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Spoilers, I guess? I am about two hours in and have just played a game for Clarissa. Also, uh, caution warning for stuff that is also probably spoilers DO NOT CLICK OKAY

It starts off cute and fun and ugh Ren is so annoying and I keep accidentally being meaner to people than I want to be, but then it gets horrifying really quickly. I think the worst part for me is that all of the spooky horror stuff? You have to set it off yourself. You have to stand under the red lights and turn on your radio and make it happen. *sobs*

And I went looking for Clarissa (Her and Ren both sounded really scared, but Clarissa said she thought there was something outside! On this deserted island!), and no I do not want to play a game. Computerised voices asking if you want to play a game are never good. And it wants to play hangman, but this is not how hangman works (oh god there are eyes in the background why), and I'm just there going "If I get a single question wrong it will hang Clarissa I cannot get this wrong and then – and then it hanged her anyway.

I got them all right and it hanged her anyway.

And then





So that was the point at which I officially noped out as things being too scary, went downstairs to check on her before I clocked out and she's gone oh my god, I'm sorry Clarissa, I don't know what happened to you but I am so sorry.

I assume this is a game with multiple endings and I am on track for one of the worse ones because I chose Clarissa over Ren and then let her die, but I don't know if I'm going to be brave enough to do this again. ;____________________________________;
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