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TRUE STORY this happened in my game while I was in the thicket looking for giant toads. Will probably noodle it around into a proper fic later.

Prompto staggered as he stood up, slipping back to his knees a few times before he managed to get his feet under him. The world was swaying, which it DEFINITELY hadn't been before the giant doomy death wasp stabbed straight through his torso. It felt like being on a ship, the world shifting under his feet and throwing him forwards when he meant to go backwards. Didn't help that all of his limbs felt like they weighed a thousand pounds more.

His vision was funny too, everything leaving echoes behind when it moved, made it hard to see. He managed to bring his gun up though, slow and heavy, right next to the wasp. It was flying low and buzzy, the sound almost like words.

It wasn't until he pulled the trigger that he thought: that wasp looks a lot like Noct.

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Date: 2017-03-03 09:37 am (UTC)
rionaleonhart: ffxv: prompto is trying to listen but actually thinking about his giant crush on you (prompto has a crush on everyone) (i can be serious)
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that wasp looks a lot like Noct.

Congratulations on writing a line that is simultaneously hilarious and HORRIFYING. Poor boys! (I also love Prompto thinking about 'the giant doomy death wasp'.)


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