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(And the Americans in my social group are just like "Pfft, I drive four hours to buy milk, up hill both ways in the snow.")

This weekend we (Me, Lex, Housemate Mike, and our mate Chris) went to see a couple of our ex-housemates, a couple of mates that we haven't seen in maybe four years, and seven of their friends that no one told us would be there until the day before. Hahahasob. My hopes for this trip were... Not high. Especially because we get there, there's a massive horde of strangers, and we're there maybe an hour before someone goes "So, how about a booze run?"

It was... Fine? I think? I interacted with one of my ex-housemates for maybe an hour all told across the entire weekend, which is about the right amount of time for us to interact without upset. Friday night, like I said, was DICEY – sitting in a room with strangers who are a) drinking and b) watching shite on youtube on the tv is not my idea of a good time, so I couldn't really relax? But Saturday we managed to split into smaller groups for boardgames that I knew, so even playing with strangers wasn't completely terrible? And when we went to dinner with literally everybody, I managed to be sitting next to two garrulous nerd dudes, and you know what you can often get garrulous nerd dudes to do? Talk at great length about a topic that they're interested in. So we managed to get them onto the topic of World Of Darkness and the differences between old!WoD and new!WoD, which is a topic I know exactly enough about the ask questions and not enough to mind people talking at me at great length on it, so I could listen to people being excited about topics they're interested in. And then it was "play a couple of boardgames that I don't usually play, with people that I know" and then retreat to a sofa to read The Obelisk Gate because I needed to catch up on my Fangirl Happy Hour reading.

(Their house is SUPER FANCY, holy fuck. One of my ex-housemates is a vet, so she earns ridiculous money and her house is amazing. They have have like a three-bed house with two bathrooms, two reception rooms, and a kitchen big enough to serve as a dining room. And it's all wood floors and fancy appliances and reclining sofas and a tv almost as big as I am. My jealousy knows no bounds. Especially because I'm reminded that her manga collection is amazing.)

I THINK I did okay. I didn't fight with anyone, I don't remember being rude to anyone, I specifically took my concentration pills to help me focus on things, I don't think I really spoke to many people outside of playing boardgames but honestly that works in everyone's favour for something with as many people as that. It means that I probably didn't catch up with people like I ought to have, but that is still the better alternative to catching up and ending up picking a fight. There were only a few points where I wanted to scream a lot. It wasn't how I'd have chosen to spend my weekend, but it was okay. And now I don't need to see them again for at least a year.

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Date: 2017-05-03 01:43 am (UTC)
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I'm glad it went better than you were afraid it would, but YAY for it being over now. You made it!