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Vale woke the way he always did – the sudden snap to awareness, cataloguing the differences in the room before his eyes were open. There was pressure and warmth at the side and end of his bed, one significantly heavier than the other, and the smell of his own soap far stronger than it should be.

He opened his eyes, and found that his bed had been occupied while he was asleep. Winters had pulled up a chair to his bedside and slept slumped forward on her folded arms. She wore his newer dressing gown over a nightgown that she had left in his guest room with a change of clothes for herself and Strongrock, her wet hair piled untidily on top of her head. Kai, with far less concern for decorum, had sprawled across the foot of Vale's bed, similarly damp and wearing Vale's other dressing gown over bare skin.

And of course he was wide awake. He was reclining like a king, but his gaze shifted between the door and the window regularly; watching for intruders again. Winters had said that she intended to ward his rooms again – the last set had not quite had time to wear off yet, but in light of the latest obstructions to her acquisitions, she had felt it prudent. That everyone had chosen to come to his room instead of his sitting room suggested that there might have been developments in the case.

"Strongrock," he started, and Strongrock raised a hand to shush him.

"Irene's just gone to sleep."