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Spoilers through chapter six, written on my phone to please excuse
everything. Apparently all I want to write for the fandom is "Prompto has a
No Good Very Bad Day" based off random background nonsense in my
playthrough, like being able to skip a chunk of path by warp striking imps
from the floor above.

"What's up there?" Prompto asked, pointing up a slope. He'd missed
most of the tour when the snake... thing... grabbed him (was he rubbing his
arms to try to get the feeling of it off his skin? you bet.), so he was all
turned around. They still needed to find the way down though.

"Dunno," Noct said, sounding bored. "We came straight after you, it wasn't
like we stopped to look around."

Prompto looked to Gladio for confirmation, he couldn't help it. And Gladio
just shrugged, gesturing at a ledge. "We came down there, seemed fastest."

He wasn't sure what his face was doing, but whatever it was Noct looked
wary. "If we hadn't, we would have had to put up with you complaining -"
and then it didn't matter, because Prompto had thrown his arms around him.

"You DO care, I knew you wouldn't let me get eaten by snakes!"

"I regret it already," Noct said, but he wrapped an arm around Prompto


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