May. 20th, 2017

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What time is it? Time for me to give you additional voting resources, that's what bloody time. HAVE FUN.

1) Are you registered to vote? If not, it takes five minutes on the internet, you MIGHT need your national insurance number. Do it by the 22nd.
1a) If you are about to say any variation of "My vote won't matter," my only response is "Yes it will, because not voting is the same as voting for the Conservatives, VOTE YOU FOOLS." ... Okay, and possibly "Nooooo, friend human, the old people will all go and vote, and they don't give a fuck because they aren't going to live long enough to deal with this bollocks." WHICHEVER WORKS.
1b) If you are a student, it is worth checking out this site to see whether it's more effective to vote at home or at uni:
1c) Postal votes are big and clever if you're not sure you're going to be able to make it to a polling station!

2) If you are voting tactically, this site tells you which party has a better chance of beating the Conservatives in a given constituency:
2a) ... See, I saw this tweet from Theresa May saying that she only needs to "loose" six seats to not be PM anymore, and while I'm sure that's bollocks, I feel like that's pretty good motivation, right?

3) If you want to see exactly what you're voting for: friend humans I am way ahead of you.
Labour Manifesto: (Hey look, they showed their working!)
Conservative Manifesto: (As I saw on twitter: "Isn't it interesting how few actual timeframes and plans for funding there are in here?")
Lib Dem Manifesto: (They literally had to take out an ad to get it on the first page of Google, it was NO WHERE ELSE ON THAT PAGE.)
Green Party Manifesto: (Is apparently not up yet, despite the election being in two weeks.)
UKIP Manifesto: Excuse me I already put the Conservative manifesto here, I think that's quite enough bigotry in one post, yeah?
(If there is another party you think worth adding to the list, leave me a link in the comments and I'll add it to the post.)

This is all of the information I have that I don't feel the need to precede with "A Conservative government is LITERALLY GOING TO GET PEOPLE KILLED," feel free to share it if you don't feel like compiling the links yourself. But seriously: Registration closes on the 22nd. Postal votes will be arriving by the 2nd of June. The election is on the 8th of June.