Jun. 12th, 2017

spindizzy: Sherlock Holmes as played by Jeremy Brett, laughing with a hand covering his face. (You do make me laugh)
  • OKAY, I know I make the "I live, I die, I live again" joke on the regular, but SERIOUSLY THIS TIME. I was Ill on Wednesday. Like, got out of work and it was full on "shivering and chills, then swinging to boiling hot, then back again to being COLD!" levels of Ill. (At one point I turned round to Lex and announced "Look! I have goosebumps! I didn't think it was that cold in here!" in tones of great excitement. Apparently it wasn't and I was doing him a concern.)Cut for fun with illnesses! )

  • Sooooo HOW ABOUT THAT ELECTION? I am immensely satisfied that the Conservatives lost their majority, I am concerned about what they're trying to do to get one back. As far as I can tell the DUP are somewhat... Not Great? I am taking some satisfaction that even though there are STILL people who think the Tories are the people to vote for, UKIP are fucking OUT, and the left did pretty well! I mean, there was low-key voter suppression going on in a few counties, and we still managed a hung parliament, that's not nothing. I'm... Honestly hoping that the left gets its shit together for a proper coalition government, but failing that I am happy with them doing this AGAIN next week if that's what it fucking takes. I CAN WAIT ALL MONTH, GOVERNMENT, IT'S ONLY YOUR OWN TIME YOU'RE WASTING.

  • I am Attempting Femininity, which means that I have a SUPER FUCKING CUTE DRESS (It's a Corinna from Lindy Bop) and Bandelettes so that my large leaden thighs don't get rubbed raw. The bandelettes are kinda neat - I've got the unisex ones, so it's a nylon/lycra wrap with silicone around the top and bottom so it actually stays in place on your leg. (Advice I have been given: if you're buying these and you are between the size bands, SIZE DOWN.) So far, I've worn them under a dress while chilling in someone's house, and I'm wearing them under trousers at work today because guess who only just realised these trousers have holes in the thighs, oops. POINT BEING, they have worked so far but I don't know if that's because I am not using them to the full extent or what.

  • (It is really hard to admire them, because they make my thighs actually look decent! But then I get distracted by my belly being gross, so I guess I will have to appreciate their existence without looking at them.)

  • My nail varnish choices are EXCELLENT.

  • [twitter.com profile] hardlyaverage has promised to teach me how to sew so that I can make my OWN cute sundresses! I am so excited!

  • Speaking of excited, our [twitter.com profile] jilliferium is coming down to Nottingham AS I TYPE and I'm going to get to see her tomorrow! She is here to see her friend the Slammin' Salmon and I am kind of a "Well, I GUESS you're here too" and THAT IS FINE because we're gonna go to a craft shop and probably fail will saves against fancy wool.

  • (Oh, yeah, three of my friends have moved house to down the road from TWO DIFFERENT CRAFT SHOPS, this is the best and also the worst.)

  • Sign language is going... UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH. I failed my exam by two points, which is still better than auto-failing it, but it is stressing me the fuck out and the closer it gets to my next exam date/my resit (July 4th) the worse it gets.

  • Apparently the internet has been out at home since Friday (to which my instinctive response was "Wait, has it?" because I have SO MUCH PHONE DATA for just this occasion and also I literally haven't been at home and conscious long enough to get my laptop out since Wednesday. Turns out there was a relay switch that was nearly as old as I am that had died, so... Yay for technicians, I guess?

  • Went to the dentist on Saturday for a filling. D: Decided not to get my face numbed (Like, fillings don't hurt? Needles do though.), which meant that I was in and out in about twenty minutes, which is REALLY GOOD. Full on "Wait, did I miss it?" levels of speedy. My dentist knows that dentists freak me out, so she's really good about getting me in and out as quick as she can, and Lex went along to look after me so I only shook a little bit. Apparently not getting your face numbed is unusual, but seriously it makes everything take longer, and I don't care that it hurts I care about the noises and the way that fucking hook feels inside your face. (Fortunately, the vacuum thing drowned out most of the drill noises.)

  • My "I am one with the Force, the Force is with me" bracelets from [personal profile] thebaconfat are super great and I am glad I wore them to the stressful thing.

  • I am so ready to be done with Hugo reading right now, I've hit the doldrums of Important SFF that is Doing Something Interesting that happens to bore me to tears, and I am probably going to throw it all over for reading viciously for the series stuff. How much of these doldrums is because I'm ill? Who could say!

  • FLIGHTS BOOKED FOR WOLDCON, SOUND THE ALARMS. Also as far as I can tell, I've got everything paid for for Nine Worlds (Ticket, trains, hotel), so I'm definitely going to that too! If you're going to either of them, let me know! Maybe we can meet up and I can be awkward in your general direction for a bit!