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Okay, this is what my ballot looks like right now, today, before I really get into my Hugo reading. I have till June 15th (I think?) to read what I'm planning to of the rest and then make final decisions, but I'm not sure whether it's going to change much or if it's going to just be gap-filling from here on out. (I am waiting for the Hugo packet before I go on library ordering binge, so everything's gonna get shuffled around once that FINALLY GETS RELEASED.)

(Somewhere, me mam is going VOTES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SECRET and I'm sorry to disappoint her, but also I want to talk about books!)

Best Novel: 1) Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee 2) The Obelisk Gate by N. K. Jemisin — I really loved both of these, I'm not gonna lie, they both pinged on different ones of my narrative kinks and I would be very happy if either of them won! But Ninefox Gambit is a book I keep picking up off the shelf at work if it's quiet, pretty much just to say hello and dip back into the world via random pages, so I've put that first. Plus on a purely irrational level: Ninefox Gambit is the first book in a (debut) series, so it's possibly easier to lure people into that one! And I have an irrational worry that if The Obelisk Gate wins then the THIRD book in that trilogy also has to win or it's just going to upset me that it's not a full set.

Best Novelette: 1) The Tomato Thief by Ursula Vernon 2) You'll Surely Drown Here If You Stay by Alyssa Wong — I really enjoyed The Tomato Thief, it was a great story that was very matter-of-fact about folklore tropes and things being just a little left of reality, like the train gods. And You'll Surely Drown Here If Your Stay is good! It's kind of a weird west story with magic and the desert literally wanting people dead, I am here for that. I think I liked The Tomato Thief a little more, hence it being first, but it might get shuffled around again by the time that the voting's locked.

Best Short Story: You would think that this category would be one of the easier ones to deal with, but NO, friend humans, it is going to be an ABSOLUTE BASTARD. Currently "Our Talons Can Crush Galaxies" by Brooke Bolander is the only one I've read (and it's good, I really enjoyed it, it is all about whose story gets told and whose does not), and I'm not planning to read the John C. Wright story at all, but every other author in this category is someone whose other work I have read an enjoyed. N. K. Jemisin, Alyssa Wong, Carrie Vaughn, Amal El-Mohtar? HAVE WRITTEN GOOD STORIES BEFORE. *lies on floor, ready to have FEELINGS*

Best Related Work: The only one I've read here is The Geek Feminist Revolution, which I am happy to vote for, but I'm also excited to read Ursula Le Guin's Words Are My Matter. The Carrie Fisher one might be a case of nope, too soon, we'll have to see. ;_;

Best Graphic Story: 1) Monstress, 2) Black Panther — I really want to save a spot for Ms Marvel volume 5, but literally my library doesn't have it! Gaaaah. Monstress is VERY good and VERY pretty and like Ancillary Justice levels of low-key messing with gender expectations (Hi, pretty much everyone is female, including the background figures, named characters, plot critical characters... There are maybe a handful of men knocking about. Maybe.) and I enjoy it a lot. Black Panther is very well-written but I felt like I'd missed a lot of the background of it,

Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form: 1) Hidden Figures 2) Ghostbusters 3) Rogue One 4) Deadpool 5) No Award — HAHA, THE CATEGORY WHERE I AM PREPARED. I have a cinema card, I can see whatever I want as many times as I want for a fixed price, I have seen all of the films. I think this one is fairly self-explanatory? Hidden Figures was amazing apart from the weird bathroom subplot, Ghostbusters was delightful, and Rogue One was a HOT MESS but it was an enjoyable hot mess. Deadpool was there to fill a gap, basically, because I enjoyed it but don't necessarily want it to win? If I understand how No Award work correctly, I might put Deadpool after No Award?

(Q: Susan, are you seriously putting Deadpool and No Award on this list over Arrival?
A: DO NOT EVEN GET ME FUCKING STARTED. Like, maybe I should rewatch Arrival without the whammy of the A Monster Calls trailer sending me into a fucking tailspin first, but also I've read the short story since I watched the film and do not get me fucking started.)

Best Professional Artist: 1) Sana Takeda 2) Julie Dillon — Sana Takeda does the art for Monstress, which manages to be gorgeous, grotesque and adorable in the the same page, and Julie Dillon has done some really cool covers, and I quite like both their styles.

Best Semiprozine: Look, I want Uncanny or The Book Smugglers to win this and I'm not too fussed about which because it will make two people I like happy AND ALSO there are good stories on both. I have no idea which of these I need to put them


Best Fancast: 1) Fangirl Happy Hour 2) Galactic Suburbia — MAYBE I am biased because I consider [personal profile] renay my best mate and also I am doing the transcription for this podcast? So MAYBE I am too biased for this category. BUT ALSO I WOULD REALLY LOVE FANGIRL HAPPY HOUR TO WIN, THEY ARE REALLY FUNNY AND SMART AND I WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT THAT. (Also fuck me sideways but I worked hard on the transcript that is going into the Hugo Packet, it was a LONG episode.) And I haven't listened to Galactic Suburbia in a while, because I no longer work in the terrible office job whose only redeeming feature was my being able to listen to podcasts while I worked, but what I HAVE read of them is smart ladies being smart and bringing my attention to good books, so! They can have my second vote I GUESS.

AND THAT'S ME, I guess? I'll report back around the closing date to let you all know what I've picked in the end. If you're voting: have you anything in mind yet? If you're not: come and yell about books with me, I promise that I'm not having ANY conniptions about going to Worldcon, not at all.