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I'm now doing the thing where I am judging what work I want to do on a day by whether I want to take my laptop with me to my dayjob. I think that on Monday I DON'T? Which means that I will either not be working on transcription or will be seeing if I can do the editing on my tablet, and I'll be roughing out my Lesbrary review on paper. That's... Doable in theory?

(Also I need to read two volumes of manga while I'm on the busses to get them back to a DIFFERENT library after work, orz orz orz. I knew I didn't have time to read Tokyo Mew Mew when I took it out and then I did it anyway like a chump.)

And then... Tuesday sign language class starts again, so I'll find out if I've autofailed like a fuckmuppet and won't have time to work; Wednesday I'm doing a short shift (That library closes at 14:00 so they literally can't keep me longer!) so I'll have time to work at the library between getting out of work and going to see King Arthur; Thursday I'm working till 19:00 and I won't have the brain to do anything, Friday... I don't actually know? I think Friday the people I usually hang out with might be gaming so I will be free to type in a corner. And Saturday I'm at work till 16:00 again, which means that Sunday I will be asleep.

GOOD. GOT IT. Now I know what I'm up to and when I go "I can totally do X on such a day" I can come back here and remind myself that no, we've been over this.

(I have made the executive decision that my diary doesn't cover enough time because it stops at 20:00, which is about where my day really gets going in terms of "things I want in my diary" so I am bodging a super quick and dirty 20:00-01:00 segment to go in my diary as well. It's working so far, but I'm giving it a week to see how I like it.)


ETA: Q: Susan, in retrospect, isn't this entire post about how you're trying to fit your extra-curricular activities around your six-day work week?
A: Yes, I did realise as soon as I hit post that the biting has already happened and it's far too late, don't worry.

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Date: 2017-05-08 01:11 am (UTC)
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My head is spinning just looking at your schedule. Meep! (Please note that I'm kind of a wimp about hecticness, though.)