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She is sixty-three, and not only does she use selfie correctly in conversation, but when I'm bragging about my new haircut she tells me to whatsapp her a selfie so she can see it. She is adorable.

Also I gave my mum access to my steam library (Jill and Lex also have access, because you can share it with up to five people; it's useful for when I want to lure them into things!) so she can play Gone Home and Gravity Ghost, and when I phone her she tells me how she's getting on. She says next time I visit I need to help her with the bits she's stuck on, and I can't tell if this is social bonding, a prompt for me to point her to gamefaqs or something (I am not going to attempt to explain video tutorials) or if I should tell her about the cool thing I found out that you can do on Steam where you can let someone come and watch your game as you play, because then she can just SHOW me where she's stuck.

She's also playing Epistory, which she appears to like but I have no idea how she's playing it because my mum is not known for her typing skills. I guess it's a good way to learn, as it's a fantasy typing game...?

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Date: 2017-07-06 01:59 pm (UTC)
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Your mom sounds awesome. ^_^

you can share it with up to five people

I keep forgetting that's a thing! I should look into it.