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  • (Am I ever going to forgive the FFVII:AC subs for not having that line? NOPE.)

  • I had my sign language exam yesterday! And a resit from my previous sign language exam that I messed up! ... Did I mention that I'm doing sign language? Did I mention that I failed my last exam? It was by two points, it was honestly just a relief that I hadn't autofailed it that I didn't even mind. I... Apparently looked like I was crying for the resit (I was a little?), and my fingerspelling wasn't very fluid, but I did okay? Maybe? And after my actual exam he specifically said that I didn't do anything wrong, which is not the same as getting anything right but is CLOSE ENOUGH. Everyone keeps asking when i'll get my results and legit I forgot to ask because I am just so relieved that I'm done! I feel lighter! And happier! This is so nice!

  • (Me, yesterday, talking about the week where my mental health was just NOPE: Yeah, I don't know whether it was hormones or exam stress or overwork, or being ill, but all of those have gone none and I feel SO MUCH BETTER!
    Lex: ... Maybe it was all of them.)

  • I only have like four extra shifts this months! This is NONSENSE and by nonsense I mean...Holy shit, my schedule looks empty. I worked FLAT OUT in May (I sure did work all but three working days in May and all but five working days in June, and I sure did collapse the first time I had a day off in June, which took me out of... Almost everything, So my schedule being this open is... Weird. Super weird. But it's nice, I approve, I am going to use it to play all of the video games, transcribe all of the Fangirl Happy Hour (it's a short episode this week! This is either going to be a breeze or take me EIGHT YEARS for no reason and there is literally no way to know until I get there.), and... Review some things! Maybe write some stories! I am so excited about this and it feels really nice, like all of my batteries have been replaced and I can maybe fit in everything that I want to do!

  • It probably helps that I've been going to bed at the same time as Lex recently (mostly; he had a night out with his work friends and I accidentally stayed up until 4am playing The Sexy Brutale) so I have been going to bed around 23:30 every night. It's weird! But also kinda nice! But also I have been waking up around 6:30 and just... Rolling around in the being warm and in a sunbeam because I'm not actually awake enough to get out of bed.)

  • I have been aggressively stickering my diary because stickers are a REALLY GOOD WAY for me to track progress and what I've been doing. ALl of my writing stickers and basic looking-after-myself stickers haven't been getting any play for the last couple of weeks, so I guess I'm getting back to functional adulthood, wish me luck.