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  • Honestly it was genuinely less scary once you stopped having to trigger the nightmare stuff on your own and everything started to come at you on its own. I know, I know, that doesn't necessarily make sense? And it probably didn't help that I did Clarissa's part before Ren's so the bar for the scariest this game was gonna be was set. But... Yeah, after Clarissa it got less scary! Although I did still accidentally panic-close the game when the ghosts showed up in Maggie's house for a game.

  • Me: I wonder if I should do the anomalies?
    Me: *does two of the anomalies*
    Me: Okay, this should be getting the ghosts attention, but it doesn't seem like they've noticed —
    Ghosts: [Lecture on the colonialist history of this island] That's what's happening to you, ALEX.
    Me: OH GOD NO RUN.

  • I feel so bad for Michael. He is exactly the sort of brother I would have picked for Alex – he's happy and affectionate and he cares about her so much! Enough that he couldn't bring himself to run off into the wild-blue yonder without her blessing! And I am... Honestly kinda glad that I told him to go and leave town with his girlfriend, even if that kills him, because I don't think I could have borne disappointing him like that.

  • I still like that I went "Marry Nona, fuck Clarissa," and literally everyone at the party, including Clarissa was like "Yes, this is the correct choice."

  • ... And then because I keep thinking about what [personal profile] rionaleonhart said about the way the decisions you make the in the game's present change the character's past (which is the most fucking on theme comment for a timetravel game, my god), I have spent actual time trying to decide if my Alex is actually queer or just saying that because she really really does not want to marry/fuck Ren.

  • Oh god, I don't think I can bring myself to do a mean playthrough of this game. It shows you how many other playthoughs did what you did! That's terrible!

  • I got all of the letters (I don't usually bother getting all of the collectables, but it seemed like the best way to find out what was going on) and... Oh Maggie. Oh, Maggie.

  • Jonas and Alex's relationship gives me life and I want all of the fic about them, like, preparing for exams, or raising hell, or that moment where Jonas just decides to drop the "step" and call her his sister. I WANT ALL OF THESE THINGS.

  • I... Don't know that I got the good ending? Like, everything was fine, everyone was... Happy? But also I think... I think it looped again. I think they're still trapped. And I think that's still the best ending they were gonna get. ;_;

  • But also that is a really good use of... I dunno, matching theme to medium? It's a video game, you can just start it again. And again. And again —

  • ... I want, like, Madoka Magica levels of fic about trying to change history, okay, just let me have that.

OKAY, IN CONCLUSION: if you like scary games about incidental time travel, ghosts, siblings, and trying to make the best decisions when there aren't any: have I got a game for you.

ETA: WAIT. WAIT WAIT WAIT. ADDITIONAL FUCKING SPOILERS. THE GAME ACTUALLY CHANGES IF YOU START IT AGAIN?! Like, I was looking up some other endings, and I just – I don't recognise that dialogue, does that mean that... You can... Actually change things? I thought it was just different endings and everything leading up to them was the same! Goddammit I wasn't gonna play it again but now I want to! Because I didn't get the best ending, it's fine!

Also: I recommend all of [personal profile] rionaleonhart's fic on the subject of timetravel because yes. Sold. Absolutely. This is my new canon ending.

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Date: 2017-07-03 07:39 am (UTC)
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I'm so happy you enjoyed the game! (And the fic! These characters are a lot of fun to write dialogue for.)

I still like that I went "Marry Nona, fuck Clarissa," and literally everyone at the party, including Clarissa was like "Yes, this is the correct choice."

Ha! I looked up assorted fuck-marry-kill permutations after playing, and, yes, I love that Clarissa goes '??? no, you wouldn't' if you say you'd marry her but 'well, obviously' if you say you'd fuck her.

The relationship between Jonas and Alex is so great. I felt a bit bad when I learnt that I could have changed history to save Michael, but, on the other hand, I would have been so sad about making Jonas and Alex no longer stepsiblings!

I'm really curious about a second playthrough! I haven't done one yet because I don't have my save from my original playthrough, so I'd have to do a first playthrough again first. But it's a short game, and it's good, and you are making me want to play it again. Maybe I'll give it a go.