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As of 15:15 yesterday, Lex and I have been married for three years! This is exciting and a little bit terrifying, not gonna lie, but I am super excited and proud of us. <3 (I love him so much, help)

We took the week off work, which we spent... Vegging and playing video games? And we spent the weekend in Newark of all places! We had A LOT of good Indian food - the first hotel we stayed at, because they doubled booked our second night and we had to switch hotels, was a restaurant with rooms to let, which was nice and convenient? And we went to the Air Museum in Newark, which has A LOT of old planes and helicopters - SO MANY, it's really cool! And apparently a lot of them were training planes, so they have lots of clear instructions written on the side (no, seriously, lots of labels. Although apparently my photo of the plane with "cut here" written on it and dotted lines didn't save properly, I am sad. And there was a Vulcan bomber that you could go up inside to look at and see the instruments and where the team would have sat! It was terrifying to get into and out of up and down a tiny ladder (I am SUPER TERRIFIED of heights), but I got a sticker for doing it anyway and only crying a little on the way back down! So many hugs required afterwards. And we went to the Civil War museum, which was really cool! They had an exhibit on Lawrence of Arabia, which (who?) I know sweet fuck-all about beyond the clips from the film in Prometheus.

... There was a lot of nesting this weekend because we cuddled with books and Civ 5 and Robot Wars, which is about the best evening I can imagine, to be honest. <3

(EXCEPT that we were in the countryside, which is where the internet goes to die.

Me: I find country roads inherently suspicious.
Lex: *eyebrows*
Me: Okay, yes, the obvious counterpoint is that I find the countryside itself inherently suspicious, BUT STILL.

... Guess which of us grew up in the countryside and which of us is a massive townie.)

What else did we do? Oh, went to see Kong: Skull Island, which I sure have SOME THOUGHTS about, but they're all jumbled up. I appreciate that doesn't matter when I'm just doing bullet points anyway, but come on brain. I THINK I liked it? But if you looked at the trailer and went "Wait, do they seriously have the indigenous population of the island as silent background figures who never get lines and all of their exposition is delivered by a crazy white dude?" YEAH THAT IS SURE A THING THAT THEY DID, which is a fucking shame because I like most of the cast? And I was super excited that there was no kissing? I DUNNO.

I think Lex had a good weekend. He said he had a good weekend, and he usually says if he's not having fun? But I'm glad I got to spend time with him and that we're married and that he's not working minimum two hours away from home anymore, so... That's what I got. That's it. How is everyone?
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