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OKAY, I have nearly survived The Merry Month of Working ALL OF THE SHIFTS, yay! Like, I'm ringing in June with a midnight showing of Wonder Woman right before a day where I'm working 9:00-19:00, BUT CONSIDER THIS: Wonder Woman! And also ONLY ONE SIX DAY WEEK IN JUNE. \o/ I am fucking mighty, fuck yeah.

Like, I'm still trying to claw my way back to productivity – I mentioned on twitter, I think – and while I'm struggling a little to get my brain back in gear after the Month Of Doom and also taking at least a week off being a useful human being, but I am so much better!

To do:
  • Hugo consumption! I was trying so hard to put so much books in my face, but I've actually had to bring back the rule of "If I am bored and would seriously rather be reading a fanfic that I've read a thousand times before by 10% through it is going BACK DOWN THE QUEUE until after other things!" And I've unfortunately burned through all of the short fiction I was saving as a palatte cleanser. D: (The short fiction category is a bastard, not because things are BAD, but because everything is REALLY FUCKING GOOD. UGH THIS IS THE LEAST CONVENIENT THING, OH MY GOD.) But I'm... I think all the way through the podcast category? Literally listening to Galactic Suburbia right now to... Oh, no, Coode Street, DAMN. I'm thinking I might do a couple of [community profile] ladybusiness posts to yell about what I've read? And that will maybe help me to decide what I want to vote for number one.

  • Yell about all of the media. Yell a lot.

  • Also yell about things like diaries and work.

  • Lesbrary post! I think I'm going to write about Iron & Wine, because it's so perfect and my last few reviews have been downers.

  • I have little page flags with Things I Want To Write on them so that I can fit them into my schedule where I can. I have thirty-two page flags stuck into the back pages of my writing diary right now. Maybe I should reduce that number by finishing things. I have a couple of things in mind for the order I want to do them in, so WE WILL SEE.

  • Ugggggh what do I even have to dooooo I am looking at my diary and I have nothing useful written in it. I might get an early night (yes, yes, half midnight would be an early night for me go away) and see if that helps with not being dead after Wonder Woman. If anyone has requests, NOW IS THE TIME while I am distracted and don't know what I've promised people.

  • OKAY, REVISE THAT LAST POINT: dump literally everything that I could possibly think of doing into a list on a post-it and see how much of it I can fit into my schedule, then do whatever fits. Yes, this is a good plan.

So yes, I will see you tomorrow with a BEAUTIFULLY REVISED LIST for June, probably, because filling in my diary is a good warm-up exercise to get my brain in gear, and until then I'm gonna sleep like the fucking dead. (If anyone can recommend a source of good sleep/nap themed icons in any of my fandoms, HOOK ME UP.)

Good night, internet. Good night.

ETA: Q: Susan, did you know that you said the EXACT SAME THING on Saturday?
A: NOPE oh god that's probably a bad sign.
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