Jun. 26th, 2017

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I have sure FAILED SOME WILL SAVES! Go me.

The short list of what I picked up:
  • Triple Town — I described it to Lex as a super-complicated version of 2048, and I don't think I'm wrong! You place objects (grass, bushes, trees, bears...), and when you get three together it schloops them all together into the square of the last one you placed. This is the part that is foxing me. I can get as far as "Okay, I want this stage one thing to end up here" and then I can't quite map it to where I want the higher stage ones to be. IT'LL BE FINE, I CAN LEARN.

  • Oxenfree — The trailer looks fucking terrifying. Like "genuinely don't want to play this in a room on my own" levels of scary, because I am a wuss and horror games are not my forte. But [personal profile] rionaleonhart played it and said smart things about it, so I am gonna give it a go! It looks like it has siblings, and that is always a good way to get me into your game.

  • Long Live The Queen — I actually bought this direct from the developers a while ago but I've lost the installation file and the links in my email don't work, so rebuying it for cheap. The goal is to keep a princess alive for a full year to her coronation, and I have managed it once. Every other time she has died horribly and I've got a cute little picture to commemorate it. It's a skill-building visual novel? And I usually end up putting a notepad file next to my game screen to track what skills I need to get on which story track. LET'S SEE HOW IT GOES THIS TIME.

  • Abzu — This is incredibly soothing and I didn't read the blurb before I bought it so I have no idea what's actually going on. [tumblr.com profile] chirart played it a while ago, I think? And I remembered it sounding like Journey, but underwater, and there was maybe a shark friend and terrible controls. So I have straight up just been guessing what the hell is going on ("... Am I dead? Oh! No! It's the scifi future! Maybe I'm a conservationist and that's why I'm bringing back all of the sharks? A OH GOD SHARK ATE MY ROBOT FRIEND! ... I think I just made an amoeba out of my soul and it turned into killer whales and rejuvenated the seascape.") even though I could just look it up and know. Lex did specifically ask me if I knew what was going on in this game, and I may have confused him when I said no. But it's mostly peaceful! Swimming around! Seeing all the fish! Maybe being a scifi future priestess/conservationist!

  • The Sexy Brutale — So, you're locked in a mansion/casino at a houseparty, everyone is wearing masks, and the staff are trying to kill everyone. Also if someone with a mask sees you it will fly off their face and do something to you which looks really scary so I always flee before they can get me. Also you can travel through time to try to prevent those murders. I have solved one (1) murder so far, and it's really stressful but I am intrigued and want to know what the hell is going on! Plus the art style is... Unusual... (The second trailer is the best one, if only for the line "I think we've all seen enough. No murders happening here.")

  • Avian Attorney — Birds being lawyers and punning horrifically in nineteenth century France. This is gonna go great.

I also picked up Framed on my tablet because [twitter.com profile] readingtheend doesn't usually play video games but did mention this one as one she's tried. It's noir style, completely textless, and you re-arrange animated comic book panels to get the protagonist safely from one end of the page to another without getting arrested, shot, or falling off a skyrise. I've not finished it, but it's pretty fun so far! ([personal profile] thebaconfat, [personal profile] squeemu: it is a little bit our aesthetic, so it might be worth checking out on youtube to see if you like the look of it! Also I know I recced Phoenix Wright to you literally five years ago, but it's on android/ios now if you wanna check it out!)

Has anyone else fallen victim to the Steam sale? What got you? Anyone got any recs?
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Spoilers, I guess? I am about two hours in and have just played a game for Clarissa. Also, uh, caution warning for stuff that is also probably spoilers DO NOT CLICK OKAY

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