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I got a text from our David, my brother, on Saturday telling me he's having a boy and also not to worry about Brexit because he love me, so I phoned him, right? And he is PLASTERED. Like, full-on drunken slurring into the phone because he's so happy that he's having a boy!

David: You're gonna be an auntie!
Me: I'm already an auntie, our David, I have nine nieces.
David: No, I mean a real auntie.

Apparently it only counts if it's a boy and/or his (he alternately remembered and forgot that we have a great-nephew when trying to explain that he's the only male human in our family.), and all of the women in our family are muggles and he and his son are going to be the purebloods. Hm. That... Sure is a thing that my brother said out loud with his mouth. Along with all of the ranting about how happy he is that the baby's penis is visible on the ultrasound.

I mean, it's not that I didn't know he was dating someone (although I didn't, and it's a different person to who he mentioned last time I was down to visit, so this is a relationship that either he's been keeping secret or it's less than five months old, which is...), it's... Hm. I want to be happy for him! I genuinely do! I think he will love this kid! He will probably be fine with this kid! Because he is great with our Chloe (our mutual niece who is wobbling on the rails at the moment; she got high on some TRULY DODGY STUFF not too long ago and he was great at dealing with that.) and he loves all of his family very much. But also... Our David is a racist UKIP/Conservative-voting Brexiteer who used to get done for violent offences and now just gets done for drink driving? And I am really worried about this kid before it's even born?

It's due October 22nd, apparently it's going to be named Anthony after our David's dad1 and he wants me to come to the christening. Okay. This is doable.

(Also: I think this officially means that all of my six older siblings who are physically capable of spawning now have. Bingo?)

1: For those who are just joining us, this row of my family tree is COMPLICATED. My parents both had two daughters and a son from previous marriages when they got together, and then they had me and [twitter.com profile] jilliferium. David is my brother on my mum's side. Also yes, I am the second youngest of eight.