesn't matter if I put it here, but he's just so pretty.
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